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Chicken Chow Mein

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The one with the honeymoon to England. Frerard standalone. PWP - shower sex.

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“Frank, you're letting a draft in,” Gerard whines as soap rushes down his body, his hands in his hair, as he sees Frank slink into the bathroom.

“Sorry,” Frank says, though Gerard can tell he's not sorry, and that he doesn't care if Gerard's cold or hot or just-fucking-right at the moment. Frank's already down to his underwear before Gerard's even had the chance to wash the rest of the shampoo out of his hair.

Frank slips into the shower with him. There wasn't much room for Gerard to shower in by himself, let alone have another body in the cubicle with him. Before Gerard could completely grasp what was happening, Frank's hands were all over his body, shoving him up against the tiled wall of the shower, the water running into his eyes and mouth.

“Frank,” He splutters, spitting water out into Frank's face.

“Do you just not do sexy?” Frank asks, grabbing Gerard's ass and shoving him up. Gerard shrieks and slips slightly, throwing his arms around Frank's neck to stop himself falling over. Frank just throws him against the wall again and sinks down to his knees to start kissing Gerard all over his body. Gerard's arms stretch out above him, curling on the wall and then scrabbling for purchase on the wet, smooth tiles.

Frank starts at his feet, kissing around Gerard's ankles, and then he moves up to his calves and the backs of his knees, rivulets of water streaming down and wrapping themselves around Gerard's legs. Frank runs his hands up Gerard's leg, right up to his thigh, up to his waist, and then back down to his hips. He holds Gerard still as he kisses up his highs, trying to balance his kisses between both of the smooth, pale legs. His hands slide down and wrap around Gerard's ass, meeting each other between the tops of Gerard's legs. He hears Gerard sob from above him as he slowly kisses the hollow of his hips, crossing his midriff with brief butterfly kisses. He's crouching by this point, kissing up Gerard's ribs and finally, finally, up his neck.

“Frankie,” Gerard whispers delicately, fervently “I love you, I love you.”

Frank kisses his jaw, each kiss lasting a fraction of a second, barely there.

“You are so gorgeous, God, I'm never going to lose you,” Frank whispers frantically, “I love you so much, so much Gerard. You have no idea how you make me feel, sometimes it's too much, God Gerard.”

Gerard whines and thrusts his body against Frank's as Frank finally fins his lips, kissing Gerard and sucking on his tongue. He runs his hands up and down Gerard's body as they kiss before slowly sliding one finger into him. Gerard inhales sharply as Frank sinks the finger in.

“Shit, Frankie, it's been so long since you've been inside me,” Gerard pants in a completely no-shame pornstar voice.

“It's been a week, at most,” Frank reminds him, mirth in his voice. Gerard moans and throws his head back, water his spraying them and his hair plastered to his face. Frank added a second finger after a minute, twisting and turning them inside Gerard, up to the knuckle and them sliding them almost completely out, before pushing them back in again. Gerard closes his eyes and groans, it's not enough, entirely not enough, yet Frank doesn't feel inclined to go any faster.

“Frankie,” Gerard whines, as Frank adds a third finger and fucking him with them. Gerard throws one arm around the back of Frank's head to pull him flush against his body and so that he has something to really hold on to.

Then, without warning, Frank lifts his thighs up and Gerard squawks before pulling himself together and wrapping them around Frank's waist, only being kept up by sheer will and Frank's weight pressing him against the wall. Frank finally entered him, his dick sliding in slowly. Gerard tips his head back and relishes in the feeling, choking on air as Frank manages to go deeper at their standing angle.

“Frank,” Gerard gasps, feeling full of Frank. Frank wipes Gerard's hair back off his face and thrusts up into him. Gerard gets shoved up the shower wall and makes a guttural noise while Frank groans. It's slower than anything they've done before, meaning that Gerard can really focus on how full he feels, Frank driving deeper and deeper inside him, until he finally hits just right and makes Gerard completely lose control of himself.

“Oh,” He gasps, “Oh, oh, Frank, there, oh.”

Frank grunts and continues thrusting into him, muttering words into Gerard's ear, sensual images. Honeymoon plans.

“I love you,” Frank pants, leaning forward to bite Gerard's neck, “I'm going to fuck you everywhere in this room, on the bed, on the floor, on the desk, on the balcony. I want to do so many things to you.”

“You should,” Gerard gasps, closing his eyes because it's all becoming too much, he can't deal with sight as well as sound and feeling Frank pounding in and out of him, “Frank, are you going to-”

“No,” Frank grits out, “I don't have any spare hands anyway.”

Gerard whines and chokes back a sob as Frank's pace picks up, the tiles are really starting to rub against his back as he bounces up and down.

“Frankie, Frankie, I need,” Gerard breaks off as Frank thrusts particularly hard against his prostate, “Frankie, please.”

Frank ignores him and carries on thrusting into him, burying his face into Gerard's neck and nipping the skin there. He can feel the dull need to come building and exhales.

“Frank, I think I'm close,” Gerard gasps. His legs are cramping and Frank has to keep pulling them up so that Gerard doesn't fall down. Gerard can feel the water hitting his face and Frank strikes his prostate again, making him cry out, desperate.

“I'm – I'm – Frank,” Gerard sobs, desperately, before coming over Frank's chest, banging his head against the wall as he spasms through his orgasm, coming for what seems like ages. He goes limp after he's done, though, and Frank valiantly fucks him through it. He knows he's going to come soon, but Gerard soon starts gasping as he become over sensitized and little shocks travel through his nerves as Frank continues to fuck him. When Frank comes, he shrieks and then Frank lets go, letting Gerard fall half the distance to the ground before he grabs onto his arms to stop him falling completely on his ass.

“Oh my God,” Gerard exhales. Frank grins and nods, leaning back and letting Gerard fall onto him.

“I know, I've been working out,” Frank agrees. Gerard laughs and completely slumps against Frank, going utterly boneless.

“That was impressive though,” Gerard says, “I like that in a man.”

“You like me,” Frank grins. Gerard looks up at him and smiles coyly.

“How did you guess?”

Frank stretches up to turn the water off and Gerard instantly starts to shiver. Frank crawls out and drags Gerard with him to huddle underneath all the towels provided by the hotel. They set up their towel fort and sit in a comfortable, post-orgasm silence.

“Do they do noodles in the room service menu?” Gerard asks after a few minutes.

“Maybe.” Frank replies, “That would involve getting up.”

“For me?” Gerard asks.


“I want a divorce,” Gerard sulks, jabbing Frank in the side.

“No, you don't,” Frank snorts.

“Shut up, we're in England. It's, like, the home of divorce.” Gerard says, snuggling under Frank's arm.

“What?” Frank asks, drawing Gerard closer to him.

“Henry the Eighth?” Gerard says.

“What?” He asks again.

“You know, divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived?”

“I'll divorce, behead, survive you,” Frank murmurs into Gerard's hair.

They lapse into silence again until Gerard's stomach rumbles.

“Seriously, if I don't eat, I'm worried I'm going to waste away,” Gerard says. Frank rolls his eyes and punches Gerard lightly in the stomach.

“I've already given you an orgasm, what else do you want from me?” Frank asks, rubbing his hand along Gerard's arm.

“Noodles. That's all I want. Noodles.”

“Is that all it would take to make you happy? Noodles?” Frank asks skeptically.

“Yeah,” Gerard smiles, “And you.”

Frank pauses before he punches him in the shoulder in lieu of a response.
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