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A Helping Hand

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You're screaming for help, but no one seems to hear you

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I know how it feels,
What you are going through,
You’re screaming for help,
But no one seems to hear you

You’re trapped in your mind,
Stuck with crazy thoughts,
Stuck with a sinister voice,
That always haunts

It tells you to give up,
Tells you you’re worthless,
And you start to believe it,
And think you have no purpose

I’m here to say,
You are not alone,
You see this shoulder?
It’s always on loan

See, I’m here to fix,
What has been broken,
By those words,
That should not have been spoken

They know nothing,
They don’t know you,
And everything they say,
Is so untrue

Just keep walking,
And hold you head high,
And remember,
There is no need to cry

Because when you think,
No one is there,
I am here for you,
I swear

A/N: Hey, so I posted this here because I love you guys, you’re all great people and know you have down days some times so this is just a reminder that, if you are feeling alone, I am here if you need me. I hope you like it :-) also, I would like to apologise for my mushiness
Molly x
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