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Tour Dates

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"You're coming on tour with us" Those words changed everything

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"You're coming on tour with us." I groaned, trying to push away whatever voice was talking to me.
"Kass, wake up, pack and be ready for tommorow." I groaned once again flailing my arm out; colliding with a face.
"GODDAMMIT!" I smiled, sneaking a peek, seeing a very pissed off Tom clutching his face.

"Fuck that! I lied you're NEVER coming on tour with us." I laughed, rolling over fully onto my back

"Pfffft Tom your the noob, you have NO say!" I smiled at the look he shot me

"Yes I do, RIGHT DERYCK!?" The guitarist called upon the singer for an answer.

"Tom, shut up you noob!" I laughed as his face dropped

"So get the fuck out of my room." I commanded receiving a look. "HEY! I've been the- I don't know, for them even before they got signed! I have total control over you noob." I snapped laying back onto my bed, closing my eyes.

"Wake up!!!" A hyper voice screamed
"Fuck off." I rolled over attempting to get some sleep.
"WAKE UP NOW OR THE NOOB WILL COME BACK AND BUG YOU!" Deryck yelled standing up fully

"Yeah, because there isn't a shortie screaming in my room." Oh how I love sarcasm

"Fuck you." He growled storming off

"You do know, you gotta height jokes around him right?" I rolled over to face the door.

"I know, it's just that I want sleep and he wouldn't leave." I received an eyeroll from their bassist.
"YOU KNOW I'M RIGHT!" I walked up head bent back to I could look at his face, not his chest.

"I do know, but he's like a kitty." Cone shrugged

"I AM NOT A FUCKING KITTY!" Deryck yelled from the living room

"Yeah you ar-"
"SHUT UP NOOB!" We laughed, looking in the direction of the 'kitty vs. noob' brawl started.

"I think you started a trend." I nodded walking out to the kitchen.

"Oh and Kass-" I turned looking at the scrawy bass player who had a smug grin on his face
"Got you out of bed." I stood there thinking for a moment.
"GODDAMMIT!" I screamed storming into the kitchen, feeling the need to pity myself.

"SAY IT YOU NOOB!" I looked over to the living room where Deryck had Tom pinned down, arms and legs held together by the shorter's death grip

"NEVER YOU FUCKING KITTY!" I laughed watching them fight it out, unknowing that someone was standing behind me.

"You know what's funny?" Steve asked as I continued to watch the UFC match in our living room

"Huh?" I asked, laughing at the insults they screamed at one another

"How we all try to get you out of bed and it doesn't work, yet when Cone tried, you do." I felt a slight blush in my naturally red cheeks

"You tried waking me up?" I turned facing the drummer

"Yeah, you told me fuck off and went back to sleep." Oh, YEAAAAH.
"Now answer the question, Do you like Cone?" I was about to answer when he walked in.

"Steve, it's not nice to talk about people." He joked reaching into the fridge for whatever reason.

"But we were talking about a girl, who probably likes you." He looked up from the fridge giving us both a look.

"Oh-kay then." He droned resuming his hunt for food.

Shooting the drummer a "I-Will-Kill-You-In-Your-Sleep" look I walked off to my bedroom.
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