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Accidentally in Love

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Frerard in the early years! He looks at the older man in fascination. There’s something about Gerard that draws him in..

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Yeahhhh I guess I'm kind of back. Eh. I have completely given up on the other stories..They suck. I've got a little bit of hope for this one though. Here's a snippet of it. R&R my lovies?

Gerard was excited. He wanted to yell with joy at the top of his lungs! Why shouldn’t he be? His new band, My Chemical Romance, just got a gig at The Blarney Rock Club in New York City for tomorrow night! They’ve been doing exceptionally well lately and he was damn proud. And hell, it’s NYC! Record reps are everywhere. He was walking to the band’s rehearsal and was ready to give them the amazing news. He pulls out a cigarette and lights it when he feels a tap on his shoulder.
“Hey man can I bum a cigarette?” says the stranger.
“Shit man! This is Jersey; you can’t just go tapping on people’s shoulders out of fucking nowhere!” Gerard half screams at the man.
When he finally took a moment to look at the stranger, he sees how utterly beautiful he is. He was short, about five feet maybe, lip pierced and gauged ears, with black hair and the most gorgeous hazel eyes he had ever seen. Gerard instantly regretted being rude to him but hell, it is Jersey after all. It’s a rough place.
“Sorry man, I didn’t mean to scare you. You didn’t look like you were dangerous or anything and hey, who’d be scared of someone as small as me? Besides, I really need a cigarette. By the way, my name’s Frank Iero.” Frank chuckles.
“It’s okay man. I shouldn’t have flipped shit on you either. My name’s Gerard Way.” He says as he pulls another cigarette out of his pack for Frank.
“Thanks man. I owe you one,” he lights it and inhales deeply, “so where you headed so excited? For a second I thought you were gonna fly away there.”
“My band just got a gig for tomorrow night at The Blarney Rock Club in NYC! We’re going places, I just know we are.” Gerard spoke with starry eyes.
“Really? That’s great! What’s your band? I’m the front man for Pencey Prep.” Frank asks.
“My Chemical Romance. YOU’RE the front man for Pencey Prep? I love your sound!” Don’t go into fangirl mode Gerard he says to himself.
“No way. No fucking way. Dude, I love My Chemical Romance! I’m like, your biggest fan no joke. I can’t believe I didn’t recognize you. You guys are like amazing. Where’s your show? I’d love to go!” Frank almost starts jumping up and down in pure joy. He looks at the older man in fascination. There’s something about Gerard that draws him in..the way his eyes sparkle when he talks about his band, the way his perfect little tiny teeth curve up in his smile, his unkempt raven hair. Call it a bit of an obsession if you will.
“I’d love for you to come to our show at The Blarney Rock Club. We can all hang out after, too and you can meet the band! It starts at eight.” Gerard beams at Frank’s reaction. For a second he thought the guy was going to faint. It’s nice to know that his band has support. Especially from this beautiful little man. Gerard just wanted to put him in his pocket and for him to belong to Gerard and Gerard only.
“Great! I’ll see you tomorrow night then,” Frank pulls out a sharpie and writes his number on Gerard’s hand, “just text me the address!”
“That sounds great. I’ve gotta get going; my band is probably really pissed off at me for holding them up but who gives a fuck? It was very nice talking to you Frank and I can’t wait til tomorrow night! Get ready to have your fucking mind blown.” With a wink, Gerard left on his merry way. He heard Frank yell out a good-bye to him and he threw up his hand in a wave.
“Where the fuck have you been Gee? Practice was supposed to start twenty minutes ago!” A very pissed Mikey met him at the door.
“Piss off Mikes. I met a very excited fan of ours and I bring you the best news m’lads. We have a gig tomorrow night in New York City at The Blarney Rock Club!”
Cheers echoed all around the room and everyone was high fiving Gerard.
“So does this mean that I need to comb my fro?” Ray complained. His fro was great and all but it has its draw backs.
Everyone laughed at Ray, all knowing he wouldn’t.
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