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[A/N] – Sorry that I didn’t update before school this morning but I overslept :L And then I had to walk to school… And then I also didn’t get any lunch, just a packet of cookies from my very generous friend Lucy :) So yeah, here’s the next chapter…

Raven’s POV…

“Where’s Penina?” Frank asked the moment that the kids were back inside the car “Where is she?”

“The guy with the bald head got her.” Jora sobbed, throwing her arms around her Dad’s neck “She told us to run.”

“Well then we need to-“ Frank started then stopped when he heard the car engine start “Gerard, what are you doing?”

“Getting out of here Frank. Look.” He pointed out of the window at the draculoids who were racing towards the car. Gerard had no choice but to start driving.

Frank mumbled something angrily under his breath before saying as calmly as he possibly could to the rest of us “We can’t just leave her there. They’re going to kill her.”

“They won’t kill her and you know they won’t.” Gerard replied “They’re low on draculoids, you told us that. They’ll turn her into a draculoid and then we can cure her. We have loads of those needle things to cure her and Doctor DD could easily make us some more, right?”

“If I had the right ingredients.” Doctor DD said bitterly “And I need my radio equipment. That was back at the hut. I need to get out to my listeners. There are some still alive. They could help us.”

“Haven’t you learnt anything?” I exploded “Nobody is going to help us because nobody cares about us. We’re stuck out here in the desert by ourselves because the other killjoys don’t give a shit about anyone other than themselves. You all know that so stop sitting around and pretending that anyone’s gonna help us because we all know that they won’t.”

The kids start snuffling and half the adults looked shifty. Well, whatever. They knew it; I was just the one daring to say it out loud. Ray put his arm around me and I snuggled against him. I’d missed him so much. And I’d missed Draven too who was falling asleep on my lap “I know someone we could ask for help.” Danielle muttered, biting her lip “But I dunno if they’d help us or where they are.”

“Who?” I asked. She couldn’t possibly know anyone who would help us.

“Ben and Jack.” Danielle went bright red when she said it “I know they left us and everything but they are Finn and Sapphire’s Dad’s. They wouldn’t turn their backs on us now, would they?”

“I don’t wanna go ask Jack for help.” Hozzie muttered, sliding further down her seat “Jack just left me out of the blue.”

“I’ve told you why he did that.” Kat said, tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear “They wanted to be with each other. We were actually friends for quite a long time before BLI showed up and destroyed the town we’d been staying at. They kept telling me how much they’d wanted to see the kids and they wondered how they were doing. If we asked them for help, if we managed to find them obviously, they’d definitely help.”

“Right now I’d rather hang around with Kayla or Dazz.” Jennifer muttered angrily “And that’s saying something.”

“You shouldn’t have anything against Ben or Jack.” I pointed out “They didn’t hurt you.”

“No but they hurt my friends and that’s not okay with me.” Jennifer sighed “Fine. I guess we’d better look for Ben and Jack even though I don’t know why we’re looking for them. Even if they do agree to help, what are they gonna do?” No one said anything “You know I’m right. Let’s think about why we’re really looking for them. Because it’ll make us feel a bit better and more comfortable to have just a couple more people on our side.”

“What’s wrong with wanting to feel safe?” Shayla asked.

“There’s nothing wrong with that but our friends life is in danger. I understand why we’re running away from home, we were hopelessly outnumbered.” Jennifer ran her fingers through her hair “We need to stop and think about this practically though. Don’t give me that look, you know I’m right.”
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