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Be Careful What You Wish For

by vampyGee 4 reviews

Violet carelessly wishes on a falling star. She wishes for Gerard Way, thinking nothing of it. But when she wakes up to Gerard Way standing in her kitchen the next morning, her world is turned upsi...

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Life, in general, couldn’t get any worse. Sure you think a 19 year old girl, living on her own for the first time, working a low pay job in the city of Monroeville, that couldn’t be so bad, right? Wrong. I’m new to the city, my job is thankless, and after I pay the bills, I’m broke. A starless rainy night such as this one wasn’t helping my mood at all, then again, not too many things would.

Sighing, I turned off the light in my tiny little kitchen and went to my bedroom, getting ready for bed, I had work in the morning, and wasn’t looking forward to it. I took my ipod, putting it in it’s ihome dock, and selecting “Artist” before scrolling down to “My Chemical Romance”, letting it play on shuffle through all of their songs. If anything could calm me right now and ease my sleep, it would be the talented vocals and instruments of one of my favorite bands.

I opened my dresser, picking out a simple black silk night gown, a gift from my grandmother. I stripped out of my jeans and hoodie, slipping the silk piece of clothing over my head, jumping as the rain began to pour harder on the roof, must be what I get for living on the third floor of this old apartment building.

I walked over to the window, leaning against it, looking up into the cold black sky. Something glowing bright and moving in the sky caught my attention; a falling star. I glanced back at my ipod, I didn’t believe in making wishes on falling stars, so any wish I could make would never be a serious one.

“I wish for Gerard Way to be mine.” I told the star that was falling in the sky. There was no way a wish like that could ever come true, someone like Gerard Way would never know someone like me existed, millions of people didn’t know that I existed, I liked to keep it that way most times.

I pulled the curtains shut and turned off my bedroom light, pulling back the comforter on my bed and getting in, snuggling under the warm fabric. A loud clap of thunder made me jump, followed by lightening that glowed on my bedroom wall.
“Goodnight world.” I mumbled, turning over to face the wall as the song ‘Disenchanted’ played softly throughout my room.


Hey it's vampyGee. This is a new story idea that I had, meant to be a sort of twisted comedy, maybe even a little romance to it later. Review and tell me what you think and if you would like me to continue! thanks :)

xoxo vampyGee xoxo
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