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Sometimes you need to try a new perspective to see a dragon [Music and Words]

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A kid!fic. Basically, Frank and Gerard are just watching clouds together.

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So, yeah, this one's for CosmicZombie's Music and Words and the song is New Perspective by P!ATD. It's super short and pretty plain but hope you enjoy it anyway.
(Also, I make no promises about the grammar.)

It was a warm day; the kind of warm that makes you feel content and lazy in a good way, not the exhausting heat they had experienced more than necessary this summer. There were a couple of fluffy looking clouds floating slowly around in the sky and a gentle breeze blew across the Ieros’ front lawn every once in a while. All in all, it was a perfect weather for someone on a holiday, more so if you happened to be a little boy on a holiday with his best friend and all you had to do was lie in the grass and watch the clouds change their shapes.

Frank was just trying to decipher the shape of an extremely difficult cloud – was it a dog or an octopus or perhaps a giraffe – when Gerard suddenly said: “Look! There’s a dragon!”

The younger boy turned his face to the direction Gerard was pointing at. He tried to follow the invisible line he imagined streaking from the tip of his finger but got it all wrong.

“Where? I can’t see any dragons,” Frank said, a little disappointed. Gerard pointed more perkily.
“There! Look, right next to that starfish, do you see that? Over there, look – not there, Frankie, you’re looking at the wrong way! The other one!”

Frank started to get a little frustrated. It wasn’t his fault that Gerard couldn’t point it out correctly! He could see the starfish, though (at least he was pretty sure it was a starfish; it could have been a normal star as well, or a squirrel), but there weren’t any dragon-shaped clouds near it. All he could see was a big, malformed puff of white that didn’t really look like anything.
“I can see the starfish but I don’t know how you get a dragon out of that,” Frank said, sulkily, crossing his arms over his little chest. Stupid Gerard and his stupid dragons only he could see. Why did the older boy get all the cool animals all the time anyway? It wasn’t fair. The coolest one Frank had gotten was a bat, but then Gerard had seen a unicorn and his bat hadn’t been so cool anymore.

Gerard sighed and shifted around a little. “Come here,” he ordered, patting the grass right next to him. Frank didn’t move, just continued staring intensely at the sky above them. “Frankie.” Gerard said a bit pleadingly. “Please, just move over. You can see the dragon from here.”

Frank turned his head and looked at the boy lying across from him. He was pale, even with the swelteringly hot summer, and he watched Frank with brown eyes behind his too long hair. He looked a little helpless, like he always did when Frank was upset with him. The younger one sighed as well and uncrossed his arms. “Really?” He asked. He didn’t think it would actually change anything; the cloud would still be the same shape, right? But Gerard was nodding frantically, face honest and bright. “Really.”

Frank sat up a little to walk himself crab style next to his friend. He flopped down on the ground and looked expectantly up at the sky. “Well?” He asked, unconfirmed. “Where is it?”

Gerard took a hold of his hand and pointed.
And Frank saw it; it was an enormous creature with long legs and an even longer tail. Frank could see its wide wings spreading over the sky and beating at the air around it, he could see how its tail whipped the near-by clouds into nothingness and how its limbs seemed to be sort of swimming through the blue. Then the dragon opened its mouth and, revealing all of its big, sharp teeth, blew out an impressing ball of fire. Then it slowly flew away, leaving only long stripes of transparent white behind it.

Frank turned to look at Gerard, excited. The other boy was smiling at him, eyes glinting with happiness.
“Did you see that? Did you see it, Frankie? Wasn’t it amazing?”
Frank smiled, wide and happy. He squeezed Gerard’s hand tightly, not even realizing he was still clutching it.
“Yes! I did! Thank you, Gee!” He squealed and immediately knew it was the right thing to say when Gerard’s face lit up completely. The older boy laughed and Frank joined him.

Told you,” Gerard said after a while, when their laughter had eased into minimum, “told you you could see it.” He smirked and squeezed Frank’s hand a little. “You just needed a new perspective.”
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