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The Beatles Cartoons: Drive My Car (2) Script

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My idea of what I imagined The Beatles Cartoons: Drive My Car would be before I actually watched it.

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(Paul, George, and Ringo are in their kitchen just chillin' in the morning. George and Paul are sitting at the table while Ringo is at the stove hanging around a pan.)

Paul: Ah, don't you just love mornings, George? (sips a cup of tea)

George: Yeah…

Paul: (raises hand halfway up, horizontally) Those morning sounds…

Bacon: sizzle, sizzle

Ringo: (puts hand around ear to try to hear better) Bacon?

Paul: Those morning sights…

Ringo: (opens pan lid to find sizzling bacon) Mmm… Bacon…

Paul: Those morning smells…

Ringo: (smells the bacon with a satisfied look on his face) Mmm… Bacon…

Paul: And of course, those morning tastes. (takes another sip of coffee)

Ringo: (pops some bacon into his mouth) Mmm… Bacon…

John: (popping in from the door) And don't forget, the morning mail! (Gives the mail to Paul)

Paul: (flipping through the mail, looking disappointed) Bills, bills, bills- that's all we seem to get these days! They're always ruining my mornings!

Ringo: Mine, too. I'm starting to lose me appetite. I don't think that I can eat all this bacon right now. (John, Paul, and George jump over to the pan of bacon with forks, knives, bibs, and watering mouths)

John: Yes! That means more for us!

Ringo: Hold it! All I said was that I didn't think I could eat all that bacon right now- I never said anything about later! Huh, huh, yeah!

(Telephone starts to ring)

Telephone: Ring, ring, ring! (John answers the phone)

John: Hello? What? Why not? Oh, that's just terrible! (everyone looks at John) Are you sure? I see, I see. Ok. Talk to you later. Goodbye, now. (hangs up the phone)

Ringo: What's wrong, John?

John: Our agent can't get us booked for another concert for 6 months!

Paul, George, and Ringo: What?!

Paul: But we have all these bills to pay! And we're almost out of money!

Ringo: What are we going to do?

George: (looking up from the newspaper) Hey—Maybe we can find some temporary jobs in this newspaper!

John: Excellent idea, George! (they all look at the newspaper)

George: Let's see- (viewing from the newspaper) nope, nope, never—HEY! LOOK AT THIS!

Paul: (viewing Paul reading the newspaper) "Future Star Needs Driver- gives good pay and comes with a car." Just who is this "future star" they're talking about, anyway?

Ringo: It says that her name is Linda Mandel, and that her picture is underneath George's thumb. (George lifts his thumb to find the picture of a pretty girl)

(all 4 boys' eyes grow bigger, and they start to stutter, saying "pretty girl")

John: Quick—Let's go for it, before someone else gets the job!

(the boys run out the door. A few seconds later, Ringo comes back in and takes some more bacon, and looks at the screen)

Ringo: What? I figured that later would be now! Huh, huh, yeah!

(The boys run all the way to town, where they find Linda Mandel with a car sitting alone)

John: Good! She hasn't given anyone the job yet!

Paul: Yes, but what order do we go in to apply for the job?

George: Maybe alphabetical order?

Ringo: (looking at George with a pleasing grin) Or alphabetical order backwards!

John: How about the order in which we joined the band?

Ringo: Or oldest to youngest?

George: (arms crossed and a pleasing grin, looking at Ringo) Or youngest to oldest!

(John, George, and Ringo start fighting and make a big cloud of dust)

Paul: Stop! (boys stop) You boys are being so selfish! Thinking of orders that would make you go first! You all should be ashamed of yourselves! Why don't we just let her decide what order we apply the job in?

John: Sounds good to us! Let's go!

(the boys walk toward Linda Mandel, Paul leading them while the others linger behind)

Ringo: (whispering to John and George) Psst- I think he's just jealous that he can't think of any order that would make him go first, like us. (The 3 of them start laughing to themselves.) Huh, huh, yeah!

(Paul looks back at them with a suspicious look on his face, which causes them to stop laughing. When Paul turns back, John, George, and Ringo smile among themselves. Meanwhile, Linda Mandel is sitting on some steps, looking sad. When she looks up, she sees the boys coming over and looks happy)

Linda: Why, are you boys here to apply for the job?

Ringo: Depends—Are you Linda Mandel, whose picture in the newspaper was under George's thumb?

Linda: The one and only!

George: Then, yes! Yes we are!

Linda: My, my! I'll be the first person to have one of the Beatles be my driver!

Ringo: Driver? (pulls out a driver golf club) But I hate golf!

George: Not that kind of driver, you clot! (George hits Ringo with the golf club)

John: Yes, ma'am, you will be the first- (raising his hand with his pointer in the air along with each letter) F-I-R-S-T FIRST! Speaking of first, whom would you like of the 4 of us to apply for the job first?

Linda: Um… How about… ¬

(The 4 of them straighten up in a line as Linda looks carefully at them, then points at Paul)


Paul: Me?

John and George: Him?

Ringo: I knew he'd find a way to go first!

John: Hey—Why don't we sing while we're here! (to George and Ringo) It could distract Paul so he for sure doesn't get the job!

George: Then we'll have a better chance than him to get it!

Ringo: Yeah! And it could attract people who could give us another concert sooner that the one our agent booked for us!

John: Great idea lads!

(A truck comes by out of nowhere. They take out their instruments)

Alright! And a 1! And a 2! And a 1, 2-

(Drive my Car starts to play)

Asked a girl what she wanted to be-
(Paul leans toward Linda)

And she said, "Baby, can't you see-"
(Linda speaks with the lyrics)

"I wanna be famous, a star of the screen-,"
(She spreads her arms around with stars in her eyes)

"But you can do something in-between!"
(Points to Paul and smiles, still speaking)

"Baby, you can drive my car,-"
(Paul is suddenly dreaming about driving her car)

"Yes, I'm gonna be a star!"
(Linda has stars in her eyes again)

"Baby, you can drive my car,"
(Still speaks with lyrics)

"And maybe I'll love you!"
(Winks at him and Paul faints)

I told that girl that my prospects were good-
(John looks like he's trying to explain to her about their prospects)

And she said, "Baby, it's understood, "
(She nods as though she understands)

"Working for peanuts is so very fine,"
(Ringo appears next to him, counting peanuts before eating them. John glares at him)

"But I can show you a better time!"
(He turns back to Linda as she pokes him to get his attention)

"Baby, you can drive my car!"
(John imagines driving her car as well)

"Yes, I'm gonna be a star!"
(She has the stars in her eyes again)

"Baby, you can drive my car,"
(Is still speaking with the lyrics)

"And maybe I'll love you!"
(Winks at John and he faints)

Beep, beep, mmm, beep, beep, yeah!
(John dreams he is honking the horn in his fainted state. Meanwhile, Ringo actually drives the car around)

"Baby, you can drive my car,"
(George imagines himself driving the car as well)

"Yes, I'm gonna be a star!"
(Linda's star-eyes)

"Baby, you can drive my car,"
(George "drives")

"And maybe I'll love you!"
(George faints)

I told that girl I could start right away,
(All of them stand up tall in front of her, "ready for duty")

When she said, "Listen babe, I've got something to say:"
(She looks at them sadly)

"I've got no car, and it's breaking my heart,"
(Some guy comes up and drives the car away)

"But I've found a driver, and that's a start!"
(Looks at all of them with a smile and they look at each other excitedly. She looks them over again)

"Baby, you can drive my car,"
(She points to Ringo. The others look at him, shocked.)

"Yes, I'm gonna be a star!"
(Starry-eyed Linda)

"Baby, you can drive my car,"
(Smiles at Ringo)

"And maybe I'll love you!"
(Winks at him)

Beep, beep, mmm, beep, beep, yeah!
(Ringo pretends he's in a car and keeps honking the imaginary horn for the last few "beeps.")

Beep, beep, mmm, beep, beep, yeah!

Beep, beep, mmm, beep, beep, yeah!

Beep, beep, mmm, beep, beep, yeah!

(The other Beatles leave sadly as a man with a limo drives in.)

Linda: Oh, Harold! You've come!

Harold: Of course I have, my darling! (they kiss and get in the car)

(The two kiss in the back)

Ringo: Excuse me, but your kissing is blocking the rear-view mirror….

(They ignore him right as Ringo almost crashes into a randomly placed pole. We see a rather large mark that is actually very small when we zoom out to normal view)

Harold: Now look what you've done! Get out! You're fired!

(Ringo leaves sadly. Meanwhile, the others are at a diner)

Paul: I can't believe that of all of us, Ringo got the job! How could that have happened?!

George: He was the only one of us to actually drive…

John: Never mind that! There he is now!

(Ringo walks into the diner)

Paul: Ringo! What are you doing here? What about your new job?

Ringo: I was fired… (Looks at the floor sadly)

John: Oh, what a shame…

Ringo: Yeah… I can't believe I was fired by me own uncle…

George: Yeah… (the three look at each other then at Ringo)

John: What do you mean, "by your own uncle"?

Ringo: That Linda Mandel woman's his fiancé! I didn't realize it until he came over!

Paul: Hold on a minute… (Looks at the newspaper and eyes widen) This says, "Future STARR," NOT "FUTURE STAR!" (they glare at George)

George: Heh heh… I guess that's not the only thing that was under my thumb…

(They all look at each other before looking at him again, still angry. They all start chasing him into the credits)
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