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My Letter to You

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Gerard looks back on what he really thinks of Frank. ::FERARD::

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I need to tell you this, but I'm to scared to do it in person...

I hate everything about you!
The way you try and climb into random coffins, 
The way you sit a top of Bob's shoulders during interviews,
The way you make up your own answers on multi choice questions,
The way you see a dog, or a kid dressed in a dog costume and feel an intense need to adopt them,
The way you kick me in the balls on stage,
The way this whole thing is such a big joke,
How fucking shor- no, I won't hate you for something you can't control.
The way you do stupid things for a laugh.

The way you get so worried about my well-being,
The way you live life the way you want,
The way you make everyone laugh without putting amy effort into it.

Looking back at this, maybe all those things weren't listed out of hate, doing this made me realize something...

"I love you." Frank heard a familiar voice behind him read the last part of the letter.

Turning to face a bright red Gerard the shorter smiled,
"I love you too."
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