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Audition time!

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What time is it? AUDITION TIME!

Because I am dumb, I am composing what could easily be the most complicated Audition form ever.
I am one of the few Homestuck fans on this site (oh, God, not another Homestuck Fanfic, says the audience) but I am not writing a Homestuck fanfic this time.
There is a fanmade Homestuck spinoff called “Metastuck”, which consists of four anthropomorphized websites playing Homestuck.
In this case, Homestuck is a video game that when played, ends the universe.


Example (which also doubles as a handy dandy audition form):

Name: Tumblr

Appearance: Blue hair, moderately skinny, female, white, horn-rimmed glasses, freckles.

Personality: Tumblr is strictly boring, and white bread. She isn’t okay with that, so she gives herself labels to make herself seem really unique, like claiming she’s “Genderqueer Pansexual Homoromantic”. Also claims to be really unique, though her interests are the same as her friends. She dresses Androgynously, believing that clothes shouldn't define a person. Stands up for oppressed people, and is against racism, sexism, stereotypes, political incorrectness, bigotry, animal abuse, etc. Believes that anything can be fixed if you blog about it. Ships everything, unless it’s canon.

Typing Quirks: Sometimes joins two words together with an exclamation point, like Sexist!pig, Non!Canon, Real!Life, etc. Also adds hash tags in front of important concepts (#helpmeout, #enemieseverywherem, #Sexistbigot)

Weapon(s): Head Cannon. Shoots cannon balls with facial features at whoever she disagrees with. Also has rocket leggings, aka “Sky Highs” that she can fly around on.

Fetch Modus: Reblog Modus. Has to send a copy of something before she can use it.

-End Audition form-

Quick Explanations: Fetch Modus is just a way of storing stuff. Think of it like putting stuff in a pocket, but to get your stuff out of your pocket, you have to do a bunch of stuff to get it back.

Even More Quick Explanation: As Mentioned, Homestuck is a video game, that when played, will end the world. No, really. Your world blows up, but the game creates a new world for you to live in. Everyone who plays gets their own world, and you can travel between them and stuff.

Notice anything about the audition stuff? Tumblr is the reincarnation of every Tumblr stereotype ever.
This is where I need you guys. See, I want to write my own Metastuck, but I’ve got no idea what sites are popular.
Like, I can hazard a guess. So far, I’ve got two out of the four I need. Two more parts are needed. Both have to be girls.

The ones I’ve got already are Pottermore and Both are boys. I need girls.

What I would really enjoy would be a version of Ficwad. Audition your favourite websites! Go ahead! I’ll leave this up for a few days, seeing as it’s strange and stuff.

And Go! If you like!
I seriously probably won't get back to this for a while. My laptop's having trouble accessing my story site, so I'm updating this on a school computer.
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