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Another little inspiration thing. You guys are probably getting sick of these, right? I won't spam the MCR section, so I'll put it in Drama :)

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Puzzling things, aren't they? You can't help it if you switch tracks. You may switch from being a ninja to a dentist,and that's okay. You may always know what you want to be and that's okay, too. Dreams are made to be sought after, whether you constantly change your dream or you don't. Go after what you want. Do it. You might regret it if you don't.

You all know what I want to be, probably because I've said it 5,000 times. But,you know, I didn't always want to be that. I wanted to be a princess, a doctor, a marine biologist, and a lawyer. Do I know if I'm going to want to be a rockstar for forever? No. And that's okay. But I do know that, for however long this dream may last, whether it's for 1 more year or until I get old and have done it, that it's what I want. Do you know that you want to be whatever you want to be for forever? Maybe, maybe not. Either one is okay. Hell, neither one is okay, too. You don't know if anything in the future is going to affect what you want, neither do I. But you know what? I'm sure as hell going to take a risk and leap for it. Are you?

There's only one thing you should do, no matter what you choose. Don't change yourself for somebody else. If they don't like you for you, well they can go suck monkey balls. Just don't ever change yourself. Ever.

Follow your dreams. Follow them wherever they may lead you, wherever you end up,even if they change, and, for some, they will change.
Because, sometimes, the dreams you walk in with aren't the dreams you leave with.

But, hey.

They still rock.
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