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I don't care who you are or if you know who I am. Read because I need to find a story!

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Hiya peeps. Now, I could go on and on about how I'm so sorry I haven't been updating and such because I've been busy, but I won't, because I haven't been. I've just been feeling especially lazy as of recent. But, I feel like reading something, so would you mind giving me a hand? Cuz you see, I've been looking for this story I started reading back in June, and I searched through the first seventy pages of fiction and it's nowhere to be found. Here's what it's about: this girl, I think her name was Jane but I'm not positive, is really poor and she has a sister and I think some younger siblings too, and her mom's widowed and all that jazz. Then there's this really rich family the Ways that lives in their town and they're holding this big party for all the eligible girls in town because it's about time Gerard and Mikey stopped being such bums and got married. Main Character 1 (that's what I'm calling her, because I'm not completely positive of her name) and her older sister go to their party with the hopes that Main Character 1 can marry Mikey and the older sister can marry the older one, Gerard. They get there, MC1 is having a fun time dancing with Mikey, but Gerard comes in and starts creeping on them. Later, MC1 is called back to the Way household and her family hopes it's cuz Mikey picked her, but really Gerard was just being a prick and he proposes to her instead to get on Mikey's nerves. And that's where I left off. Is it ringing any bells for anyone? If it is, please tell me the title, I'd like very much to figure out what happens next.
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