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Take This Into Consideration...

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Imagine this...

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Do you feel like a loner? Do you feel like a complete loser?

Well, you aren't.

You have millions of friends!

Yes! You do!

Imagine all of those fucked up kids out there. London, Germany, U.S.A, Japan, Mexico, etc. Imagine them.

They're your friends.

No matter what your personality is, your style, your likes, dislikes, age, height, weight, etc. No matter what any of that is, you all have one thing in common:

My Chemical Romance.

All of you like that one band. That band is everything to you. Therefore, you're all tied together. We're all friends. No.

All of you are my brothers and sisters.

FicWad is just an extra thing. That makes us have two things in common. We are all tied together by two things. That makes us friends, brothers, sisters, and best friends. The great thing is that we all have millions of them!

If you see a kid with a My Chem shirt, who looks truly fucked up, hug them. That's your brother or sister. You're family.

No matter how old or young, you guys are my brothers and sisters. That makes me pretty damn proud.

So, when you're feeling down, take that into consideration.

Take the fact that there are millions of people who are just fucked up as you, who love one band, who listens to the same songs as you to make it all better at the end of the day, into consideration.

I fucking love you guys.
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