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50 sins

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Written for the 1sentence comm on livejournal, fifty sentences about Aion and Chrono.

Category: Chrono Crusade - Rating: R - Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Humor, Romance - Characters: Aion, Chrono - Warnings: [!!!] [V] [X] - Published: 2006-07-17 - Updated: 2006-07-17 - 1411 words - Complete

Fandom: Chrono Crusade
Pairing: AionxChrono (with mentions of other pairings)
Theme set: Epsilon
Rating: R for some mentions of sex and violence
Notes: Manga based and thus certain sentences contain massive spoilers.

#01 - Motion
With one quick, rough motion, Aion ripped the demon's head off grinning and yet, it would take much longer before Chrono could admit that something was seriously wrong with him.

#02 - Cool
Pandemonium wasn't hell at all; it was cool, much like Aion's skin against his hands.

#03 - Young
They were young by demon standards, young and stupid, but not so stupid as to stop or so young that they didn't know what love and desire meant.

#04 - Last
As they had escaped Pandemonium for the second time in their lives, the sobering realization that they were two of only three demons left in the world finally hit.

#05 - Wrong
After Mary had got done blushing at the both of them and then explained just how against custom it was in the human world for two males to be doing THAT, Aion had spent days laughing his head off, while Chrono couldn't look Mary in the eye even as she tried to reassure him with nervous smiles.

#06 - Gentle
Aion's claws cupped Chrono's face gently as he whispered sweet lies to him, lies Chrono was happy to believe.

#07 - One
"Well hot damn, if I'd only known you and Chrono were an item, I would have tried telling Rizelle she's the one and all that crap a lot sooner," Genai said as he kicked at a random clod of dirt, smirking at Aion.

#08 - Thousand
They hadn't even been alive a century but everything between them felt like it had happened only a thousand years ago or maybe in just the past hour.

#09 - King
It was then that Aion learned that a kingdom was lonely without the one it had been built for.

#10 - Learn
No one taught them how to make love as it was frowned upon among their kind; it was something they were forced to figure out on their own.

#11 - Blur
Even though the other demon had always been fast, Chrono was shocked to see Aion become nothing but a blur moments before striking him in the stomach.

#12 - Wait
"I waited so that you could go to her," Aion grunted as he drug Chrono's limp body from the church, "so you don't get to die yet."

#13 - Change
It was a nice change from the hazy lights of Pandemonium, looking out over a clear sky and red rocks, the only familiar presence being Aion's arm slung against his shoulder.

#14 - Command
"I don't care what you say, but you're taking command for once Chrono."

#15 - Hold
After the tuning, the first thing Aion had done was hold him so suddenly and with such force, tears streaming down his face; it was the first time that Chrono had ever felt like he was the more mature one.

#16 - Need
As they fought, the chilling realization that Chrono didn't need him anymore or rather, that he had never been needed was enough to drive Aion insane with rage.

#17 - Vision
Maybe one of the reasons Chrono had gone along with Aion had been because he was the first one the other devil had confided his vision to and that made the young devil feel as if he were some how special and unique.

#18 - Attention
Always Chrono was fighting for Aion's attention, even if it meant that he might end up destroying Pandemonium.

#19 - Soul
The souls that had sustained him, Mary and Rosette, weren't enough to fill the gap that remained within Chrono.

#20 - Picture
They'd sat for hours to take that picture, a human novelty that had pleased the both of them to no end at the time, though nowadays it seemed to be mocking Aion.

#21 - Fool
Chrono was a fool to side with the humans and Aion was content to wait until he'd realized that.

#22 - Mad
The madness that Chrono had sensed behind Aion's eyes now reigned supreme and without contest.

#23 - Child
Joshua's childlike nature was everything that Aion had thought Chrono to be or rather had wished he was.

#24 - Now
It was now time to act on his second moment of truth and this time, Chrono would not falter just because he could feel Aion's eyes burning holes into him.

#25 - Shadow
"Surely you can't be saying that you didn't miss me," came a silken voice as a dark shadow fell over him, "can you, Chrono?"

#26 - Goodbye
He didn't want to let Chrono go and say his goodbyes to Rosette Christopher, but neither could Aion deny him that one final, painful look.

#27 - Hide
When Rosette saw them together, Chrono would have given anything for the world to just swallow him up whole and hide the look of hurt and anger on her face.

#28 - Fortune
In one of the human towns they explored, Aion and Chrono had found a small gold mine and spent hours exploring on their own, not realizing that the others had begun to freak out over their absence.

#29 - Safe
Being safe from Aion should have felt much better than it actually did, Chrono mused to himself.

#30 - Ghost
It would have been so easy to make amends if the ghost of Mary hadn't lain between them in bed every night, later on joined by Rosette's own spirit.

#31 - Book
The book Viede had given Chrono kept him so occupied, that he ignored Aion, even as the other got increasingly needy day by day.

#32 - Eye
Chrono had always been jealous of Aion's beautiful violet eyes, so much gentler looking then his own red ones.

#33 - Never
What makes Genai truly angry, though he'd never admit it, isn't the fact that Rizelle died whispering Aion's name; it's the fact that she never even had a chance against Chrono in the first place.

#34 - Sing
"This is the delightful tune that will free us from Pandemonium's grasp," Aion said as he started to hum, the reverberations of his pleasant to Chrono's ears.

#35 - Sudden
Aion's sudden appearance shouldn't have inspired anything other than hate in Chrono, but despite the horror the situation, a part of him truly was happy.

#36 - Stop
"Don't stop," Chrono had whispered when he pulled away.

#37 - Time
Aion wished that Shader had never made that watch, because in the end, it had stolen Chrono's time along with Rosette's.

#38 - Wash
It was as if by kissing Chrono, Aion thought he could finally wash away all their sins, but it wasn't that easy, it was never that easy.

#39 - Torn
As his horns were torn off, Chrono knew that this was the end of everything between them and some how, it wasn't as sickening as he had imagined; it was more horrible than that.

#40 - History
Decades of human history had passed and even though they had both changed, Chrono realized at that moment that Aion hadn't grown at all.

#41 - Power
Early on, Aion realized that it was Chrono's power he needed to win their war and nothing else would ever truly replace it.

#42 - Bother
The most bothersome thing about the first time was getting their clothes off as the fabric had had a nasty habit of getting snagged on horns and wings.

#43 - God
God didn't care and even if he had, they wouldn't have stopped what they were doing for all the world.

#44 - Wall
There had been many times when Chrono had driven him up a wall, but this was the first time the other demon had driven Aion through one.

#45 - Naked
They'd seen each other naked before, but Chrono had ever seen Aion blush before and it was enough to drive the redness from his own face away.

#46 - Drive
The power of Aion's drive in all things was not to be underestimated, Chrono had mused after he was left breathless on the couch, watching Aion dress.

#47 - Harm
In the end, who had caused more harm, Chrono with his need to play hero or Aion and his desire to be a savior?

#48 - Precious
When he'd decided that he'd fight Aion just to protect everything precious to him, Chrono hadn't realized that defeating him was a way of actually saving Aion as well.

#49 - Hunger
Maybe if he got Chrono back, he could find out how the other had finally developed such a hunger for life and maybe learn how to do the same.

#50 - Believe
It had been wrong, Chrono knew that now; but at the time, he had believed that he truly would have died if he hadn't followed Aion to the ends of the earth.
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