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The strawhats arrive at the Yamakura Kingdom ruled by Samurai. However the land is divided by an evil war lord with mysterious power. Roronoa Zoro seeks to defeat him as the crew winds up in the ma...

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A/N: Okay let me begin by saying thank you to everyone who reviewed the preview of this fic. Seriously, I'm very grateful to all who waited and looked forward to this story. Now please read. It's worth it.



Ten years ago, in the East Blue

A young boy stood wielding two wooden katana. On the other side of the room stood a young girl a few inches taller than the boy wielding one katana. The two had their backs facing each other. Both had serious faces. Then a bell was rung and the two spun around and charged at each other. But the two blocked their strikes. The boy smirked as the girl stared.

"Ahhhhhhh!" the young Roronoa Zoro lunged at Kuina. She smirked and dodged, then knocked him over with a single strike. The match was hers.

"Heh. Tough luck Zoro. You lose again!" the young girl gloated as the young green haired boy known as Zoro yelled in defeat.

"Damn! It's not fair! How the hell do I keep losing?" Zoro kept yelling to himself as the students in the dojo cheered for Kuina. Her father Koshiro walked to the two.

"That was a good match you two." Zoro scoffed at Koshiro.

"Yeah right sensei. I lost still." The older man laughed a bit making Zoro turn around. "Hey, what's so funny?"

"Oh nothing, Zoro. I'm surprised at your will to win. Who knows some day you might beat Kuina." The man put a hand on his daughter's head. Kuina turned her head around.

"Yeah right dad. Zoro will never beat me."

"What! I dare you to say that to my face!"

"I'll say it again Marimo! You will NEVER beat ME!" at this point Zoro tackled Kuina and the two were strangling each other. Everyone else in the dojo stared oddly at the scene. Koshiro just laughed heartedly.

"All right you two. Let's save the fighting for your guy's next match." Koshiro grabbed his daughter's hand leading her away from Zoro. The girl stuck her tongue out at the boy as he made faces at her. Then Koshiro turned around which made the two stop. "Zoro, would you like to join my family for dinner?"

The boy stood straight. Then he looked at Kuina who just stared back at the boy. "Sure sensei."

Zoro now found himself eating dinner with Kuina's family. Being the guest, Zoro devoured the food prepared wholly which caused Kuina to stare at him (He had a long day okay?). Koshiro laughed at the young boy.

"I see you like the food huh Zoro?" the green haired boy looked up from his bowl of rice and smiled. Kuina stared away not wanting to see chewed up rice.

"Yeah, thanks sensei! This is delicious!" the boy kept devouring his food with joy. Kuina sighed looking the other way.

"Hey sensei one day can we have sushi?" the man looked curiously at the young boy.

"Why Zoro?"

"Because I've never eaten it before. And," Zoro pointed his finger at Kuina who looked up to the boy. "I'll eat it the day I beat you as a way to celebrate!" Kuina blushed from embarrassment then began laughing.

"You beat me? Yeah right! There's no way a short boy like you can beat me!" Zoro then started fuming at the girl.

"Oh yeah, why don't you fight me now? Stupid girl!"

"What you say squirt?"

The two were arguing again. Koshiro laughed at the two which went unnoticed by both.


The man looked at the two with a kind smile. "I'm glad you both are rivals. It helps the both of you progress more. You'll both be good friends."

Kuina and Zoro looked shocked at the man's words. They both crossed their arms and turned from each other.

"F-friends, with this girl? No way!"

"Yeah, I could never be friends with a boy like him!"

The two then made faces at each other earning another light laugh from Koshiro. But then the man had a serious expression on his face. Both Kuina and Zoro noticed at asked in unison "What's wrong?"

"Kuina… Zoro…" the two children looked at the man as it got quiet.

"Yes sensei?"


The man remained quiet. Then he pulled out a newspaper. "I want you two to see this."

The two kids peered at the cover of the paper. They both then looked frightened. The paper showed a tall man in black armor. He had red hair that fell down to his back. But what stood out the most was the image of him yelling out into the face of the photo. The head line was "Traitor of the world finally found in the land of Samurai". Kuina gulped as Zoro shivered.

"I'm going to tell the both of you a story, one about a legendary warrior, who almost brought destruction to the world." The two children looked in silence. Both showed a look of interest.

"His name is…"



The Flying Lion Presents


Ensign Tashigi stood on the large marine vessel. Behind stood three vice-admirals who looked at the large explosions coming from the five battles ships in front of them.

"Ensign Tashigi, are you sure Smoker can handle himself? The enemy here isn't normal." Tashigi looked at the brown bearded admiral. The other two, one who had a large scar on his left eye and the other who wore a mask, shared the same expression.

"I don't know. But I believe in Commodore Smoker. He doesn't give up on bounties like this, especially one like this." The young woman looked out to see a burst of smoke blow out from the side of the far off vessel.

Atop the large ship stood Commodore Smoker who took in the smoke with his left hand. He looked at a young white haired man standing atop the highest point on the ship. Said man was smirking at him while twirling his katana.

"You're pretty tough, aren't you?" the man was still smirking as Smoker spat out what appeared to be a tooth.

"Damn you Okita Shintaro. I just replaced that tooth." Smoker still held his serious expression as the man Shintaro smiled.

"Oh forgive me Smokey. But when you used your devil's fruit, I had to pull out my Kiku Ichimonji." Smoker raised an eye brow as Shintaro jumped down to his level.

"That katana. You don't use it much."

"Nope. I don't regularly meet people at my level." Smoker cracked his knuckles as Shintaro looked curiously.

"Well then let's see you get serious!" Smoker then shot out smoke that pushed Shintaro off the ship. The young man twirled around and swung his blade towards the water.

"Ryū no me: Kūbaku!" instantly the man's strike lunged Shintaro back to the ship. Smoker looked dumbfounded as Shintaro swung the blade back towards him.


"Ryū no me: Kaminari burēku!" a long yellow strike crashed into the commodore crushing the ship he stood on. Shintaro then flipped in the air onto another unfortunate vessel looking back at the destruction.

At the same moment, Tashigi and the three vice-admirals looked speechless at the sinking ship. At the same moment, the other ships began to retreat.

"Ensign Tashigi! Ensign Tashigi!" the young woman turned to a young looking officer who panted.

"What is it private?"

"Ensign, there's a storm brewing! It's becoming very dangerous to stay at this point. The surviving vessels are leaving now. We should join them!" Tashigi stared absent mindedly at the man. Then she stared at the sky which was beginning to darken with the clouds. She bit her lip as she looked at the vessel.

Meanwhile, Shintaro stared at the ship as the tip was pointing out from the ocean. Many marine officers began jumping off the ship due to said man.

"Ah. This won't be good. I don't think I can get out of here easily." Shintaro lazily rubbed the back of his head taking a seat on the ship's railing. "I wonder if I can at least find a row boat."

"You will do no such thing Samurai!" Shintaro stood up looking at a large cloud of smoke emerge from the wreckage. Then a face formed at the front of the smoke.

"Wow you're impressive Smokey!"

"I don't need the admiration from a criminal!" Smoker then came close to Shintaro and threw a punch sending him to the other side of the ship. "Moku-Moku no: crash wall!"

The commodore zoomed to the fallen man and pulled him to the air giving round house punches. Shintaro felt pain all over his body as Smoker punched him higher and higher. The commodore let out his rage using his full power.

Damn… this hurts…. I'll have to improvise. Shintaro thought. Smoker then saw the white haired samurai grin as he grabbed his collar. The commodore looked as Shintaro head butted him.

"AHH!" Smoker fell to the deck of the ship as Shintaro landed near him. The young samurai then stood up.

"It seems that I'll have to use my other power to beat you Smokey." Smoker stood up coughing up blood.

"You… you have some other ability. I don't know what, but I think I'll have to stop you right here." Smoker then began emitting large quantities of smoke from his body.

"You're wrong Smokey. I'll beat you in an instant."

Then as the marine and samurai charged in to battle, the ship was hit by lightning. It exploded in a bright flash.







"Zoro. Zoro? Zoro! ZORO WAKE UP!"

Zoro jumped up from his spot and felt the grass deck of the ship as he fell. The Marimo grunted as he looked up to see Luffy laughing. Zoro scowled at his captain.

"Luffy what the hell do you think you're doing?"

"We're at an island!" The captain jumped up and down as Zoro rubbed his head lazily.

"Okay, so did you have to wake me up?"

"I don't know. But Nami said you needed to get off your lazy ass and quit sleeping." A vein popped on Zoro's head as Luffy put a finger on his chin, most likely wondering what that meant.

Currently the straw hat crew is sailing on the Grand line. Their main destination at the moment is Fishman Island and then the New World where many of the crew's dreams will be completed by the voyages end. But on this part of their journey, they shall take a slight detour into a world more amazing and dangerous than what all of the crew has seen thus far…

"Oi Zoro are you all right?" Luffy asked the Marimo.

"Ah I keep hearing voices. Like someone's talking about us."

"Oi Luffy, we're docking now!" Zoro and Luffy looked up to see Nami pointing towards the town in front of them. Zoro barley realized that the ship was so close and yawned.

"Okay then. I'm off." Zoro hopped off the side of the ship onto the dock. "See you guys later. I'm getting my swords polished."

Luffy stared at the swordsman as he left then turned to the orange haired navigator of the crew.

"Hey Nami can I borrow some money?" the captain grinned widely as Nami sighed.

"Fine, but now you're 1,000 more berries in debt." The girl handed Luffy the cash as he smiled.

"Thanks Nami!" Luffy jumped off the ship headed for town as Nami looked off. Robin noticed that the navigator had a distressed look and put a hand on her shoulder.

"What's with that look Nami-san?" Nami hesitated a bit and spoke up with a somewhat annoyed look.

"I have a feeling those two are gonna cause some trouble."


"Scan the area! The Samurai should be in the vicinity. Commodore Smoker won't be satisfied till we catch him!"

Many marine officers were scrambling the streets. They all carried weapons and blocked areas. Many people nearby wondered just what was going on. But one blue skinned person sitting atop a barrel smiled a bit.

"Hm… hey captain, when I think about it, something seems a little off about this place."

"Well you don't see many marines that often scrambling around like this." a grey bearded man standing next to him replied. He had a dark blue coat on with black pants and a yellow sash. By the look of his hat anyone nearby could tell this man was a pirate.

"Oh I wonder if something's going down. Hm?" the blue man noticed a wall with wanted posters on them. He walked over to the posters and grinned. "Captain, come here!"

"What is it boy?" the old man walked over and looked at the many posters. On it was a picture of the blue man. On it read "FISHMAN VERDE HUDSON WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE 96,000,000".

"Isn't that awesome captain Haywire? They updated my bounty!"

"Ch. Is that right boy? Well you're still 1,000,000 off." Hudson frowned at his captain. But the old man just looked at the posters. Then he pulled one off. "I think the commotions about this one."

"Let me see old man." Hudson looked at the poster his captain held. "OKITA SHINTARO WANTED 99,600,000 berries? What the hell that's higher than mine!"

"Ah don't let it bother you boy. At least you both don't exceed the 100,000,000 limit." The captain however looked to see his subordinate ranting at some random people.

"How does someone like that get a higher bounty? Huh! I've been I pirate for six years, and some rookies get bounties over 100,000,000. What a load of crap!"

"Hudson, you're embarrassing yourself." The captain sweat dropped as the fishman continued his rant to people who looked scared. Then they heard a gun fire and both Hudson and the captain turned around.

"What a surprise. Both captain Haywire Bligh and the fishman Verde Hudson are here? This must be my lucky day."

Hudson glared at a blonde man wearing a naval uniform with several marines holding guns behind him. "Beckwall… What the hell are you doing here?"

"Oh I was sent here to hunt down the samurai. But what luck that I find you both here."

"Luck or perhaps it is destiny?" Replied Haywire as he pulled out a musket.

"Now, now, I didn't come here to start another fight. After all we wouldn't want another incident like at Marejois, would we?" Hudson cracked his knuckles smiling. Haywire looked at his subordinate with cautious eyes.

"Well I don't know. Back at Marejois I killed that vice-admiral and I saved those slaves. And it was very profitable so you tell me?"

"Hudson calm down. There are civilians here." Hudson stared at his captain and then looked and saw many children and their parents around. Beckwall smirked.

"Same as always Haywire, that's why you've never been issued a bounty."

"Watch your mouth boy. I can kill you without breaking a sweat despite my age." Hudson laughed at his captain's remark as Beckwall scowled.

"Damn you Haywire. I'd have you both shot here if I didn't know how strong you are!"

"Um isn't that a bad thing? Cause then me and the old man,"


"… Would have probably beaten you all to a bloody pulp, stole whatever you had on you, and left."

Beckwall then furrowed his brows thinking. He had him there.

"Ah ha! Well then Beckwall, since we have no business here, I'll just take my nakama and leave." Haywire then grabbed Hudson by his back color and proceeded to drag him away. Beckwall scowled pulling out a cigarette.

"Damn pirates."


"Wow! I got all the dress's I wanted!" Nami held large bags of clothes while walking out from a clothing store. The navigator's smile at the moment could rival Luffy's at the moment. Nami enjoyed getting some new clothes after sailing on the sea for so long, and was very satisfied.

The young navigator walked in the streets seeing many people but then spotted someone laughing and carrying a large bag. The navigator smiled and called out.

"Hey Luffy!" the captain turned around to see Nami waving at him.

"Hi Nami! I got meat!" Nami smiled at the captain's personality.

"That's nice Luffy. I bet you spent all your money on it huh?"

"Actually I did buy something else." Luffy said these words with a mysterious tone making Nami curious.

"Oh, what you get?" Luffy grinned at the navigator.

"Shi-shi-shi-shi! It's a secret!" Nami's eyes widened.

"A secret? Why?"

"Because it's for you! And I want it to be a surprise!" Luffy grinned holding his meat. The navigator sighed.

"Okay then, let's get back to the sunny." Nami walked off with Luffy following behind. She looked at the young man curiously.

I wonder why Luffy would buy me a gift. Let alone a surprise. Thought Nami. The girl's attention was shifted from her thoughts to the loud sound of boots running across stone as a squad of marines ran passed she and Luffy.

"Everyone the samurai is believed to have been spotted in the east sector. Everyone must get there and be ready for combat!" a large marine who looked like their commander yelled leading twenty or so men into the streets. Luffy and Nami stared with their mouths slightly ajar.

"What the hell was that all about?" asked Nami.

"I don't know." Luffy shrugged holding his meat.

Unknown to the Nami and Luffy one marine caught sight of them as they passed by. He pulled out a set of wanted posters and gasped. "That's straw hat Luffy and Cat burglar Nami! I have to tell Smoker about this!"


"Robin look they have the 50 things a doctor should know! I've been looking for this everywhere!" Chopper ran around the book shop in awe.

Robin and the reindeer were full of joy at finding the place with many books. Robin smiled as the little reindeer held a stack of medical books with joy.

"That's great Chopper. Be careful holding those." The reindeer nodded as he set the stack on a reading table. The woman smiled standing near a shelf. She looked at the many books of different subjects when one yellow book caught her eye.

"What's that Robin?" chopper asked as the woman pulled it off the shelf.

"It's called Yamakura: the land of Samurai? I've heard about this place!" Robin smiled joyfully holding the book. Chopper walked up to the woman as she showed the book

"Samurai? What's that?"

"It's a type of warrior that is from the Yamakura country. They live to serve their country and fight much differently than warriors of other Kingdoms, preferably using swords. Here look." the woman pointed to a picture on a page showing several men dressed in armor.

"Who're they?"

"They are the commanders of the Samurai divisions in Yamakura. The emperor had organized the Royal Samurai as the country's army who would join together when problems arose such as terrorist, invasions, or whatever came at them." Robin had a look in her eyes of interest which shared with Chopper.

"Wow they're cool!" Robin giggled at the reindeer's amazement.

"Why don't we get this book? You seem to like it a lot."

"Oh can we please?" the woman nodded. The reindeer jumped with joy wanting to learn more about the samurai. Robin turned a few pages when she looked at a certain photo showing a young white haired man dressed in traditional armor.

"What the…"


"Oi what are you doing?" Zoro looked to see a white wolf lying on the ground. The animal had his eyes closed, looking unconscious.

"You okay wolf?" the canine opened his eyes slowly. The wolf looked up at Zoro.

"I guess you're alright. This old swords master was worried about you laying there in front of his shop."

The wolf looked to see the Marimo sitting on a bench in front of what appeared to be a weapons shop. The wolf then pulled out something from his bag.

"What is that?" the wolf held something long wrapped in a cloth. The wolf removed the cloth to reveal a long black sheathed sword. Its hilt had the kanji for wolf on it. "Wow that's an impressive sword."

The wolf barked happily handing it to Zoro. The Marimo looked at him.

"What you want me to get it fixed?" the wolf nodded barking again.

"Okay. But after this your owner is gonna have to pay me back alright?" the wolf nodded. Zoro then walked into the shop to have the sword worked on.

Unbeknownst to them both, a brown haired man wearing a long black coat stood atop a building holding binoculars. He set them down and began grinning.

"Looks like I've found you swordsman."


A red haired man looked over a table where many figurines stood. His skin was light and flawless making him look quite handsome. But he wasn't focused on his looks at the moment. He smirked as he moved a few figures resembling marines off the board.

"Having fun I see?" the man turned around to see a young brown haired woman standing a few feet behind him. Her hair was long reaching her back and she dressed in casual tan and orange attire.

"It's good to see you Shaolin Sufon."

"It's a pleasure to see you, Shinja-sama." The man smiled as he pushed a few of the figures on one side of the board. Turning around, Shinja spoke.

"And what news do you bring me?"

"Yes, well our operatives say that Okita Shintaro has evaded capture by Commodore Smoker."

"Ah, that boy is crafty as ever I see." Shinja had a look of amusement making Sufon tense a little. "So is Kura still in pursuit?"

"Yes Shinja-sama. In fact Kura has tracked him down to Glow Island in the Silver Realm."

Shinja's expression became serious as he paced in the room. "Ah, this might be a problem. If the boy comes in contact with him, I'll have to improvise."

"Uh, Shinja, are you referring to…"

"Yeah, the pirate captain from the East Blue who's been causing havoc here in the Grand line." Shinja walks back to his board and lifts a figure dress in pirate attire. But it had a tiny straw hat on it.

"Monkey D. Luffy, you're getting closer. And so am I."


Translations for you lovely fans:

Ryū no me: Kūbaku – Dragon's Eye: Air Strike

Ryū no me: Kaminari burēku – Dragon's Eye: Thunder Break

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