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Board Games and Cake

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It's Mikey's birthday and all he wants to do is play chess. With Pete. Short PIKEY one-shot.

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Board Games and Cake

“Are you sure this is all you wanna do?”

My boyfriend nods, not even looking up from the chess board, his glasses slipping down to the end of his nose as they routinely do every five minutes. He doesn’t bother pushing them back up because he knows to expect my thumb gently easing them up with the highest amount of care possible for such a trivial gesture; which is exactly what happens.

“Really?” Another nod, this time accompanied by a flash of one of the sincerest smiles that I’ve ever seen. Good. “Because it’s still not too late to go out somewhere nice, Mikes. I mean, it’s your sixteenth birthday; it’s not like it’d be any kind of trouble for me to take you out somewhere.”

“Pete, it’s alright. I’m happy right here, playing board games with you.” He lets out a warm chuckle, his deep voice like golden honey to my ears. “All I want is to spend my birthday with you.” He leans over the board, pressing his cheek against mine so that I can feel his hot breath rubbing at my ear and making my insides melt. “Just you.”

I can remember a time when he wouldn’t let me touch him, let alone initiate such contact himself. Back when we first met, over a year ago now, in the local record store. It’s not that he was being an asshole or anything; he’s just shy, in a cute and huggable kind of way. Normally, I have the patience of a slug on a frosty morning, but with Mikey Way I was more than happy to take the time to earn his trust, to find out the secrets swirling in those midnight-brown irises.

My lips press a kiss to his cheek, sliding along his face until I find his lips; it’s just as magically perfect as our very first kiss, which is high praise in itself, and Mikey dissolves into it, letting me take the lead. I lean over the table, knocking most of the chess pieces to the ground in the process, and tug hungrily at his hair like a child grabbing his mommy’s skirt and begging for candy. Candy. That’s what Mikey tastes like right now, all sweet and sugary and delicious.

And mine.

Our lips give and take, his young mouth no match for the fight that my nineteen-year-old lips can put up when they really want to. He opens his mouth slightly, letting me know that I’ve won, and I respond immediately by running my tongue across his lower lip, making him shiver like only I know how. His lower lip is full of tiny indentations from where my boyfriend nibbles at it whenever he feels uneasy or nervous; I can feel them all under my tongue, my loving warmth washing the marks away just like me holding onto his hand can wash the nerves away whenever I’m by his side.

Reluctantly, we pull apart and survey the damage that’s been done to our ruined game of chess. In our hunger for each other we’ve managed to send the pieces sprawling to the floor, the board itself having moved magically across the table.

“Um, checkmate?” Mikey giggles, causing laughter to bound from mouth like a pack of hyperactive puppies. “Hey, can you smell burning?”



I jump to my feet and sprint to my apartment’s too-small kitchen, Mikey hot on my heels. Sure enough, torrents of smoke are billowing out from the oven and shrouding the tiny room. I mindlessly push Mikey back out into the living/dining area, safe away from the smoke. Without even looking inside I switch the oven off and slump to where Mikey is; sat on the couch with a look of concerned shock on his face.

The couch creaks beneath me as I snuggle up next to my beloved boyfriend, his head falling immediately to my chest as he cuddles infinitely into me.

“What was that, Peterpanda?”

I sigh, dreading the thought of the answer disappointing him like I know I would be if I were in his situation. I mean, his parents are out of town, his big brother is out at someone else’s party and the only thing he’s done so far for his sixteenth birthday is play chess and kiss a little. The least I could do was make him a cake; a coconut one with lemon frosting, just how he likes it.

But I fucked it up.

“It was, uh, it was your birthday cake. It’s completely ruined.” He looks up at me, smiling that soft smile he reserves for the times when he can tell that I’m beating myself up inside. “I guess it got burnt whilst we were, y’know.”

He leans up and kisses me clean on the nose, the small piece of affection making me feel so much better because I know immediately what it means.

“It’s okay. You taste way nicer than any silly old birthday cake.”

A/N: Just a short little one-shot based on the prompt, “board games and cake”. I’m not too sure if I like this, but I hope you do; please let me know what you think! :)
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