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i love you axl

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Axl thinks no one loves him but Slash knows better

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Slash watched Axl who Slash assumed didn’t know because Slash had on his sunglasses and his hair fell across his face.
The singer was lying on the not so comfortable hotel bed asleep, or so Slash thought. Slash walked slowly from the chair he’d been sitting in to the bed where the redhead slept.
Slash nearly screamed in surprise when Axl sat up suddenly and growled. “What the fuck are you doing Slash!?”
Slash blushed deeply. “I-I was ummmmm…….” He couldn’t think of what to say because in reality even Slash hadn’t know what he wanted to do. Well he did know, to kiss Axl, but had that been his intention when he approached Axl?
“Slash!” Axl yelled in a dangerous tone. “I said ‘the fuck were you doing?”
Axl wasn’t mad really; it was just that sometimes it was easier to put on an angry front then to admit to your true feelings. That way you don’t get your heart broken.
Slash didn’t know but the reason Axl had wanted to share a hotel room with him instead of Izzy like he usually did, was because in a drunken state Axl told Izzy that he loved him. Izzy needless to say was a bit freaked out and was no longer speaking to Axl.
This thought brought tears to Axl’s emerald eyes. Slash stared in shock as tears slowly glazed over Axl’s eyes and eventually spilled down onto his pale face. Axl buried his face in a hotel pillow to try and hide the fact that he was sobbing. This was silly of course because Slash wasn’t blind.
“Axl.” He whispered gently putting his hand on Axl’s back. Axl bolted upright to a sitting position. “Don’t-fucking-touch-me!” he growled trying to sound tough but his whole body was trembling and tears still ran down his face.
Suddenly Axl flung himself into Slash’s arms clinging to the guitarist and sobbing into his shoulder. Slash was frozen in shock for a minute but then he wrapped his muscular tan arms around Axl’s small frame holding him close.
“Axl….sweetie what’s the matter?’ Slash asked. At the use of a pet name Axl’s tears slowed. He decided to be honest. “Izzy doesn’t love me!!!! No one will ever love me!!?” Axl managed to stop crying long enough to inform Slash about why he was such a mess.
Slash smiled. “I know someone who loves you Ax.” He whispered in Axl’s ear. Axl’s tears stopped completely. Did Slash mean……?
“Who?” Axl asked quietly.
“Me.” Slash whispered pressing his lips gently against Axl’s who tensed up for a minute then kissed back.
“I love you Slash…”Axl whispered honestly realizing that Slash was always there for him and he hoped always would be.
“I love you to.”
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