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Oceans Apart

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So it's gonna be a wintery frerard, sorry if you're not into that! :( x Based on a film i havent seen but vaguely know the plot of :)

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August 1st 2010
A bedroom or a box? It's literally tiny. Like my mom's walk in closet, except not bright pink and filled with shoes and glitter. The whole city is a bigger version of her closet the more i think about it. The skyscrapers and the business woman juggling their ipads, blackberrys and lattes. The yellow cabs lining the streets and the endless task of crossing to another side of the street. You wouldn't have this in London, but i made my decision to study elsewhere so i can't complain. This is my home for the next year. Then i have to leave, money isn't something that falls into your lap and although this place will give me a year's worth of keep, i can't stay away any longer than twelve months. Not to mention my Mom and how lonely she might get in the meantime. Dad's away keeping our country safe clad in his camouflage and giving Mom twelve billion heart attacks a day. Growing up with my parents was simple, easy. We moved around a fair bit before i started an education. We're New Jersey born and bred, but with Dad being sent to Germany, me and Mom had to be closer to him and considering we only spoke english, England was our only logical option. London it was, and has been for the last seventeen years. I turn twenty one this October, Halloween to be exact. And no, my name isn't Frank because of Frankenstein. It's a family tradition. One i'm pretty set on breaking too. Such a bland name really. I wouldve liked to be named something new and exciting like Gerard and Rylan or Clarke. Something bright and vivid like the northern lights. Or the New Year Fireworks. But whatever will be will be. And for me, i need to remember that to get me through the next year.
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