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Stay With Me

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“I mean, I want to talk to them again today, but will you stay with me? Just... just in case."

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Well, this didn't work first time around, but I'm glad it has now. I felt rather emotional writing this. I really hope you guys like this chapter!

Chapter 22; Stay With Me

I woke up with a jolt the next morning. My face felt cold and I knew I’d been having a nightmare, but I couldn’t remember what it had been about. My face was freezing from fear but my body was inexplicably warm. I tried to roll over but was stopped by a small, warm figure. A felt a smile pull across my face when it registered in my brain that Frank was still lying there, curled into a ball with my arm around his body. His hot skin was what was keeping me warm, and there was a tiny smile on his face from whatever dream he was having.

A tune began to play from my alarm. Not loud and and crazy like sometimes, but a soft piano introduction from something I didn’t know; my alarm was my iPod on shuffle, so there’s plenty I didn’t know what it was. Frank made a tiny, adorable sound like a baby dragon and snuffled slightly. I giggled at the noises he made as he opened his eyes and looked up at me.

“Morning,” I whispered.

“Nnggggfffff,” he mumbled, closing his arms around my torso and rubbing his face in my chest. I giggled again and tightened my hold around him, pressing my nose into the crook of his neck and kissing the hollow where his throat met his collarbone.

“We have to get up, Frankie,” I said, kissing all the way up his neck and jaw. His grumbled again and rubbed his knuckles into his eyes.

“Don’t wanna,” he said.

“Come on, Frankie,” I said, rolling onto my side. “Wakey wakey!”

"No!” he said, covering his eyes with his arms. I giggled and pulled them away from his face. He squeaked again and tried to push me away, burying his face down into his knees. I laughed and slipped my hand under his chin and lifted it up for him to look at me.

“Come on,” I said, holding his hands gently and pecking him on the nose. He just pouted at me. I rolled me eyes and kissed him, letting go of his hands and resting them around his neck. He stopped trying to battle me away.

“Okay, I’m awake, you can stop bullying me now,” he muttered. I smiled and kissed him again. He grumbled adorably but kissed back and I giggled, running one hand over the clavicle of his throat, stroking down the pectoral muscle of his stomach. He wrapped one arm around my neck and began kissing with more fervour, I ran my other hand over his shoulder, rising and falling over the soft contours of his biceps, coming to rest on his waist with my other hand pressed flat against his stomach. His skin felt hot underneath my cool skin and he shuddered under my touch. Our mouths moved together slowly, sensually, hands roaming around each other’s chests, me being careful not to go further than he wanted.

Frank slung one leg over mine and clung onto me like a koala bear and I wrapped my arms tighter around him, rolling over slightly so he lay on top of me, keeping each other warm like the blanket that had been kicked away, kissing each other almost longingly, not wanting to speed up, or slow down or pull away.

“Gerard, you need to... EURGH!” Frank and I pulled apart quickly and saw Mikey standing in the doorway with a look of terror on his face. I smiled sheepishly and he shrieked loudly, turned and ran out my room, and judging by the series of thuds and crashes he fell down the stairs. I could hear the wailing through the floor.

“Oops,” I said, giggling. Frank smiled and rested his cheek on my bare chest, just over my heart. We lay there for another moment while the song on my alarm finished, me on my back holding him in my arms, his head on my chest. There’s something very relaxing about lying down with someone you love. No making out with them, no sex, not anything kinky or hot or sexy or anything. Just the moment of lying down with him or her, in silence, no need for words or actions.

“We oughta get up,” Frank mumbled finally, rolling over and sitting up. I sighed and nodded as Frank swung his legs around and stood up. He looked absolutely adorable, his pajama pants slung low on his hips and his bed hair sticking out in all directions. The bright red sides of his hair were dulled and the brown was growing back in.

He turned around, realizing that he’d left his bag at the end of my bed, and I got another look at his beautiful body; a thin, dark line of hair ran down from his bellybutton into his pants, slung almost dangerously low on his hipbones, making my mouth water at the sight. I tore my gaze away from him when he started bending over to rummage in his bag.

“You know, last time you woke me up in my boxers, you freaked out and ran away. And Mikey used my duvet as a cape,” I said conversationally, walking over to the wardrobe and picking up my shirt. Frank looked up at me, a smile playing across his lips.

“And then I was too scared to even come into school for nearly a week,” he said.

“So Jenna bullied you into coming in...” I said quietly, sauntering over to where he stood in the corner. He raised his eyebrow and the smile fell off his face.

“But I was so worried...” I ‘awwed’ sadly and pulled him into a hug.

“Hey, it’s okay now, isn’t it? That was three weeks ago. Old news,” I said, kissing the scar between his eyebrows. Frank nodded, and pawed gently at my bare chest.

“I just... you turned up in my life and everything started going wrong, didn’t it?” he said. I frowned.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh you know, my parents hate me and I’m constantly worrying about what’s going to happen next time I run into them... what if they hurt you? If they found you and realized that you... that you were the guy I fell in love with... oh no, oh shit!” he said, squeezing his eyes closed, his arms tightening around my waist and pressing his face into my chest. “Oh no, Gerard, I’m so sorry, they’ve seen you already and they’ll know, I got you in trouble...”

“Frankie, hush,” I said, stroking his head. He snuffled and squeezed me tighter in the hug.

“If they found you... they’d take you away from me.”

“No angel, I won’t let them,” I said, stroking his hair soothingly. He looked up at me.

“Promise?” he mewled. I smiled and nodded.

“I promise.” We stood in the embrace for a long moment.

“Boys? Mikey is currently rolling around on the floor weeping, what have you done to him?” called my Mum’s voice through the door.

“He walked into my room.”

“... Do I even want to know?”

“Probably not.”

“Oh, for goodness sake...” I giggled and listened to her footsteps moving away from the door, and lifted my gaze to meet Frank’s eyes. His gorgeous, hazel coloured eyes, that seemed to glow with emotion.

“I guess we should get dressed,” he mused, re-adjusting his hands around my neck. I chuckled and ran my thumb carefully down the curve of his cheek, then pecked him on the lips.

We were dressed and downstairs within another few minutes. I walked over to the coffee machine and Frank perched on the kitchen counter next to where it was. Mikey was standing in the corner with his eyes wide. I grinned.

“Okay, Mikes?” I asked, picking up my mug. He scowled at me.

“You could have told me you were sharing the bed.”

“Spur of the moment decision,” I said, shrugging.

“I wish you could get bleach for your eyes,” said Mikey, walking out of the kitchen. I just laughed.


Pete was sitting on the wall outside talking to Mikey by the time Frank and I exited the house. He raised his eyebrow questioningly as we walked out together, but didn’t say anything as we started to walk towards school.

“You don’t reckon Mum and Dad would be there again, do you?” asked Frank when we reached the main road. His tone was casual, but there was a look of worry that hid, clouded behind his eyes. I shook my head.

“Not if they’re so upset with you. And if they are, I can take ‘em on,” I said. Frank giggled and shook his head.

“You’d try and take on my own dad?”

“Yup. I’m not going to let him hurt you again,” I said, taking a step backwards and wrapping my arms around him from behind. Frank made a noise of annoyance and tried to push me off, but I didn’t let him.

“Gerard...” he whined.

“Frank,” I said in the same tone, loosing my grip and kissing his neck from behind. “What’s wrong?”

“I just...” He sighed and shook his head. I frowned and moved to his side again, my right arm still around his waist.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Nothing, it’s fine.”


There was a pause before he said, “-honestly.” I frowned, but I didn’t press the matter. I was confident enough that Frank would tell me if there was something wrong.

We arrived at school with just a couple of moments to spare, and had to run right up to our form rooms within a minute of arriving.

“See you first period,” I said, kissing the very tip of nose outside of my form room. I made to move inside, but he grabbed my arm and stopped me.

“Gerard... I think... I mean, there’s maybe... something...” He didn’t seem able to say what he wanted to. “I... I don’t really know how to say... I’ll ask you in class,” he said. I nodded, worry beginning to brew in my chest. Frank smiled almost sadly and walked away towards his classroom; I walked in and sat in my space next to Jenna, but I wasn’t paying any attention to what was around me.

“Gerard!” I jumped and looked at Jenna, who was staring at me. Her hair seemed to be a rather brighter shade of red than normal. “What’s up? How did it go with Frank’s parents and everything?” I frowned.


“Because there was this whole problem you had yesterday with it, and Frank was pretty much shitting himself, so why don’t you tell us what happened?”

“Parents were angry. Frank fought with his dad, ran out, stayed at mine for the night,” I said. Jenna and Valerie were both ogling me. “What? I told you what...”

“No, no, no, hang on, he stayed at your house?”

“Yeah...” Instantly, the two girls shared identical, evil looking grins.

“So, that’s why you didn’t get back to me on the movie night idea,” said Valerie, leaning back on her chair and lowering her voice. “I’m guessing you got up to something and forgot?”

“Frank was pretty cut up about it and... well, yeah, we forgot,” I said. What is she getting at?

“You just forgot? Just like that? Nothing made you forget? You didn’t get up to anything?” Oh.

“Well yeah, I’ll tell you what we got up to. My boyfriend was sitting on my bed crying his eyes out because his parents just kicked him out of his house, that’s why I forgot!” I said, raising my voice a little louder than I intended. The classroom went quiet. “Fuck,” I muttered, sitting back in my chair and folding my arms. Jenna and Valerie looked stunned.

“They kicked him out?” asked Jenna in a hushed voice. I rolled my eyes and looked away from everyone’s staring faces, glaring at a spot on the floor.

“Sorry,” said Valerie. Despite myself, I laughed bitterly.

“Why are you saying sorry to me for?”

“Well... uh...”

“Look, just shut it, okay?” I said, pressing my fingers to my temple and closing my eyes.

“I said sorry for bugging you about it. I guess it can’t be easy,” said Valerie, pulling her chair around. I sighed and opened my eyes again.

“I don’t know... I mean, I’m glad that I get to... take care of him, I suppose... but he’s so upset,” I said, picking at my fingernails. He’s also got something he wants to ask you. My heart began palpitating as my mind ran through the numerous things he might say. What was he going to say? My mind kept bringing up the idea that he was going to break up with me, in order to make his parents okay with everything.

I don’t know if I could cope with that, I thought, walking into the classroom we shared for first period. He was already sitting in his seat at the back, looking up at me. I sat next to him and looked at him, waiting for him to speak. He didn’t say anything, but stared at a spot in front of him, biting his lip.

I moved my chair closer to his and rested my hand gently on his knee, worried if he was about to throw it off and say we couldn’t be together any more; but he didn’t, he took my hand and scooted closer so our chairs were touching. I wrapped my arm around his shoulder and he leant into me, for once not caring that the entire class was present. Miss James was standing at the front, looking at us with a weird expression on her face, but she didn’t say anything. A lot of people seemed to not be saying things today.

“So, what did you want to tell me?” I whispered, my heart rate picking up speed as soon as I asked the question.

“I... I need to face my parents again,” he said. My heart began whizzing.


“I want to talk to them about you. And probably collect more of my stuff to take to your house... but will you come with me?” he asked.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I mean, I want to talk to them again today, but will you stay with me? Just... just in case,” he said, his voice breaking. My heart rate slowed down, but it began to pound harder at his broken tone.

“Of course I will, angel,” I said, resting my cheek on the top of his head. He sighed and nodded. I kept my arm around him as I looked up. Miss James was teaching her lesson, but she kept shooting glances towards both of us. I just ignored all the odd glances people were sending our way and kept my mind on what would happen that afternoon.

So, I was thinking of finishing this off soon. Like, in a few chapters. BUT FEAR NOT. Because I will write a sequel. I love this story so... yeah. I will write a sequel. No questions asked.

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