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A Pointless Adventure of a Man and His Dear Dog

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Paul and his dear dog, Martha, decide to go on an adventure.

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There once was a man named Paul who lived with his dog, Martha. The symbiosis between the two was quite clear, but they were close to give a care. One day, Martha tried to convince Paul to travel somewhere with her.

"It'll be fun! Think of all the adventures we could have!" she pleaded, accentuating the word 'adventures'.

"Well... Alright," Paul replied, giving in. They went out to explore until they found a strange map in the shape of an ellipse. "Maps aren't usually like this..." Paul said. "Weird."

They followed the map until they reached a plateau. "We could camp out here," Martha said. So they did, and they made a nice campfire and sang songs.

"Oh Martha!" Paul rejoiced. "I've had such a jovial time with you! Thank you for suggesting we come!"

"Hooray!" Martha barked. They kept singing around the campfire until they fell asleep.
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