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Forbidden Love

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Inspired by tmbfucks. A one-shot on forbidden love.

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Noah rode his bike through the street, enjoying the scent of fresh baked loaves of bread. He raced home, hoping he was just on time to watch his favorite show. He peddled as fast as he could, but stopped abruptly when he saw that the path he always took home was under construction. He facepalmed, panting. He knew he would have to take the other way home. And he knew that she would be there. He had no choice to take the other way home, where he would see her. He adjusted his kippah and turned around on his bike. He peddled back to the bakery, where he then took a left, down the road he had vowed to never take, unless he absolutely had to.

He knew that is he took that road, he would be tempted to go to her. Noah knew that he wasn't mentally strong when it came to her, and he would give into temptation. As he peddled down the street, he knew he was getting closer to her.

"Stay strong, Noah." his head told him, but he knew that that train of thought would not last very long.

He could smell her cheap perfume. He knew that she would be there, and that she would be standing where she always stood, looking ever so innocent.

He soon saw her, standing there. Noah knew she would be there. He was suddenly afraid, as he realized that he had stopped peddling. As always, her sign said "FRESHLY BAKED PORK PIES". All of a sudden, her blue eyes locked onto his brown eyes. He realized that he had gotten off of his bike, and was walking towards her.

"Noah!" she exclaimed "Back for more pie?"

You cruel bitch Noah thought, as he approached her.

"Yeah." Noah said, wanting to cry.

"You're Jewish, right?" she asked, fishing out a freshly baked pork pie from the oven.

"Yeah." he said.

"Aren't Jewish people forbidden from eating pork, or something?" she asked.

"No." he answered.

Yes they are, you dumb whore. he thought.

"Oh, well, okay. That'll be $1.75" she said, handing over the small box, which contained the mini pork pie.

He fished out the money from his pocket, handing it over to the girl. He then got on his bicycle, and began to peddle away.

"Bye, Noah! See you tomorrow!" she called out.

Bye, you smug slut Noah said.

Noah soon saw the park bench that he would always sit on to eat his pie, and got off of his bicycle. As he took the pie out of it's box and sat down, his mouth watered. He placed a piece of the pie into his mouth.

"This is wrong." Noah stated, going in for another bite of pie.

"It's against my religion." Noah said, savoring the pie.

He continued to eat the pie, until nothing was left. He threw the box into the garbage, as tears fell onto his cheeks.

"I can't keep on doing this" he cried, getting onto his bicycle.

Whenever he ate pork pie, his mind told him to stop, his heart urged him to go on.

Noah rode away, vowing to never eat pork pie ever again, knowing deep down inside that tomorrow, he would see her again, and hand over that money for a cheap thrill.

And no one could ever find out.
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