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Take a plot

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I have too many plots, too little time

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Hey, so since I can't keep up a story (and the one's I have going I have writers block D:) So here are plots, want 'em? Email me at

Sweat, Anger, and Shame

-Plot- (Ferard) Gerard looks back on his relationship woth Frank and realizes he cannot stand him.
Although everytime he trys bringing it up, Frank seduces Gerard into sex.

Unicorn Hunt

Mikey loves unicorns, making the rest of the guys think he's crazy. Getting fed up with this constant teasing he goes out to find a unicorn to bring back and prove they really exist

Drugs Not Pugs
Crack fic;
The guys being unbelievably bored, are interested in trying drugs. 

Another Dog Won't Hurt

Frank going to the store to buy food for his wife, finds a puppy. Shrugging it off he adopts the dog and brings it home only to have his wife kick him out

Frank Iero Adopted Me Because He Thought I Was A Dog

Frank finds a little girl curled up in her halloween costume (as a dog) and adopts her, thinking she was an adorable puppy. 

Mikey! You slut!

Mikey is in desperate need of money, applies for a new job. This new job being a male stripper; being a stripper doesn't always fly well with your family.
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