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Magnificents Interviews

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These are interviews for the pairings in my Magnificents story, which is coming soon. Also, before anyone starts to complain, I checked and didn't see anything saying that we couldn't do it so meh.

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Magnificents interviews: Ranma and Serenity

Ranma and Serenity walk in to a room with a table and chairs in it. Ranma in a black robe, white shirt, black cargo pants, boots and toting his ever present Dragon Lance. Serenity has his arm and is in a very beautiful white gown, heels and stockings, she is carrying her white lunar staff. Ranma slid her chair out for her and she sat down in it he pushed her into the table and kissed her on the lips. They are also carrying notebooks with questions to ask each other.

Ranma: Hello, and welcome to the first ever 'Magnificents Interview'. I'm 'the Dragon God' Ranma Chaos.

Serenity: And I am Serenity, 'the Moon Goddess'.

Ranma: Why does that sound like you're a 'League of Legends' character?

Serenity: It does? Really?

Ranma: Well, anyway. I'm going to ask my beautiful wife, (Serenity blushes) questions and she's going to answer them.

Serenity (blushing): I will also ask my equally handsome husband questions and he'll answer.

Ranma: Wanna flip a coin to see who goes first?

Serenity: You can go first, sweetheart.

Ranma: Okay. Who's your favorite actor?

Serenity: Robert Downey Jr., he was great in the 'Avengers-series' and 'Sherlock Homes-series'. Who's yours?

Ranma: Samuel L. Jackson. I've seen everything he's been in. Your turn.

Serenity: What did you think of me when we first met?

Ranma (whistles a note): 'What did I think of you'? (chuckles) Tell you this much, I thought you were a goddess. I honestly thought you were a goddess. But, I never thought you were a wimp or a weakling. You had power behind you and were only one of the people that actually gave a damn about me. You know you've earned my respect, after you saved me from that damned honorless 'Lost Boy'! (Serenity growls) Calm down okay, what was your opinion about me?

Serenity: First I thought you were a jerk, but you are a loyal jerk. I mean all the relationships you've been in they've guaranteed the safety of this and any other universe. So I thank you for your infidelities. (laughs)

Ranma (laughs): Uh, you're welcome? (They laughed)

Serenity: But yeah, I thought you great. You're my hero and always will be. (she reaches over and kisses him)

Ranma (smiling): Okay; Out of all the people we've met, this includes as 'Magnificents', members of teams and going solo. Besides our teams, who do you respect the most?

Serenity: Hmm, I'd have to say Diana's mother; Hippolyta. I mean, she loves you even after what happened dealing with 'Kaos'. If I was her, I would've done the exact same thing.
(Ranma smiles) What about you?

Ranma: Captain America, there is a lot to be said about a guy who wanted to fight for his country even though he was how he was. That's someone you have to respect.

Serenity: I agree, okay say if Pluto gave you the powers to go back through time and save anyone. Who would it be?

Ranma (Thinking): You had to ask that question didn't you? (they laughed) Let's see, I'm not saying this because you're married to me now. Queen Serenity.

Serenity (shocked): My mom?

Ranma: The same, she was a beautiful woman I see where you got your looks.

Serenity (grins): You just earned yourself a treat tonight.

Ranma: I'm only telling the truth.

Serenity: Okay Ranma! You're on top tonight.

Ranma (smirks): Same question.

Serenity: I think, Hendrix so he could've played at our wedding.

Ranma: I didn't know you were a Hendrix fan.

Serenity: I love classic '70s music.

Ranma: Favorite ride?

Serenity: Harley Davidson Soft Tail.

Ranma: I am learning things about you. A Soft Tail?

Serenity: I've got a couple of sports bikes. You?

Ranma: The brand new Camero. I'm a muscle head and I love American cars.

(I'll let anyone else ask the next questions.)
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