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I Found You...

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William finds Hilary's year book information. He finds out shes going to La Plata High School.. Hilary finds a note in her car she thinks its Linzi Owens... is she right?

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Ch. 1
"I Found You..."

A computer screen lit up the room dimly. A human figure sat in the chair and the sound of a clicking of the mouse filled the quiet room

On the computer, information popped up

Hilary Ann Sangwin, age 18, La Plata High School,

Computer- A-
Health- A+
Math- A+
Physical Science- B+
English- A
Study Hall/P.E.- A
Study Hall- A
World History- B-

Volley Ball
Cross Country

Swing Chorus



"I found you Hilary Sangwin..."

Hilary jumped up and started screaming, "Go team go!"

A girl in the volley ball game jumped up and spiked the ball

The other team member missed it

The crowd started going crazy

Hilary smiled and looked up at the board

Home- 32-Visitor-20

Hilary smiled and threw up her hands and started screaming, and then she looked over, "Ok cheerleaders! Ready! 1...2...3... Hit it!"

They started cheering, "B...E...A...T, accept defeat, yeah we got you beat... B...E...A...T, accept defeat, yeah we got you beat!"
In the locker room Hilary slipped on her shirt and smiled at Vanessa, "Not to bad huh?"

Vanessa smiled, "Yeah really! We creamed them!"

Hilary laughed, she had long blonde hair tied back in a ponytail, brown eyes. She was short but taller than Vanessa and was skinny, something a boy would die for. She had an attitude not to be messed with but was really sweet on good days. Her best friend is Vanessa, she is single, still looking. In six month's she graduates.

Hilary got into her car waving to Vanessa. She started the car and put her coat in the back and blinked

A card was lying on the passengers side seat

She reached over and grabbed the card and opened it. She blinked looking at the card

"I found you..."

The words were in blood red words on the inside

"What the hell? I found you? What ever!" She said and crumpled it up and shook her head thinking, "God! Linzi again!" She tossed the paper out the window. She almost put the car in reverse but stopped and got up and picked up the card, "I'm going to have to talk with her about this fucking sick joke! It scared me for a second!" She got back in the car and took off

A person walked around the tree by the parking spot and smiled and started walking down the sidewalk

At school the next day

Hilary walked up to Linzi with Vanessa, "You trying to fucking creep me out bitch?" Hilary said

Linzi blinked and looked around, "What?" She asked glaring at her

Hilary held out the card, "What the fuck is this?" She said shaking it

Linzi looked at her then the card and grabbed it and opened it. She read it then looked up at Hilary, "I found you? I didn't do this dumb shit!" She said and tossed it at Hilary

Hilary shook her head, "Stop trying to bug me!" She said and pushed her back

Linzi shoved Hilary, "Don't touch me you little whore!" She screamed

Hilary put her arms out, "Stop me." She said and shoved her back with one hand

Linzi grabbed Hilary and shoved her down and both started out in a fistfight rolling on the floor

Vanessa grabbed Hilary and pulled her off Linzi, another girl grabbed Linzi

Hilary tugged at Vanessa, "Let me go!" She yelled then pulled again, "God damn it let me the fuck go!"

Vanessa let her go

Hilary took the palm of her hand and whipped blood from her mouth. She pointed at Linzi, "You better stop it Linzi!" She turned and started walking down the hall with Vanessa jogging after her

Linzi looked around, "I didn't do anything!" She said and started walking the opposite way

Around the corner the figure of a person stood, it turned and started walking

Hilary looked at Vanessa, "Do you think she did that to creep me out? Of what?" She asked

Vanessa blinked, "Uh..."

"Exactly! She's such a bitch..."

"But what if she didn't do it?"

Hilary looked at her, "Please! Vanessa!" She said and looked forward

Vanessa sighed and looked down at her feet

Later that day

The school end bell rang

Hilary was sitting in Math, her lip and her whole face hurting

The whole class stood up and started walking out

Hilary stood up after everyone in her row and started out the door. She got to her locker and opened it

Flower fell out

Hilary screamed and covered her mouth

"Like em? They're roses. Red, white, and pink."

"Who the fuck do you think you..." She said turning around and blinked turning red when she saw who it was

Joel Madden stood there smiling at her, "It's a gift... for you..."

Joel was a boy who was something to drool over. He had a sweet smile and hot brown eyes to go with it, dark brown hair to. His hair was short but he liked to grow it out and put it into a flat Mohawk. He was a younger twin brother to Benjamin Madden. He was younger by two minutes. But Joel was the sweetest out of the two, Benji was nice but more stuck up in a funny way. If Joel gave you his cute look her would look like puss-in-boots from Shrek 2. Him and his brother have a punk thing going on but Joel isn't nearly as weird as his brother, Joel has a few tattoos but were all religious.

Joel laughed and walked up, "So?" He asked

Hilary still dazed turned to look at her locker, she had a crush on him sense kindergarten!

"You like them?"

"What?" She snapped out of it and looked at him

"You like em?"

She smiled gladly, "Yes..." She said

He smiled, "Then I don't think you would mind... going out with me?" He asked

Hilary's heart sunk down to her feet and her legs turned to jelly, "Wha... What?" She asked

He laughed some then looked to the side and grabbed her hand then looked at her, "Will you go out with me?" He asked again

She smiled and tightened her grip on his hand, "Yes I will Joel Ryan Ruben Madden!" She said hugging him

Joel blinked then smiled and hugged her, "That's great!" He took a few seconds to think of something but then said, "I love you..."

She blinked opening her eyes then she tightened her grip around him, "I love you to!"
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