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It's party time (truth or dare)

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It's party time for the MCR boys...

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Writer's block on October 24th 2012 ( 2 years since i saw mcr for the first time):

"Put your iTunes on shuffle;

the third song that pops up...

write a story inspired by the lyrics

or the melody.

Result- Joker by X japan

Gerard applied his make up to his eyes before putting his top on.Today was the day that everyone was getting together for a drink. "Gee! where did i put the car keys?" Frankie shouted from downstairs, "I think there upstairs Frankie!" Gerard shouted as he exited their bedroom.He saw Frankie coming up the stairs and bit his lip.Frankie always dressed up for these things but today he just seems....WOW

It didn't take them long after to go find the car and set off. "Gee are we there yet?are we there yet?are we th-" "FRANKIE WE ALMOST THERE LOOK!!!" Gerard shouted as Frankie was moaning at him.Both of them looked out of the window.They saw the club the band were gonna meet up.They got out of their can and walked in. even though it was only 6 PM the club was packed with people.

They got to their room and met up with mikey and ray.They were sitting at a dark table,enjoying a drinking game they were in. "Heya guts!!" both of them shouted as they sat down at the table.It didn't take them long before they were as drunk as the person next to him. "Okay this is boring let's play a game" Frankie shouted as Gerard took another drink of his beer. "Okay how about truth or dare...without the truth" Ray smirked evilly as he looked at mikey.

"why without the truth?" Gerard asked making him sound like a child. "Dude because the truth is bring and plus we know everything there is to know about each other" Mikey moaned as he got a pack of cards.At this point Frankie wasn't really paying attention until he saws the cards. "OK what are you doing with a deck of cards then?" Frankie asked looking at everyone else. "another part of the game, we just play cards but if you loose you get a dare.But here's a twist i'm gonna keep the joker in the pack of cards.if you get the joker you have to do a dare as well" mikey replied to Frankie.

they started the game by placing a card on the table at the same time until gerard lost.

ray,mikey and frankie mutterd for a while until they looked back at him

"I dare you to give frankie a lap dance" mikey and ray smiled evily at them two.

Gerard striped for him as slowly as possible,trying not to loose the bet

After the course of an hour everyone was daring each other to do very weird stuff

"i dare you to strip for us"

"I dare you to grope on of us"

"I dare you to kiss one of us"
"What? Gerard's right here!"
"So? he to drunk to know anything"

"I dare you to text someone and tell them something dirty"
"Only if you four do it as well"
"Okay Okay pass our phones in a circle and text someone something dirty

By the next day they were all drunk, tired and having a massive headache from the night before.When frank woke up he saw he got a text from his tour manager and read the text.his jaw dropped at what it read and all of a sudden the night activities came back at him like a kick in the teeth.He remember how as a joke he tried to get the deck of cards with the joker in it.

he certainly wished that he hadn't now

so do you like? i'm sorry i haven't put up another chapter but I've been suffering from writer's I've been trying ways to get my creative juices flowing again.... Please Rate and Review for me please xx
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