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Nate River

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Mello rants on about how he hates Near. Sorry if this is bad, but anyway I hope you like it ! :)

Category: Death Note - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Characters: L - Published: 2012-10-20 - Updated: 2012-10-20 - 128 words

So shall we begin? It all started when I first arrived here. Wammy's House, an orphanage for "gifted" children. While I may be no Einstein, I'm still pretty smart. Perhaps to smart you could say. Upon being brought to Wammy's, I already had my goal set. Be the best that I can be and work to the best of my ability. I actually reached my goal until, he came. At first glance he may seem dimwitted and fragile but in fact he is the exact opposite. There was always something about him that made me envious. Something about the little albino child made me hate him. He never did anything to hurt me or anger me but, I despised that damn sheep boy. His name is Nate River.
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