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forever and always

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Frank has been mikeys best friend since high school and now they are in a succesfull band together. frank has been trying to hide his feelings for the shy bass player but he cant anymore... (frikey)

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2012-10-12 - Updated: 2012-10-12 - 679 words

chapter one: the begining of it all.

mikeys p.o.v
i look at him from across the stage and i wince as i see my brother, gerard, walking over to him and i watch as he crashes their lips together and i have to turn away because my heart is breaking. maybe i should explain, my name is mikey way and i am in love with my best friend frank. we have been friends since high school when he talked to me on his first day. i will never forget that day. i was sitting on the floor outside my locker with the cruel laughter of my tormentors ringing in my ears, i cant see anything because my glasses have been smashed and my eyes have swollen up from crying and being punched. my nose is bleeding and im not even trying to stop it this time. suddenly i feel a small hand gently cup my face and i instantly flinch away, thinking that im going to be hurt again, 'hey, dont worry, i just want to help' says a quiet soothing voice and i relax a little ' whats your name?' says the voice and i try to steady my voice so i can reply 'my n..names m..m..mikey' i stutter and feel my face going red. 'well mikey i'm frank and im going to help you' he says and i feel a pair of skinny arms wrap themselves around me and pick me gently up off the floor, i attempt to open my eyes and see a pair of russety eyes looking back at me.
Anyway, back to the present now, my brother has finished kissing franks perfect lips and is now back to singing the song ' nothing you can say can stop me going home, goodnight london!' he shouts and we all run off stage. i grab a bottle of water and watch as ray comes through the door with frank on his back and then gee and bob just walk in normally. Frank gets off of ray and comes over to me ' mikey? can we talk?' he says quietly. i look at him ' yeah of course frankie' and we start to walk to the tour bus so that we can talk in private.

Franks p.o.v
as we walk off stage i look over to mikey and smile. today's the day im going to tell him how i feel about him. i walk up to him, my heart racing, and i open my mouth to speak ' mikey? can we talk?' i say quietly and he looks at me and smiles 'yeah of course frankie' he says and we begin to make our way over to the tour bus. we step into our temporary home and go into the kitchen. ' coffee mikes?' i ask quietly and he just nods so i pour two mugs of the sweet poison and sit down next to him and take his hands in mine and he looks up ' mikey, i have something to tell you' i say and hear my voice quavering 'i... i really like you mikes, i have done since high school but ive been too scared to tell you' i look down so he doesnt see the tears that have sprung to my eyes and threaten to fall down my face. suddenly i feel a hand on my cheek so i look up and see mikey looking at me with tears in his eyes ' i..i like too frankie' and i look at him in shock and pull him into a hug ' be mine mikey?' i ask shakily. ' forever and always frankie' he whispers and he pulls out of the hug and gently kisses me and i melt under his touch, this is what ive always wanted and now im going to make it perfect and then the door to the tour bus opens.

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