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Partial Results :)

by ohheyitsscissortime 9 reviews

Drumroll please, for 4 results have been confirmed! :)

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Hi guys!

As the title AND summary suggest, I have picked a few of my results! They are as follows:

Ryan's GF/Old friend of the boys: Mirazal with their character Miranda Zarae (just curious, but does this character have a middle name?)

Ryan's younger sister/Brendon's GF: lastcallforsin with their character Brooklyn Nikole Ross

Rockstar/Jon's GF: atomickilljoy with their character Jennifer Flores (just curious, but does this character have a middle name?)

Record Producer: anonymowriter with their character Jackson Neil Larson

So, the parts I still need are:

-Ryan's mom (35-50)
-A crazy actress who becomes obsessed with Spencer (by crazy, I mean throws herself into her roles to the point where she acts as her character off-set, not crazy as in she's let the fame go to her head)(17-19)
-Record producer's assistant (21-25)
-Brendon's mom, who always gets her way (35-40)

So, if you want to audition for those characters, you can. If you auditioned but didn't get in, you can re-audition as well!

Thanks again guys! :)

xoxo Catrina
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