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Famous For Nothing

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Inspired off my daydreams; And what AJ is doing

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If you know the song where I got the title from, I will love you forever

"SAAM!" I groaned, rolling over on my side of the van.
"SAAAAAM!" The voice screamed once again

I groaned louder, showing my anger as I didn't want to be woken up.

"SAAMMMMMMIIII WAKKKEEE UPPPPPP" I rolled to face a sleeping Drew, looking over the last row of seats to see our drummer Lex smiling like an idiot.

"Did I wake you?" She laughed, typing away at something on her phone.

"What'cha doin'?" I asked revealing her writing.

"Bobifer." She nodded, causing me to think.

"You have Ficwad?" I asked tone rising.

"Yeah! WAIT ARE YOU SAM41?!" I nodded as we fangirled over the fanfiction website.

"So what's the plan for tonight guys?" Our tour manager Shmex asked

"We're in New York right?" I smiled a the manager nodded

"I have to go to a friend's gig; with a Snickers bar." I nodded commanding we stop at a convenience store.

"OHMYFUCKINGGODILOVETHEM!" A girl squealed, causing both me and Drew to nod in disgust and shuffle over.

"Sam, how do you know them?" Drew screamed to me over the screaming fans

"On Ficwad I'm married to the singer." I yelled back, getting drowned out as the fans screamed louder once music started.

After the first song, I saw my opportunity, I pulled the chocolate bar out of my pocket and whipped it at the singer.

"Hey look, someone is giving AJ candy." Their guitarist joked

"HOLY SHIT! SAM YOU'RE REAL!" I laughed smiling.

"Yeah, I play bass for you." I glared angrily at the guy who was also named Sam.

"Sam is a girls name bitch." I growled angrily as AJ explained to the bassist.

"Oh, well nevermind." I nodded, sassier than Gerard Way and Brendon Urie

"HEY YOU STOLE MY SASS! Gimme my sass!" I turned being greeted by an angry Gerard being pulled away by Brendon.

"I know, she stole our sass. It's just something we have to live with." Brendon explained sadness filling his voice

"Okay then." I nodded returning my attention to the show.
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