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Skylines and Turnstiles

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Not sure how to explain, its a collaboration between KilljoyLover

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"One day your life wil flash before your eyes, make sure it's worth watching"
This day I will never forget
Bodies falling from the buildings people screaming and crying, people looking like they were attacked by a monsterous murder. I was lucky I made it out others not so lucky as they are trapped inside the burning buildings probably praying that they survive this horrendous attack, as loads of fire trucks and ambulances arrive I stand below on the sidewalk staring at the buildings before as some people make it out. Some shaking with horror and minor injuries some with major injuries as they cry and scream, tears form in my eyes as I watch in horror as the buildings begin to fall and disappear into nothing. More screams are let out as they hit the ground.
I imagine the pain and horror their families must be in as they watch the news from home probably panicking, a medical assistance pulls me away and puts me on a gurney and rolls me away. The images are flashing in my mind, they will haunting me every second of my life.
They will haunt me in a beautiful disturbing way
From this day on I want to do something with my life, I want to be known as someone when I die.
I want to make music.

1 week later

Can we really do this? I looked at the 4 people standing in front of me, talking. I had called ray first. We had gone to school together for a while and he was a guitar god. From there we had mikey, my little brother, and pedicone, who played drums. We just needed a guitarist. But that wasn't why we were here. We needed a name. Everyone was quiet for a while till mikey spoke.
"My Chemical Romance?" he asked, looking shy. "I found a book while at work called 'the tales of a chemical romance, and I thought 'put a 'my' in front of it and it would be a killer band name."
We all just lookedt at each other for a minute then I smiled. "That's perfect!" I looked around. "what do you guys think?"
"I think we have a name!" exclaimed Ray, his Fro bouncing in his excitement.

If you guys like it, we will add another chapter, so i need comments to know if we should continue or let it die!!!
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