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The Seeming End to Us

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All I have to offer is love, but what will I do when those that I love are too far away for me to hug?

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The Seeming End To Us
by Zina Hutton
Written @ 9:18 PM 7-16-06

It's like the end of us.
Like I don't know us anymore.
You're off on your own trips and adventures
while I'm at home and behind the scenes.
It hurts me to think of
me without you
but I can't help it.

I can't help but see us apart.
Can't help but hate these painful changes that signal adulthood.
I wish that I never had to say good bye,
but it's the only word that will come out.
I guess that it might not be easy for you either.

But honestly,
would we be better apart?
Alone in a world that prides itself on groups and cliques?
Can you see yourself without me or
does it hurt to even imagine that?

Sure we have to grow out of these so-called
childish emotions and upsets,
but I don't want to grow up and mature if it means losing you.

All of you I can't stand to lose,
all of the days we shared and loved together.
All of the tears that I seemed to have in excess
that come pouring when we talk and the funny thing is
you haven't even left yet.

The sad thing though,
is that I mourn you and deep down inside I doubt that you feel
the same as me.
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