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Chapter 6: Roswell & Sedona

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A Sequel to Re-Run in which, Harry, Dumbledore and Voldemort must team up to fight an even greater foe.

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Chapter 6: Roswell & Sedona

Lt. Puer Jarno finished his brivare' and stepped away from the bar of the officers' club. He slapped the shoulder of his wingman, Lt. Karn Nadiro.

"Come on, we need to do our pre-flight check before our next run," said Jarno.

"Right," said Nadiro as he chugged his drink and followed Jarno out of the ship. As the walked in the sand towards the tent that was serving as a temporary hanger, the breeze kicked up choking dust.

"Fah! I'll be glad when our advance has made it to a more temperate region of this planet!" exclaimed Jarno.

"Won't we all!" replied Nadiro, "except the Markab, of course. They like it here."

"They're welcome to it," said Jarno. "If it weren't for the large carbon deposits, there wouldn't be anything useful here."

They had just made it to their fighters when they heard a distinctive popping sound behind them. Jarno turned and saw a group of Earthers standing between him and the entrance to the tent. One appeared to be an elderly man with a long white beard. On his shoulder sat an iridescent feathered bird. Another seemed almost as old as the first. He had a prosthetic leg that resembled the claw of an animal and an eye that moved in an unnatural manner and didn't seem to match his other one. The third one was a middle-aged man with black hair and blue eyes. But the oddest one had multicolored hair. Jarno guessed that she might be female. She had bumps on her chests where breasts should be. All fighter pilots wore a short sword on their left thigh and a PPG on their right. Seeing the Earthers pull out the guns of theirs that resembled sticks, Jarno and Nadiro drew both their weapons and ducked and rolled under and behind the nearest fighter, just before the Earthers fired something that shredded the metal of the fighter and crumpled it to the ground.
Jarno and Nadiro used the wreckage of the fighter for cover as they fired back at the Earthers. The Phased Plasma pellets bounced off a shield that one of the Earthers had conjured out of thin air.
The Earthers destroyed several more fighters as the two pilots tried circling around to get their enemies in the crossfire.
Once all of the fighters in the hanger tent had been destroyed, the Earthers disappeared with another pop!


"Thank you for coming," said Harry Potter. "We've been contacted by the American Magical Government, or at least, what's left of it. They need our help."

"What seems to be the problem?" asked Dumbledore.

"The war is going badly for them," explained Harry. "They've lost most of their large population centers and their bureaucracy. The Muggles have fared even worse. Right now, an alien army is about to sweep into both Sedona and Roswell. I don't have to tell you how important those two cities are."

Sedona has the largest remaining magical population in North America and Roswell has one of the two remaining magical academies in the States," observed Voldemort Slytherin.

"Exactly!" replied Harry. "So Albus, I figure the Order would be best utilized in the evacuations. Slytherin and I could use our forces to slow down the alien advance until everyone is clear."

"I want Sedona," said Slytherin.

"Fine, I'll take Roswell," said Harry. "Good thing there's a full moon tonight. That will really boost the power of your forces," said Harry.

"I'll send heralds to announce when we've cleared both cities," said Dumbledore.


Gropo Quagveg sat in the compartment at the rear of the tank waiting for his chance for action. He looked around at his fellow gropos. They all appeared to be equally expectant about the chance to get out and fight.
Suddenly there was a BOOM! And the tank came to a stop. As the rear door opened Quagveg began shouting orders.

"Alright, you monera, it's party time, Move! Move! Move!" yelled Quagveg as they poured out of the tank and into the rain. "Fan out! Fan Out!"

To Quagveg's surprise, they were not facing their human counterparts. The enemy was nowhere in sight. Ahead, he could see the rest of the tank column, continuing to advance. The hatch on top of the tank popped open and their commander, War Journeyman 3rd class J'Pok stuck his head out.

"False alarm, I'm afraid," said J'Pok. "The engine threw a rod. We're just stopping for repairs."

"Men, to Stationary Posts!" shouted Quagveg as he glared at his Dilgar Commander. "We have to be on the lookout in case one of their fighters slips past the Centauri!"


Potter's army appeared in the middle of the desert. It was raining salt water. The asteroids that had landed in the ocean caused it to rain for hundreds of miles down-wind from them. At first, this rain had been salty mud. Now it was salt water. Wherever this rain fell, crops would die. Many parts of the world would be gripped by famine over the next two years. Harry thanked the gods that Britain was not one of the affected areas. The land falling asteroids had knocked enough dust into the upper atmosphere to cool the earth. Winter would be harsher this year.

"Where do we go from here, General?" asked Major Longbottom.

Harry listened for a second.

"That way," said Harry, pointing to the south.

"Any particular reason?" asked Longbottom.

"I think I can hear the sounds of battle coming from that direction," replied Harry.

After several miles, they spotted an encampment ahead. As they approached, a Hummer came speeding out of the camp towards them. Harry had his troops come to a halt and stand at attention in formation as the vehicle pulled up. When it came to a stop, several men jumped out with their guns pointed at Potter's army.

"Who are you? What do you want?" asked one of the American soldiers.

Harry stepped forward and saluted.

"I'm General Harry Potter. I'm in command of these British troops. And we've come to slow down the alien advance on Roswell," replied Harry.


The officer in charge of these American soldiers, Captain Jenks, had some trucks transport Potter's Army a little closer to the front line. They had to walk the rest of the way. The sounds of battle were quite loud when they came over a hill and surveyed the scene. Just in front of the ridge was a massed formation of American tanks. They kept riding close enough to the ridge to fire over it, and then backing up again. When Harry got to the top of the ridge, he saw that the valley below was filled with alien tanks that were trying to shoot at the Americans. He had barely enough time to take this in before a squadron of alien fighters began zooming towards them.

"Sonorus!" said Harry as he put his wand to his throat. "All missiles, fire at will!"

The missilers in his army began firing at the alien tanks and planes.

"Retexo Severitas!" hissed Harry and Luna as they each made a tank fly ten feet up in the air, then fall in a crash that left their crews too stunned to do anything for a moment. After they had done this a few times and a few tanks and fighters had been destroyed, Ground Pounders began pouring out the backs of the tanks to engage Potter's Army. By now, Potter's forces already knew that Shielding charms could block Phased Plasma pellets and it didn't take long for the Americans to figure out the same thing. On this part of the front, the British and American forces were winning against the aliens. Unfortunately, the line of battle was more than a thousand miles long and soon they had to retreat in order to keep from being out flanked.


Voldemort Slytherin's Army of Darkness appeared in the middle of a pitched battle. In addition to the 30 death Eaters and 100 vampires, he had also brought 20 werewolves. By now, it was already dark and the moon had risen. As the werewolves began transforming, the vampires and Death Eaters spread out to give them room. In bat form, the vampires flew towards a group of Markab foot soldiers. They then transformed and began draining the aliens of their blood. The Death Eaters had attacked another group of alien foot soldiers and were driving them towards the werewolves. The werewolves attacked anything that moved in their berserker rage, including each other. Any alien that got within reach of them was torn to pieces. There was a group of American soldiers in the midst of the Death Eaters. They had been losing the battle before the army of darkness appeared and were glad for any help they could get.

"Avada Kedavra!" shouted Voldemort Slytherin as he dispatched an alien while holding a marble in his hand. "Horcruxis!" He put the marble in a different pocket from the one he had drawn it from. "Inferiosa!" He animated the dead alien and directed it to attack the other Markab.

"Who in the hell are you people?" asked Sergeant Miller as he continued to shoot at the alien invaders.

"Vampires, werewolves, wizards, inferi," said Slytherin as he pointed at the different groups of his Dark Army.

"Well, if he'd help us kick alien ass, I'd accept help from the devil himself," said Sergeant Miller.

"I'd glad to hear you say that," said Slytherin. "Avada Kedavra!"

The battle continued for hours. Just before sunset, Sirius Black appeared with a popping sound.

"It's all clear," said Sirius. "Get your people out of here!"

Slytherin pointed his wand up and cast a Dark Mark. This was the cue for the vampires to transform into bats and fly back to the Death Eaters. They landed on their allies, who vanished with a Pop!


By now they had retreated to near the edge of town. A sheriff's deputy named Valente had joined the solders in defending Roswell.

"Retexo Severitas!" hissed Harry and Luna as they each made a tank fly ten feet up in the air, then fall in a crash that left their crews too stunned to do anything for a moment.

Suddenly there was a popping sound as Tonks appeared in the midst of the battle.

"It's all clear!" yelled Tonks over the roar of gunfire.

"Everyone grab on to my men!" commanded Potter in his amplified voice. Harry activated the portkey and they traveled 10 miles further from the front.

"From here you can rejoin the fight or flee to safety," said Harry. "It's up to you."

"Well, thanks for all your help," said Deputy Valente.


"Into the tank! Move! Move!" shouted Gropo Quagveg when he saw the flash.

The screams of one of his men told him that at least one of them had been facing the flash when the warhead detonated. Quagveg got behind the tank just before the blast came roaring at them.

"What was the target?" Quagveg asked as he banged on the hatch to the crew compartment of the tank.

"Looks like Sedona," said War Journeyman J'Pok. "Great Maker! Our tanks were just rolling into the city!"

"How did they pull it off?" asked Quagveg. "Surely the Centauri could shoot down any missile or bomber they sent against us!"

"Yes, but that doesn't stop them from leaving a nuke in our path," replied J'Pok. "It was a stroke of good fortune that we broke down after all!"


The blast had vaporized the werewolves that had been left behind. Anyone who breathed the air down wind from the blast for the next 24 hours, human and alien alike, became infected with lycanthropy.
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