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To Love a Lost Girl

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Frank meets the girl of his dreams. She just had to be the 15 year old daughter of his friend, didn't she?

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Penina's P.O.V

'Hey Chlo. Back so soon?' I asked as she walked through the door with her suitcase.

'They were annoying me. They couldn't even cook pasta for shit. I don't want to go anywhere else anyway. I'm staying here until you turn 18, then we're going to live on our own, right?' She asked taking off her black leather jacket.

'Right. Not long to go anyway.' Just 3 more years.

'Excuse me girls, quit all this chit chatting. We've got some people coming over to see Olivia today. We want things to go well for her, so we need your help.' Eva said. Eva was the boss of this care home basically. I've never known anywhere else but this place, but I still know things could be better than this. I don't want to go to some strangers house anyway. I want to stay here until I'm 18. I've known from a very young age that my biological parents couldn't look after me. Maybe one day they'll come to their senses and drag Chloe and I out of this hell hole. Chloe and I can never be separated.

Eva tucked a strand of her curly, mousy brown hair behind her ears. Most of it was tied in a bun, but some of it was loose. Her hazel brown eyes were shining. As much as we all hate this place, we love Eva.

I nodded my head, grabbed Chlo's suitcase, and we went to her room.

'We could go to a foster home together one time. Just for fun I mean. We'll make them never want to foster anyone again.' She said. I giggled.

'No. That wouldn't be fair.' I said. She sighed.

'What's wrong with you today? Usually you would've suggested that kind of thing first.' She said. I sighed.

'I don't know. I've just got a bad feeling, that's all. I don't know why though. It's like this feeling at the pit of my stomach. It's probably nothing though.' I told her.

Chloe's hair was red, but now it's black, so you can see the red fading into her long, unnaturally straight hair with a side fringe. Her hair is feathered and layered, and she's got gorgeous brown eyes. She got a nose piercing last year, and Eva was fuming. Her face was priceless though. After a while, she got used to it, and things went back to usual. She wants to get a tattoo on her back though, dedicated to My Chemical Romance. Chloe's here because her childhood was terrible. She was bullied and abused. She came here when she was 5, and I was 6. I took her under my wing, and we've been best friends ever since.

'Penina, My Chemical Romance are touring here tomorrow, and don't ask me how, but I got 2 tickets for their show. You're coming with me whether you like it or not.' She told me.

'I don't want to go.' I said.

'Too bad.' She said. 'I can't get in unless someone 16 or older takes me because of the stupid venue's rules.' She told me.

'I'm 15.' I reminded her.

'Yes, but you look 16, and it's only a matter of days until you truly are. It's just one night. I know concerts aren't really your scene, but it doesn't matter. You're my friend, and if anyone's got a problem with that, their face will be off their bodies before they can even register what happened.

'Okay, fine, I'll go. But you have to pay for dinner. If I have any more of their slop I'm going to jump off a bridge.' I said. She giggled.

'Deal.' She said. We hugged.

'It's great to have you back, bitch.' I said.

'It's great to be back, slut.' She said. We laughed and unpacked her things. There was a knock on the door. It was probably the people coming over to see Olivia, so we ignored it.

'So, do you ever think that when the skin that's right next to your nails is Satan's fault?' I asked. Chloe stared at me in disbelief.

'You're so weird.' She said.

'I know.' I sighed. Eva ran to us. Her hair looked as though she'd be pulling it due to stress. She never looked like that.

'Penina, there's a couple in my office. They want to see you.' She said breathlessly.

'Tell them that I'm not interested in being fostered, and that I don't want to marry their son because they can't find anyone else to marry him.' I said. Yeah, someone asked me that once.

'Just come downstairs.' She told me. I looked at Chloe and shrugged. I hopped off her bed and went downstairs with Eva. We went into her office. Sitting there was a man with the most curly, and frizzy hair I'd ever seen. He had brown eyes, and next to him was a woman with white, pixie cut hair, and one green eye, and one blue eye. I looked at them.

'Yes?' I asked.

'Penina? Is that really you?' The woman asked.

'Nope. This is dog.' I answered. I started laughing.

'Penina, I'm Ray Toro, and this is my wife, Mazy.' Ray greeted.

'Oh cool. You're that guy from My Chemical Romance right?' I asked. He nodded his head. 'Well, what do you want from me?' I asked.

'We want our daughter back.' Mazy said. My eyes widened.

'What?' I asked angrily.

'You're Penina Toro, we've missed you, and we need you back.' Ray said. I scoffed.

'Fuck you.' I said. They looked shocked. 'I've been waiting for this moment my whole life. I've been expecting my parents to be people who were struggling in their lives, and they actually had a reason to put me here, but no. It was you. You guys have been having the most fantastic life without me. You've been going on tours and parties, and where have I been? Stuck here. Waiting. Waiting for my mum and dad, and they were just out having fun this whole time. I hate you!' I screamed.

'Penina...' Mazy started. She had tears in her eyes.

'I don't want to hear it.' I said.

'Penina, listen. We've put you here until we could take care of you. Now we can. Please try and see it from our point of view? We were your age when you were born. We were children ourselves.' Mazy said.

'I don't care. You could have taken me back years ago, but you didn't. You were too busy having fun while you still could. Try and see it from my point of view! I was stuck in this place. I've never known anywhere else, and I've only had one friend. I'm not allowed to do anything people my age are allowed to do, because they want our home lives to be as professional as can be. I've been waiting for you my entire life, and I always thought this moment would be magical, but I've never wanted two people dead more in my life.' I shouted before storming off to my room.

I slammed my door and screamed in my pillow. Why did I have to do that? Why did it have to be them? Why can't I just be happy for once?

Forgot to add an A/N. Woops. Anyway, I hope you liked it. Ray won 2-1. Ray's my dad now. Good for you Ray. You go Ray. I don't really hate you. I love you, and I love Mazy. Haha. Again, I hope you liked it! Rate and review! XD xx
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