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Sibilings Unwritten Rule

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It's an older sibiling unwritten rule and instinct

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Based off what happens when I let my mind wander from homework

I sat in my room, eyes shut, debating weather or not to fall victim to my thoughts.
My thoughts are so tempting
Smiling at the random appearance of the song Pieces I opened my eyes slowly; being greeted by a teary eyed brother of mine.

"What's wrong TREENA?!" I kidded, receiving a smile out of the 10 year old.
"SHUT UP YOU BOOOOOB." Grinning at the inside jokes we had created I looked back up to him.

"What's wrong?" I droned 

"You can't tell mom or dad okay?" He whispered, shutting my door and sitting in front of it.
"I want to die." Raising an eyebrow, not sure if he was serious or not I pushed.

"Is this legit or another bad day?" It was true, if our parents yelled at him he would bawl his eyes our, whining how he wanted to die and his life was so bad.

"Legit, it's just too much." He whispered, burying his face in his hands.
"What is?" Knowing exactly what happened at his last school it wouldn't be a suprise.
"The bullying, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD CONNOR STABBED ME WITH A KEY!" He yelled, flailing. That was true, because of that little dipshit my brother had a vicious red scar running the length of his hand.

"Mom and dad will kill me for telling you this," I whispered to myself, looking at my wall; turning to face him I finished "Punch that twit in the face and be like "YOU DON'T MESS WITH ME!! WHAT NOW?!" I jumped up acting tuff in front of my brother.

"What if I get in trouble? What if he hits me?" My brother was obviously scared of this "friend" of his, ever since the kid went up and sacked him for no apparent reason.

"Punch his freaking lights out!" I may of sounded retarded and joking but I was fully serious.

"But what if he hits me back? Or starts saying stuff about me?" I thought for a second.

"Bro, you NEVER should take his shit. One day you'll be amazing! Who knows you could be an artist,"

"I can't draw like you." I stopped looking at him with a 'dafuq, STFU I was talking' kind of look.

"What do you mean?" I asked as he grabbed my binder pointing to my hand drawn band logos
"They're all freaking lucky to have a fan like you!" He pointed out

"Sure." I nodded grabbing my binder and putting it back into my bag

"Didn't the dude from Hedley even say you drew their logo nice?!" I grinned, remembering the feeling of excitement, as I received that twitter notification.

"STILL! Your freaking amazing for a 10 year old! Frick when I was your age I still screwed up stickmen!" He burst out laughing at my failure.

"Who knows, if you keep up singing VDM you could be the next Gerard Way." I turned realizing my brother was giving me a "WTH" stare.

"You know who that is right?" I clarified, ready to flip shit as he shook his head.

"The singer of MCR? The one who makes Umbrella Academy? YOU HAVE TO KNOW HIM!" I flailed.

"The one who's all awkward and loves unicorns?" My brother guessed

"NO THAT'S MIKEY GET IT RIGHT! GERARD IS THE OLDER WAY BROTHER MIKEY IS YOUNGER!" I screamed flailing, cursing loudly as my hand collided with a dresser.

"Heh, stop before you kill yourself." My brother said as he gasped for air, finding great joy in my pain.

"Who drew this?" A new voice asked, opening my door.

"Um I did, but it was based off one of her drawings." My brother shrugged at the two figures standing in my doorway.

"Holy shit kid, keep it up you could get places." I leaned around my brother, jaw hitting the floor as I saw the 2 Way brothers..IN MY HOUSE!

"You have amazing advice." Mikey joked, not even smiling. Surprise, surprise (SURPRISE SURPRISE YOUR MUCH BETTER LOOKING WHEN YOUR IN DISGUISE).
"Whatdoyoumean?" It came out as one big rush, mainly because my hero, and the man who saves me from suicide were standing..RIGHT THERE.

"Punch his freaking lights out!" Gerard mimicked causing me to get awkward

"How much of that did you hear?" I asked, hoping they didn't think I was on drugs or something.
The two looked at each other, before answering us

"All of it." 2 voices one reply

"And you, life isn't worth thinking of killing yourself or any of that shit, listen to your sister, she probably gets it." The elder Way brother flashed me a smile.

"Then why is she telling me to punch people's lights out?!" My brother challenged

"It's a older sibling unwritten rule, and instinct. You have to be protective for your younger brother or sister." He shrugged causing my brother to nod.

"And I'm not joking, keep drawing and who knows, maybe one day we'll be checking out your comics." My brother smiled, causing me to smile.

Maybe it was getting better for him after all

Honestly the whole talk thing was true, and I didn't say his name and changed the bullys name
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