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I Want To Start By Letting You Know This

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Based off how they changed my life, and how going to their concert saved me from an untimely death

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Holyshit, they're going to know. THEY WILL KNOW I thought anxiously as we waited for the band to make their way to us, as they walked down the line talking to diffrent fans along the way.

"I LIKE YOUR HAIR!" I let out a laugh as David bounded up playing with a piece of my vibrant red hair.

"David,  how many times have we told you not to play with people's hair." Chuck walked up joking

"But look at it!" David made hyper hand gestures  towards my hair.

"Thanks, good to know." I kidded as he leaned over, signing my shirt and taking a picture.

"BYE EPIC HAIR PERSON!" He gave me a hug before walking down into the cold air to greet other fans.

"Hi, sorry about that." Chuck joked, causing me to become nervous, as I played with the envelope containing a letter for the 5 guys.

"It's okay, and um. This is for you guys." I mumbled the rest, handing over the contained paper to what seemed to be a humbled drummer.

"Thanks, you want me to read it after?" I shrugged

"Pretty much explains everything the band has done for me over the years." I gave a smile, getting a hug, signature and picture.

After meeting fans, Chucks PoV

I walked onto the bus, feeling a warm blast of air greeting my cold face.

"It's humbling getting stuff like this isn't it?" Seb turned from looking at a drawing a fan had given us.

"Oh of course!" I remembered that letter the bright haired girl had given me, curiosity setting in trying to figure out what "the band has done for me over the years" had really meant.

Flopping onto the front lounge's couch I pulled the letter out of my jacket pocket and tore at the envelope.

Dear, well..Simple Plan I guess,
Starting off, you guys have changed my life so much,
from feeling alone to..well considering suicide.
If it wasn't for this concert I wouldn't be the one giving you guys the letter. If it wasn't for the concert I would've
already killed myself. The moment I realized that you were coming to my city, I automatically put down the /razor, pushed away the pills. Realized there was/
something worth living for. And for that, thank you.
/Thank you for being there when everyone else turned/ 
their back, thank you for caring about my life when you
had no idea who I was. Thank you for letting me know
everything will be alright in the end.

A smile found it's way onto my face, it was amazing hearing how many lives our music changed. Songs that I wrote, months of preparation and hard work that paid off.
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