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Like A Big Brother

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Billie Joe is a senior student, who narrowly avoids becoming someone's punch bag, while helping a close friend Billierard.

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I was unsure where I should post this, considering it is a Billierard (Billie-Joe/Gerard) so decided to post it here for now, but will move it over Green Day's area if need be. Also I have a note at the bottom aimed at anyone who did read Hollow Point Smile, which I finished posting on here a couple of weeks ago!

Billie's POV

I don't know why I did it; maybe it's the fact that a freshman is being picked on and pushed around by a senior. Or maybe it's the fact that I know the freshman, and have a soft spot for them. Maybe it's a mixture of both, I don't know, all I know is, that I am currently running down the deserted corridors, with the freshman in tow, while the angry shouts of the seniors, ricochet off the bland coloured walls, as their footsteps echo throughout the corridor. Tuning sharply round the corner, I bundle the freshman and myself into a closet and shut the door, as the running footsteps draw closer and closer. Next to me, the freshman is breathing erratically

"Where the fuck did they go?"
"I don't know dip-shit!"
"They can't have gone far."
"I bet they're in that closet." Fuck. I clutch hold of the freshman and back further up into the closet, further into the shadows as their footsteps shuffle towards the door. I shut my eyes tightly, holding onto the freshman as I heard the door knob jiggle
"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU BOYS DOING OUT OF CLASS?" My eyes snap open and hear the freshman's breath hitch in his throat
"Sir, we can-"
"ENOUGH! Get to class! You're all late!"
"But sir!"
"No 'buts'! Get into class now before I kick your asses into after school detention!"

Grumbling, the sound of the seniors footsteps grow distant, along with a slam of a classroom door. I breathe out shakily and look to the freshman in the darkness of the closet
"Are you ok?" I whisper
"Y-yeah," comes to the shaky reply
"Come on, let's get out of here, I know a place we can go." Still holding onto the freshman, I approach the door and open it slowly, popping my head around the door and glancing around. The light of the corridor is slightly blinding, but the hallway is deserted. I pull the freshman with me, out of the closet and take off down the corridor again, towards a set of double doors. They open, swinging back and hitting the brick walls with a bang, the cool air of autumn hitting us as we jog across the courtyard, out across the playing fields, before heading towards the row of trees at the bottom of the field. There's a big old oak tree, its roots poking above the ground. Climbing over them, I seat myself down behind the old oak, pulling the freshman with me
"Fuck Billie! You could have got us killed!" The freshman exclaims, pushing his dishevelled black mop of hair out of his face. His usual pale complexion is flushed pink

"But I didn't, I reply smiling. The freshman looks round at me, hazel eyes boring into mine, while he raises an eyebrow sceptically at me. I chuckle at him
"Ah come on Gerard, you trust me don't you?"
"Yeah but, those seniors could have hurt you real bad back there!" I laugh again, clutching my sides, only for Gerard to scowl at me
"Yeah, but they didn't see me coming," I smile. Gerard remains staring at me
"Look Gee, I've known you for what, two years now? You honestly think I was going to let those cunts push you around like that?"
"Well, no. But-"
"No, buts' Gerard!" I looked at him, as he stared back at me, eyes slightly wide
"I wasn't going to let him push you around like that. No one deserves to be pushed around like, especially not you."
"But I am the freaky dork, with no friends, who nobody likes." Gerard hung his head slightly, making me frown. I slapped him across the back of the head

"Ow!" Gerard's hand flew to the back of his head, where he rubbed the spot I just hit
"Of course people like you! I like you, that dude Ray likes you, lots of people like you! You just don't see it," I smile. Gerard drops his hand back into his lap and stares back at me, full of curiosity
"SO what if you're different to everyone else! Y'know, its better to be different, than to be like everyone else." Gerard nods his head slightly
"Besides, I like different, it makes you unique and more fun to be with." Gerard chuckles, before shoving me playfully, making me giggle and shove him back
"Knock it off Beej!" Gerard laughs, shoving me again
"I'm being serious!" I laugh pulling him into a headlock
"Beej! Let go!" he laughs tugging at my arm. I chuckle, letting him go as he slumps against my side, before I begin to tickle him. He shrieks out like a little girl, arms and legs flailing, as I dig my fingers into his ribs. I laugh as he squirms around

"BEEJ!" he chokes out, grabbing hold of my hands. I laugh, pulling him up and into my lap and cuddle him. Gerard huffs out, crossing his arms before giggling
"I mean it though," I chuckle, as he settles against my chest
"I know you do Billie," Gerard sighs
"I'll just miss you when you graduate from high school in June." I feel my cheeks warm slightly
"Really?" Gerard swivels around in my lap a little and stares at me
"Yeah," Gerard blushes. I chuckle and ruffle his hair. Gerard pouts while he slaps my hand away
"Really, really?" I ask. Gerard flattens out his hair a little smiling
"Yeah, I will, because your like a big brother to me." I smile brightly at him, cuddling him to me, while he laughs
"You're always going to be my big brother Beej," Gerard says, fidgeting around in my lap a little before he cuddles me back. The smile stays on my face, while I keep my arms wrapped around him, as a few leaves drop down from the old oak tree
"And I'll always be your big brother," I whisper. I feel him smile against my chest, before he lets out a small contented sigh.


Ok, this was my first ever Billierard that I wrote, so I do apologise if it is rubbish :-/ I first published this on dA about a month or so again. This was a request I had from someone.
Now, those of you who did read Hollow Point Smile, I am currently writing a new frerard, and hope to get a chapter or two posted soon, but I am going to be posting the prologue tonight for anyone who is interested
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