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Chapter Ten: Wait a minute...

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Three months later...

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(Three months later)

Pete kissed Tia's neck as she pulled her jeans back on.
"You have to tell Joe soon, sweetie," He whispered, "This has gone on long enough."
"I know, I's just...hard."
"Three month, Tia! Three!"
Tia glared at Pete.
"I know very well how long it's been."
"Devin knows, you know. She could tell Joe herself if we don't!"
"Yes I know...why hasn't she told him, though?"
"Because..." Pete pondered telling Tia about the baby, but refrained, "Because I made her promise."
Tia stared at him with cool disbelief, but kissed his cheek none-the-less and turned to leave.

Devin quit her job. She couldn't stand going to work in the neat, tight clothes necessary, which showed off her rounding belly. She told Patrick it was too hard on her, even though she loved her job. She now practically lived in Pete's hoodies, and Patrick had quit asking questions months ago. Something was up, but he didn't know what, so he just left her alone. It was a Saturday night, and Devin and Patrick were home alone. Pete had been away from home a lot, Patrick observed. Something fishy was going on...
"Dev, do you want to have a martini party? We haven't done that in months!"
"No." she replied, rather sharply.
"Why not?"
"Because I don't feel like it."
Patrick frowned; this wasn't like Devin.
"Can we have grilled cheese for dinner?" Devin asked suddenly.
"For dinner?"
"I'm craving grilled cheese."
"Ok, but we're out of cheese..."
"Then go get some!" she snapped.
"Devin, are you ok? You've been acting funny lately..."
"I'm fine, ok? I just want dinner." She exclaimed hysterically.
Patrick said no more, he simply grabbed his wallet and left. Devin felt tears stinging her eyes; she climbed off the couch and padded down the hall, and crawled into bed. She had to get it over with and tell Patrick; the sooner, the better, because then she could tell Joe that his girlfriend was sleeping with his best friend. She pulled off the hoodie and lay in bed in her cami, staring at her stomach, on which there was now a noticeable bump.
"Devin?" a voice came from the doorway. Devin jumped and quickly covered herself with the quilt, but it was too late. Andy slowly crossed the room and sat down on the edge of the bed.
"Devin, that's not what I think it is, is it?"
Devin bit her lip, tears flowing freely down her cheeks.
"How far along are you?" he whispered, enveloping Devin in a hug, and she cried into his chest.
"Four months."
"Patrick doesn't know, does he?"
Devin shook her head gently.
"Am I the only one who knows?"
"Pete does. He found the pregnancy test."
"You have to tell Patrick."
"I know."
"Where is he, anyway?"
"Getting cheese for dinner."
"Will you tell him when he gets home?"
Devin quit crying and the two friends walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. Devin pulled on one of Pete's hoodies, and Andy sighed.
"So that's why you always wear those."
"I'm back!" called Patrick, stepping into the living room, "Hey, Andy."
"Hey, Pat."
"You staying for dinner?"
Patrick wandered into the kitchen and began making the sandwiches. He hummed "Sugar, we're goin' down" to himself as he sliced the cheese.
"Ow!" he cried as the blade sliced through his finger. A fat droplet of blood fell onto the cutting board. He set the knife down and walked down the hall into the bathroom. He bent down and opened the cupboard under the sink; the Band-Aids were always right behind the...
"Tampons?" Patrick whispered. There wasn't a box in sight. Then suddenly it hit him; there hadn't been any tampons under the sink for months. Devin was moody all the time; she was craving weird things. She quit her job, and she was always wearing Pete's hoodies, which were much too big for her. She never drank anymore, she slept a lot.
"Oh my God." He whispered. He stood up, stumbling slightly, forgetting about the Band-Aid. He walked into the living room.
" there something you'd like to tell me?" he said, his voice trembling. She looked at him in shock.
Patrick crossed the room and placed his hand on her belly; it was a lot rounder than it had ever been.
"Are you...pregnant?" he whispered.
Andy covered his mouth; this was how Patrick was to find out? Devin bit her lip and nodded. Patrick fell backwards into the ugly green armchair, laughing shakily.
"This is...this is great!"
Devin stood up and crossed the room, sitting down on Patrick's lap.
"You think it's great?"
"Of course I do! I'm gonna be a daddy!" Patrick kissed Devin passionately, "Why didn't you tell me before?"
"Because I was scared...I still am. We're only 22, Patrick."
"But I love you. We've been together nearly 7 months now, and we've known each other since high school. What more could we want?"
Devin laughed, relieved.
"Andy, you haven't said anything...did you know?" Patrick inquired, frowning.
"Yeah, I saw her stomach when I came over."
"Who else knows, Dev?"
"So if Andy found out today, how long has Pete known?"
"He found the test the day I took it, three months ago, when I was already a month along"
"He's known since then?!"
"I didn't want anyone to know until you did! But it just kinda...happened anyway..."
Patrick laughed and kissed Devin again.
"We're gonna be parents, Dev!"
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