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Happy Birthday, KK Downing :*

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Naughty and seductive fairies take care of the owner of a manor they've been playing tricks on...

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Obviously all the events and actions in this fanfic happened only in our dirty and vivid imagination and shouldn't be taken realistically. We’d much like it to be otherwise, alas, we don’t have the means to make our lustful fantasies come true. Girls can dream, can’t they?
We're also trying another way of narration in this piece of fiction. However, I think we prefer the other one which gives you a double amount of smut;)


Halloween Night of 1985

This afternoon the soft autumn wind has brought whispers to our ears:
- I am sure, so sure... there were there... inside the house. I could swear I heard them...
This man’s voice sounds partially worried but not scared, only concerned that some strangers were stepping inside his newly bought house without his permission.
- You know, sir... - the other man sounds slightly irritated - you should have called us at that very moment.
- I know, I know... but the telephone was dead then.
- And now is it working? - the second man's voice turns suspicious.
- Yes, it is.
- Excuse me, sir, but did you take some kind of medicine last night... ? Or perhaps you exceeded the limit of prudence when you dined and drunk an extra glass or two of beer.
We're paying attention to the voices then, they're moving towards our concealed burrow. We can see them coming close to the spot where we are hidden.
- You see, the doors weren't forced. The windows were ... - said the man we'd been interested in.
- There are many windows in this house, and some of them are in bad condition. Prowlers may have broken into your house through one of this... but they did not bother you.

The man we've been paying attention to is standing in front of us now and we only sigh at his presence. He can't see us, our spells hide us well from mortal eyes. We're looking at him with delight, he could make a cute male member of our clan. His long blond locks and shining blue eyes captured our attention immediately after he bought this house and we were definitely ready to go for him the very same night he moved in. However, even creatures like us have to be careful of who we reveal ourselves to. We've decided to watch him first, play a prank or two and observe his reactions. We have a lot of time to make him ours.
- If I could put my hands over those stupid prowlers... - a dark fierce look appears for a moment in his eyes making us giggle like cheerful children in front of their noses.
The policeman and the blonde guy, who we heard was called KK stand stunned.
- Have you just heard... giggles? - he policeman asks KK and he replies. - It's this that I heard last night and not only this. I am not comfortable with it.
The policeman and KK keep on staring all around but nobody can be seen on the lawn around the house.
While he trots to his car promising KK to return we decide to play another trick on the humans, we blow a cold breeze under his nose and see his face reflecting some slight panic turning then into understanding amazement. He leaves in haste murmuring something about treat or trick and stupid teenagers under his nose. After his departure we return to our man and blow him two kisses on his cheeks.

27 years later...

Our watch began a long time ago on a Halloween night. Since then KK has become an object we had to investigate for our own benefit. For 27 years we've been observing, longing, missing him when he was gone and wanting to put our hands on him more and more. He's been delightful for all these years even when we played our tricks on him, hiding the golf balls in the grass and among the bushes so that they couldn't be found and, making strange noises at night so that we woke him up and could watch him prowling around the house looking for the perpetrators of the racket that didn't let him sleep, watching him blast off his Marshalls while playing his guitars. I must say that we exceptionally liked the latter, the way he's been making his guitars weep has made us wonder and fantasize. Even fairies like us have some needs that have to be fulfilled. And he seems to be the right man to make our cravings come true, these fingers of his dancing on the strings are a delightful sight, and when it's combined with the inspired expression on his face when he plays it's enough to make us wet.

The time to make him ours has come. 27 years may seem a lot in the mortal world, but for us time doesn't matter so much. We're a long lived race capable of some magic and the fact that he's now 61 doesn't really bother us. Actually it even makes us want him more.
We've spent all this afternoon making ourselves presentable in order to dazzle him with our charms so now our faces and hair done, clothes carefully chosen to accentuate all these things that mortal men find the most appealing, we are ready to make our conquest.
- Oh, my dear - says our fellow fairy, Maggie, as we move from one side of our cozy burrow to the other, applying magic dust to our bodies - you are beginning to look too human.
She drinks a cup of holy tea made of leaves picked up from the old cemetery: this will allow her to escort us to the human world and be our guardian in case that some troll appears to scare us.
- Too human? - I ask her while my friend, Daisy, pampers her skin with a dust of roses kissed by medieval maiden as thanks us for our help.
- Yes, you are - Maggie nods - I used to prowl in those human worlds for years and centuries... and I have adopted their habits, even a name of theirs... and finally I discovered that a fairy is too much temptation to them... they love our pale skin and our eyes that change with every beam of light.
- But, Maggie - says Daisy - you fell in love with many human creatures and you told us they were wonderful.
The now blue eyes of Maggie beam with joy.
- I have a human lover now and he does not believe who I am ...he just accepts that I am weird... he calls me a clone or a freak.
Our giggles fill the air with winks of silver dust and we continue to try on the clothes we pinched from one of the city shops.
- What do you say? - Daisy asks - Should we show ourselves dressed with these skirts and tops or we let him see our green grass and purple flower garments?
- I don't know... - Maggie says - He may think you are kids ready for Halloween and may not like your visit.
- But we can dress like humans and tell him that our car engine is dead or whatever happens to those machines.
We all hate the noisy engines that interrupt our singing at night.

The mirror reflects what KK is doing now and we bend over to see it better.
- He is shaving - I sigh - Our males don't have beards.
We giggle again and we begin to talk over his abilities.
- They say that he is a very good musician - says Daisy - We used to sing when he played at night but he could not hear us.
- Perhaps good for him. Otherwise he would be terrorized by your attempts to sing like his friends - Maggie chuckles.
- His tribe used to visit this place - I sigh again - They look as interesting as him.
Maggie inquires.
- Are they a part of a tribe? Like us?
- It does seems so - Daisy answers - They are boisterous, noisy and so sweet.
- How do you know they are sweet? We could hear them playing aloud and laughing when they were partying but you don´t know...
- They should be - I look to the mirror again, now KK is talking on the phone with a feminine voice - You see, women abound around him.
- Well, girls, who will be you tonight then? Have you decided? - Maggie winks eating a slice of wild honey pie.
- What about two nurses who are searching for a patient? - Daisy suggests.
- No, no... it won't work. He could think we are faking that. Unless he's really ill...
- But we should be faking something anyway. Perhaps something we have any idea about - Daisy insists.
- Hmmm, let me think... - Maggie frowns - this sure rules out you two pretending to be two golf players. The only thing you know about golf is to how to hide the balls...
She makes us explode into laughter. After we manage to calm down a little I protest.
- We do know about golf. For sure we would know what to do with his balls.
- Not to mention his club - Daisy agrees.
Maggie chuckles again picturing the idea then comes up with another idea.
- You could be two reporters who want...
- No, no - I insist - We should be innocent girls caught by the rain.
- Rain? - Maggie puts the last piece of pie away and starts laughing again - Oh I see, you want to invoke our weather sisters.
- Rain? - Daisy frowns - Gosh, we have to make sure our make up won't wash off then... And that we still look gorgeous with our hair plastered to our heads...
- Oh, don't worry about this. We can use a spell for this... - I assure her.
- You also have to make sure it will be him that finds you, not some troll hunting. I wouldn't want to stay there guarding you forever waiting for KK to come and pick you and getting soaked for nothing. Not to mention the fact that this magic tea tastes like cow piss - Maggie remarks.
- We'll do something nice for you after we've done with KK - I promise her.
- What? - She wants to know.
- You'll see - Daisy pets her face and bites her ear, then winks, Maggie sighs.
- Oh, this... Ok then...

I look again into the mirror which shows us what KK's doing and it seems like he's getting ready for going out, putting on his jacket and shoes and heading for the garage. I nudge the girls.
- Daisy, Maggie, are you ready? We have to get going to intercept him on his way...
- You won't manage now. If you want rain you still need to perform the ritual to our weather sisters. You can try stopping him on his way back - Maggie shakes her head. Then adds - it seems as if he's not going out for long...
Even if we can't get him now, we still need to go, Maggie's right, the ritual may take us several minutes, then the rain needs to start pouring to get us soaked enough to arouse KK's sympathy. Few finishing touches and we're outside heading for the clearing where we usually perform our magic. We keep on hiding from human eyes, our spells make us invisible to any passers by, so no golf players that still linger on the course at this late hour know that we're around.

An hour later

A heavy downpour is in full swing. Sheets of rain keep on falling from the heavily overcast sky and the howling wind is piercing our bodies to the bone. Maggie complains.
- Haven't you perhaps exaggerated with the power you put into the ritual? You could wring me dry and I'm freezing. I want my warm cosy bed, - she makes a sad face.
- I wanted to make sure I'd get what I wanted. You know our sisters can be a bit whimsical... - I shrug - You're suffering for a good reason.
- I will really need some kind of internal central heating when I get back to our burrow, - she sighs - Good that I still have some of that Scotch I got from my lover. I'll need it.
At this moment Daisy nudges us.
- Ladies, look out. I recognize his car. It's coming.
Maggie looks at us pointedly.
- Aren't you forgetting something?
- What?
She sighs shaking her head at our absent mindedness.
- If you want to get into his bed tonight he has to see you. You're still invisible...
- How perceptive of you... - Daisy makes a face and removes the spell that makes us unnoticeable to the humans, but only off the two of us. Maggie stays hidden. The car at this very moment is very near as and the driver must have just noticed us as the brakes screech as the Range Rover splashes into a puddle getting us even more wet than we were. It stops after a few metres and reverses back to us. The door opens and a very embarrassed and worried Ken looks out.
- I'm so sorry, girls. I almost didn't notice you. You've popped out of nowhere... I could have run you over... Are you all right? - he keeps on excusing himself but at the same time his eyes keep on noticing things. These clothes we have now could suffice well at Miss Wet T-shirt Contest, all the interesting details are clearly noticeable.
- We're fine... Just a bit wetter than we were, but fine - Daisy replies to him slightly accenting the word wetter, which obviously could be a bit ambiguous...
- I'm so sorry, girls. You must be freezing like this. What has happened? Why are you alone here at this hour? - he asks completely misunderstanding the word wetter... Even though we're soaked on the outside, our inside starts to resemble an oven. And he's the reason.
- Our car has broken down not far away from here and we decided to walk to get some help to repair it. Our cell phones have died either and that's why we couldn't call for the assistance - I start explaining while Daisy begins to spin her spells that are to diminish his inquisitiveness... We don't want him to go and investigate what has happened to our car.
- But it started to rain before we got anywhere - Daisy continues - and now we're completely and utterly wet.
Again she stresses the word wet, but he still understands it the other way than we'd want to, looks like some spells are necessary. I twitch my fingers casting some unspoken suggestions until he finally words what we want to hear.
- Would you like me girls to get you to someplace warm where you can get dried?
- It would be really nice of you, thank you - I reply gratefully.
- Hop in, ladies.

At last we're comfortably seated in his car which is by now very warm and cosy. At least we're not so cold anymore... We really must have exaggerated with our zeal in the ritual. His eyes keep on glancing at us in the rear mirror.
- What are your names, girls? I'm Ken.
- I'm Daisy and she's Violet - my friend answers.
- Pleasure to meet you, girls. Though the circumstances could be nicer - he smiles.
- You mean you would have stopped to help us even if it wasn't raining? - I ask a bit piqued.
- Well, girls. What you are wearing draws attention... I'd say it's even a bit dangerous for you to walk around dressed this way so late in the evening. Not to mention that it's got a bit too cold to wear these skimpy things anymore...

Finally he's getting closer to the subject that is of our interest but I want to proceed carefully and not rush things. Not until we're in his bedroom, so I answer.
- We're normally quite resistant to cold and I didn't expect such heavy rain.
I see Daisy's fingers are twitching again, she must be casting some more spells when he keeps on talking.
- The weather is one thing, but such an empty area so late at night is not a safe place for two beautiful girls - he sounds concerned - what if I was a sexual pervert and wanted to rape you?

Hearing this we can only smile widely, then smirk. When he notices, an expression of complete disbelief appears on his face. Seeing his reaction we can't help but start laughing. We just can't stop and continue giggling while he keeps on driving until he parks the car in his garage. Only then we manage to calm down a bit.
- If you wanted to rape us, Ken, you'd be welcome. So it wouldn't be a rape.
- This much I have gathered - he has already got over his stunned spell and now he's smiling mischievously looking back at us. Then he gets out of the car and opens the door for us.
- Welcome to my home, ladies.
We get out as well and Daisy smiles.
- It's really nice of you to have brought us here. So where is this dry place where we can get warm? In your bedroom?
She doesn't waste anymore time, just gets close to him and starts caressing his chest, then licks his ear while I do the same on the other side.
- If it's really what you want, I'd be more than happy to be an obliging host.
I feel his arm sliding around me, kneading my butt, making me burn and moan with need. He must be doing the same to Daisy as she gasps as well. His fingers slither under my short dress, then under my panties. My pussy is already very wet and hot. He remarks.
- It looks like you're really ready for some hot action.
At the same time Daisy moans loud and starts to run her hands all over his body frantically to settle over his zipper. I use the time to undo his jacket.
- We want you, Ken - I moan removing his leather jacket off him, trying now to unbutton his shirt.
- Babies, let's get to my bedroom. We'll be more comfortable and warmer there. And I have some things there for such horny chicks as you - he smiles suggestively.

He's right and our pussies stir in excitement when we picture all the naughty possibilities our imagination tells us he's capable of. Hot and ardent we let him lead us out and follow him upstairs dropping our garments on the way so when we get to his bedroom the only clothes we are still wearing are our bras and panties. These also fly to the floor and now we just pounce on him, toppling him on to bed, starting to undress him so that we can put our hands and mouths on his delicious naked skin.

- Hey, hey - he chuckles and muses something in low voice charged with a seductive tone - girls, it seems that you are not concerned about your car any more...
His eyes are bright as we look at them with passion, we want to let him see how much we have desired him for all these years, years that were like days for us, prowling around his house and person, playing funny pranks and letting him know that we were his friend, even when he did not know us at all... We have listened to women moan and sigh in his bedroom during these years and now our dreams have come true: we are the protagonists of a lustful adventure in his bed, ready to give the hottest treatment to his dear person. Ken is resting over a pile of cushions and pillows, with his legs spread as we rapidly free him of all his garments, leaving only that brief piece of cloth that humans like to call underwear (for us it is perfectly useless). The underwear only hides his hard erection as we look at it with a greedy appetite.

My fingers draw capricious figures over his belly, picking now and them the border of his briefs as Daisy rests her head over his chest. His hands are not lazy: he begins to caress our hair and slide down his fingers over our necks, sending chills to our backs. Our hearts beat fast and our pussies are wet and pulsing. His hands are trailing our bodies and searching for our warm, drenched slits. He finds them ready and appealing, our bodies’ functions are similar to the human women’s, the only difference is that we don´t get old and can travel in space and time when we wish.

Ken is unaware of all that, he only wants to give us a good shag. Surely, he is surprised by our enthusiasm, and we are pleased seeing that we were right about his vitality, his seductive and wonderful male power. He stops touching our bodies, lifts our chins and bends down to offer us his delicious lips. We try to kiss him at the same time and that result in a funny inconvenience. We giggle again, and Ken proceeds to kiss me sweetly first, letting the fire build up step by step while I hear Daisy making noises, I think she’s using her lips and tongue licking and sucking his neck and ear.
The taste of Ken’s kisses is incomparable. I have kissed male and female fairies, because we fairies don’t have the same morals as humans, and even when their breath is fresher and their tongues are sweeter, Ken surpasses all with his fleshy, lusty tongue. He uses it to play the randiest games with mine and then switches to satisfy Daisy, who is already moaning in direct need while she holds her hand over his dick and bites his ear.

I reach for KK’s blond locks, playing tricks with them and biting his neck, while my other hand is helping Daisy to take the undies off him, and at the same time, stroking his hard dick. Our fingers lace to hold his cock and he keeps on kissing Daisy, pinching her nipples and pulling her hair back. I apply myself to lick his back and waist, biting him now and then. Oh, how sweet his human body seems to us. I think that before the night ends we will use our spells to kidnap him for a few day to enjoy him full time but I don´t know if Maggie and the other friendly fairies from the neighbourhood would agree with that.

We bring the hottest sounds out of KK, he is groaning and grunting as Daisy is slowly bowing down to engulf his dick into her mouth and take him to the skies. Meanwhile I am exploring his armpits, waist and crack, then he takes me into his arms and begins to kiss wildly. I know what he wants while he softly pushes me down to his crotch but before I lick his candy I want to taste his hard nipples ...and they are so amazingly delicious. I suck and lick eagerly, making him moan languidly as I feel his hand pinch my nipples, then he guides me to his dick, and he manages to take it out of Daisy’s gluttonous mouth and offer it to me.

I am so excited and anxious to start licking a human dick, especially if it’s Ken’s, that suddenly I feel my pussy contracting crazily when I land my tongue over the staff. Ken grunts and his fingers sink into my pussy, reinforcing my almost instantaneous orgasm. I move my hips crazily, grinding Ken’s fingers with my inner walls, enjoying the moment that I was waiting for so long and which has surprised me so unexpectedly. His fingers go in and out of my pussy, making me moan and whimper while I try to keep the pace of licking his shaft. Daisy is helping me, pinching my nipples and sharing kisses while we blow Ken. I can see though how excited she is, her hips keep on rocking from side to side as she impatiently presses her thighs together trying to get some pleasure for herself. Finally she can’t resist anymore and just climbs Ken placing herself in a 69 over him continuing to share the cock with me. Soon a rapt expression blossoms on her face, she sighs.
- Merlin’s cock... Ken... Oh, yes! Just like this! Don’t stop...
Then gasps in rapture as his hands and tongue start to bring her to the top. After a few minutes she can barely contain her squeals, absolute ecstasy showing on her face. She tries to blow him together with me but I see there are moments when her pleasure is just so overwhelming that she collapses weak and trembling over his body. I can her moans mixing with the sounds from Ken’s side, he’s purring and grunting satisfied at the licks he’s receiving from me, once in a while spanking Daisy’s ass. After several more of these she shudders violently whimpering loud his name.
Ken slaps her ass again and remarks.
- So, you’re a squirter, Daisy... Good to know...
Daisy just continues squealing still breathing fast. I hear he slaps her again and she gasps.
- Swap now babies. I want to eat out Violet now.

I enthusiastically oblige while Daisy is slowly scrambling off his face, her legs are still trembling a bit and when I see it my legs become slightly weak too. I’ve never seen her like this... Could he really have got her into such a state and could he do the same with me? I’m impatient to find out, Daisy is crawling to take her place on duty next to his cock, licking and sucking him with exceptionally tender expression on her face while I straddle his face, and allow his tongue and fingers to investigate my wet and burning insides.

I moan loud after the first contact his tongue makes with my clit, the pleasure pierces my body making me gasp as he continues trailing circles over my sensitive and swollen pearl of pleasure. After the first several licks he gets inventive and starts darting his tongue into my slit. He makes me tremble in sheer delight. Now I know what Daisy must have been feeling... And it’s only getting more profound and penetrating the longer he performs this way. His fingers now begin to slide into my vagina and asshole, while his tongue keeps on massaging my clit. I squeal and rock my hips. Nobody else has ever licked and fingered me like this, none of the fairies, male or female. I just can’t contain the pleasure that I feel. I and Daisy watched him so often when he played in his studio, watched his fingers dancing on the strings bringing out most piercing sounds from the instrument, I feel the same now, I feel as if I was one of his guitars. I’m weeping in ecstasy as his Flying V, only louder, even louder than Daisy before me, though she starts competing with me again. She couldn’t stand the tension for too long and just has decided to straddle his lap and ride him. Now we’re both facing each other, our eyes and faces mirroring our joy and pleasure that we’re receiving from him, sighing, moaning, caressing out own bodies until we reach for each other.

We have spent too much time waiting for this moment, we should have made this long ago, and perhaps be his current sporadic lovers now, but it does not matter now: KK´s tongue is compensating for all the lost time and his fingers are so wonderful that my body shakes, making my knees fail and my mind blow. Daisy and me are exchanging wet kisses, licking and kneading our boobs now and then, getting so excited that our feminine scent invades the cool air of the room. I cradle Daisy’s boobs in my hands, warm and erected and proceed to suck them slowly, making her moan aloud while she pulls my hair out and rubs her fingers now and then over my clit. My tongue plays around the pink nipples and I pinch them to get harder, while I bend down to lick the portion of KK’s dick that is available and Daisy wet clit. Her voice craving for KK soars while he and me make her sweat in a rapture of pleasure. I feel so delighted that I suck and lick in ecstasy while KK’s fingers move rhythmically in and out of my drenched slit. I exclaim his name aloud when my orgasm hits me like a storm, squirting sweet juice in his face and resting my face over Daisy firm boobs. She is cuddling me while I go higher and higher, almost breathless.

I hear KK’s voice at my back purring sweetly some words I don´t hear clearly. Daisy keeps stroking my body while she get higher and higher riding KK crazily.
- Show him your ass - I whisper in low voice into her ear - He will love the sight.
She bruises her lips with mine and then takes the new position.
I hold her boobs from behind, then I move my body to one side so KK can catch a good panoramic vision of her round firm gluts bobbing up and down. Her buttocks gleam with her own cum and they look perfect while the his dick inserts itself in the middle of her wet slit shining with a wet cover of pussy juices. I cannot stand it no longer and lick his hard cock and her fanny, making my two lovers moan and groan. I hold her buttocks wide open, letting KK see the pink pulsing hole in between, and I apply my tongue stiff on her back door, emulating a dick. He grunts and thrusts enthusiastically while she moves in circular ways, writhing her body rhythmically in a state of ecstasy. After a while I think it’s time to taste his dick again and grab it. Daisy gets my idea and lets me take it out of her. I suck it greedily, almost like a glutton, and lick it all up and down, including his nuts. He sighs: “Oh, God!”

Daisy is also ardent to get his cock again, she opens her buttocks moving her ass wantonly, showing her wet, slippery ass hole to KK. He sighs again.
- What a pretty round ass. Come closer here, baby.
And reaches for her crack darting his fingers inside. Daisy moans feeling him slide in and out, she arches her back, opening her ass cheeks even wider, inviting him to go in deeper in her lust. She whimpers.
- Yes, Ken, yes...
He croons.
- Your ass is so tight, baby....
He adds one more finger into her back door making her squeal. But she wants more, more than his fingers however nimble they are. She soon reaches with her hand to grab his cock from me. She wants it inside her I help her impale herself on his stiff shaft. She lowers her hips slowly, allowing it to go in smoothly, her bum greedily engulfs it all and I can only watch, almost in jealousy as she begins to ride him again. But he reaches for me and I get his fingers to suck. They taste of her and of myself, the flavour and scent makes me crazy, I almost swallow them in my greed to get more. He chuckles between his ecstatic groans.
- Baby, you’ll get it too. Patience.
Then grunts exceptionally loud.
- Oh, yes, baby. Just like this.

My girlfriend is now riding him vigorously, moving her hips in a circular way, making a lot of noise. He slaps her bum, then does it again and tries to sit up but I won’t let him. I’m already fawning all over his chest, licking and biting his nipples, working my way up, to his neck and ears, then just start kissing him. I can’t contain my squeals between kisses, this tongue of his is just fantastic. I let him dart inside my mouth, exchanging playful licks with mine, squeezing his tongue tightly, promising him the same sensations when starts screwing my pussy and ass. I hear his purrs and groans, Daisy’s moans are also contributing to my excitement, I feel my pussy is now so wet that it’s trickling its juices outside. His kisses are getting me more dazed, each flick of his tongue inside my mouth makes the fire inside me stronger and brighter, makes me burn with need that it almost hurts. I squeal and rock my hips trying to get them closer to him, to climb his lap and ride him too. I just want... But his dick is still occupied...

To my big relief his finger slides inside my pussy and tries to quench the fire inside me, but in vain. I moan.
- Fuck me, Ken, fuck me, I want you. Fuck me, please.
- You have a swamp down there, baby - he comments, then adds - I can see what you really need.
He slaps Daisy’s ass firmly.
- Babies, time to swap. I want to fuck Violet now.
Daisy’s not really willing to get off his cock but she finally scrambles off him. However before I pounce on him to take her place he sits up announcing.
- Doggie, babies.

I feel so soft now, I think I would let him do anything with me. I hasten to position myself on my fours and stick out my bum at him. He kneels behind me then I feel his hands kneading my ass cheeks. I moan and rock my hips.
- Fuck me, Ken. Fuck me now.
He slowly rubs the tip of his cock against my pussy and I almost swoon in delight, I want, want, want. it almost makes me see stars. He slaps my ass now and asks.
- Pussy or ass, baby?
I crave for his dick and, after seeing such a display of art in ass-fucking, I want his hard cock in my ass.
- Say it, baby - Ken demands while tickling my ass with his fingertips - say it again.
And I do:
- Please, do it, go inside my back door! - I almost scream and hear him chuckling.
- Oh, you’re begging for it now - he makes a pause, rubbing his fingers inside me while I give a short squeal and my heart jolt - you shall get it.

I close my eyes to enjoy this moment: the cute human creature is making his way inside my tight ass and it feels so smooth, so soft, so ecstatically penetrating that I cannot refrain myself from screaming and howling. As he opens my cheeks wide while moving slowly in my insides as I feel that Daisy slides under me, she crawls on until we’re in the 69 position.
- Girls, you are really naughty. Has anyone told you this before?
His voice sounds impish and silky, but his agitated breathing reveals how much excited he is. I can feel him pumping inside me, my asshole envelopes him tightly, just like a glove, a very well lubricated glove. His dick slides in and out in a relentless motion while he keeps on grunting expressing the pleasure he feels. His hands slap my ass once in a while while I demand more, I want harder, deeper, stronger. He groans in passion and changes the hole of attack. Now he’s screwing my pussy and I yell loud in pleasure, I’m almost incapable of doing anything else, Daisy’s pussy is in front of my nose, but I feel so dazed, so weak, that I can just lean against her groin and inhale her scent. It excites me even more together with her tongue dancing over my clit. She’s doing her best to get me off, to add to my ecstasy. She’s co-operating really well with Ken, she must be sucking him once every few minutes as well as I hear him cooing sweet words to her, asking how she likes the taste of my pussy and ass. But he always comes back to my holes, alternating between them, fucking my vagina and bum in turns, bringing me to a complete meltdown. No other man, fairy or not, has ever delivered such pleasure to me, I feel my body trembling, the tension building up in me till all of it gets unleashed in an explosive manner. My pussy and ass start contracting with force, trying to swallow his cock, to eat it all up, to make him mine. All mine. I shake and shiver, moaning and whimpering noisily, barely able to to maintain my position as orgasmic waves sweep over my body sending my senses reeling. My legs finally give in and I collapse weak and helpless on Daisy’s body.
A few more thrusts inside me and the dick gets out. I hear Ken croon.
- Yes, you like to taste your girlfriend off a man’s cock, don’t you?

Daisy only mewls unintelligibly, she must be blowing him in the earnest. I notice her hand tries to reach for her own pussy to masturbate herself, I add a few more licks there then try to scramble of her. I want to lick and suck him, to feel myself on his skin before my fellow fairy devours all by herself. My legs barely support me when I try to crawl to his hips, this fucking he has just given me was really outstanding. I know I want more, now I know why Daisy didn’t really want to get off his dick. She’s really greedy now, engulfing it all in her mouth, sucking ravenously, not letting it go until he groans and shudders. I know he’s coming, I want to taste him too so I try to reach them before all is over but Daisy manages to swallow almost everything. I pout disappointedly.
- You’ve eaten it all. I wanted it too.
Daisy licks her lips and I decide to French kiss her. To taste Ken off her lips and tongue. And I discover he’s delicious, I want more of him, I want to feel his taste inside my lips and get more and more frantic in kissing Daisy trying to devour her tongue until Ken’s hand combs my hair and I hear his voice.
- Whoa! Whoa! Girls, this is really hot! You’re naughty indeed.

His arms circle ours now as we lie down at his side. Daisy rests her head over his right shoulder while I lean mine over his chest. I hear his heart beating as his hands play with our hair and occasionally pat our asses. His breathing is slowly getting back to normal after the explosion he had.
- Where are you from? I mean from what city?
After making this question, he adds:
- I would be a bad host if I invited you to my home and forgot to ask you if you want to eat something or maybe have a drink. And you are so pretty - he holds Daisy ‘s chin and looks at her eyes, then does the same to me - But you … errr… your eyes are blue... no... they´re yellowish? Oh God... with a hint of green.
He looks at us in turns with a stunned face. It makes us giggle aloud and then his face changes again, showing even more surprise.
- Oh, shit! - he exclaims while his eyes scan closely our faces and a hint of incredulous suspicion arises in his voice - I´d swear that I heard this kind of giggles before... and during many years... at night and day...
He’s confused but we realise that he is at the verge of discovering who we are when he adds:
- Who are you, beautiful ladies?

We exchange impish looks while communicating with each other with our minds, my friend and me decide to reveal some of the truth about us.
- Us? - Daisy says rising her lovely eyebrows - We are just lost girls in problems.
- Rescued by a gentleman - I complete the phrase smiling and sliding my hand over his chest.
- But... - says Daisy - We are special girls, girls from another, let us say, land...
- What land? - asks KK softened by our playful hands - A far away land?
- Oh, a land where things that are not possible in yours occur - I comment.
- Things like..? - he is curious and eager to know.
- Well, for example men can make girls go higher and higher during hours, without feeling tired or weak...
- Or even bored - adds Daisy.
- That would be a magical kingdom indeed - KK’s smile is bright, he might have already guessed what we have just suggested.
- Yes, it is and we can bring this magic to any place on Earth where we are.
- Oh... oh... - Ken grins raising his eyebrows impishly and looking each of us in the eyes - I begin to believe you. It sounds really interesting.
He pauses then resumes talking.
- Now your eyes are brown Daisy...
Then he looks at me and chuckles.
- And yours, Violet, seem grey... I’m starting to be really curious. Could you show me some more of your magic tricks?
Daisy giggles making him open his eyes in recognition and puts her hand into his hair, she then removes a golf ball from between his locks.
- Haven’t you been looking for one of these? - She tilts her head impishly.
- You... - he starts - was it you who was hiding them?

We both giggle making him gaze at us in amazement. Then it looks like he’s combing his memory for something he almost forgot.
- Was it you that I heard here after I moved in? All these strange noises?
We return the gaze smiling mischievously and he sighs.
- You imps! I made an idiot of myself in front of cops that night.
- Not imps, fairies. - Daisy corrects him while fawning to his arm.
- How can we make it up to you, Ken? - I croon licking his nipple. Daisy stirs at his side as well and goes for his neck, in moment her tongue begins dancing on his skin again. She raises her head for a moment and suggests with a mischievous smile on her face.
- How about compensating you in sex magic?
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