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32. Harry's Dilema

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T'sup guys... I know I said I was going to post twice but uhh.... I was busy yesterday. I found the time today to post so here you go :') sorry for any mistakes. I literally just skimmed through it 
@BrutalCrayon I feel do bad, I was thinking about you on Friday and I was like, "damn! I can't post!" so I'm basically posting because of you :3 aww I know, you're welcome. Anyway, thank you and it's okay, as long as you review lol. 
I can't for you and everyone else to read following chapters ;)

Harry's POV
What is that awful smell? my parents walk in my room. I freeze to death as her mouth opens wide and and my dad covers his mouth. I look back at Edith, he lays beneath me. My parents walked in on us having sex and I blush red and loose the nice sensation I was feeling. I look back at my parents but they're not my parents anymore. It's Gerard standing before my eyes.
I fucked her first 
He says and I jump out of bed tackling him.
"ouch.." I say out loud. I open my eyes and find my room to be messy and smelly and I'm on the ground. I must have fallen out of bed just now. 
"ugh.. What is that smell?" I say again, just like I heard in my dream. I smell myself and realize the horrible smell is coming from me. I smell awfully of vodka and lemon. It's disgusting. I get up from the ground and instantly feel dizzy and my head feels ten pounds heavier. I stumble over to the restroom and look at myself in the mirror remembering last night's events. 
After Edith left, I couldn't control myself and threw a rampage all over the house. I even threw around her stuff. Her cloths that she left here are all scattered around. I then went to the video store.. After I had drank half bottle of vodka. I rememeber walking in as calmly as possible. I walked over to the cash register and banged the ringer hard. I heard footsteps but someone else came out. I asked for Gerard but this other guy said he was out that day. I left angry. I was ready to strangle the life out of him. I left and went to buy more alcohol and for the rest of the day, I drained myself in poison.
And now I regret it.
My hair is a complete mess, my eyes are bloodshot red, my cheeks are red and puffy, it looks like someone punched my lip, my muscle shirt smells like shit and I look like shit all over. 
And I throw up all over my sink.


"Harold, where are you?!" Kate speaks to me angrily through the phone.
"overslept." I hang up. I could barely stand my head ache. I don't even want to hear what nonsense she has to tell me. Fuck my job right now. I don't even want to walk in and find that lying whore in there..
"Harry.." Lydia says taking a glimpse of me.
"yeah, yeah." I pass by and go through another door. 
"you look awful." she calls but I Ignore.
When I walk in during the session, everyone stares at me worriedly. 
"it's about time.." someone calls. I'm not sure who it is and I'm not planning to find out who has a loud mouth.
"session ended.." Kate says passing next to me. She pushed my shoulder which hurts my neck and makes my head throb more.
"sorry dancers.. Had a bad night last night. Dismissed.. I guess." I call and walk over to my computer. Everyone exits the room but Kate. She walks over to me with her dance bag in hand.
"thanks for taking over. You're the best." I say with a pint of sarcasm. 
"you're welcome. Anyway, Edith called in sick so she wasn't here today. Just thought you should know." she taps my shoulder and leaves. I look up at myself in the mirror in front of me and shake the bad thoughts out of my head. 
Did she really call in sick? I question myself. Of course not.. She just doesn't want to see me. Fine, I don't want to see her either..

So now that I have nothing to do and I am starving, I think I'll just head out and take a bite somewhere in NYC.
"sir.. Sir.."
"oh, I'm sorry?"
"what would you like to order?"
"oh... Uhh.. Just a deluxe sandwhich with a coke."
"that's all?"
"okay.. I'll be right back." 
I nod as my waiter leaves. I hadn't realized he was talking to me because I was too busy thinking of what to do.
Seriously, I have no idea. I have to get my head straight. My heart says to take Edith back but my mind says she's a lying whore.
I really really like her. I don't want to lose her. But I also don't want to be cheated on again. Who knows if I could still trust her if she said she still loves Gerard. That bastard. I thought he was just some normal guy. Then it was interesting when she said they were friend's and it was shocking when she said he was her ex. It was heartbreaking to hear she still loves him. 
And what if right now, I'm wasting my time thinking of her when she might be in the hands of that bastard. Oh god, I really am not taking her back.
"here you go sir." my waiter comes back and hands me the sandwich. 
"thank you." I say and he leaves once again.
I start to eat and space out. I observe a couple right across the street waiting for the bus. They hug and kiss and hold hands. 
Then I realized I really can't leave Edith. I love her. 
I know what to do.. I'm going to get advice from my really good friend Khali.
"bill please!" I yell impatiently.

I drive over to Khali desperately and knock on the door. Surprisingly, he answers.
"ahh! Harry! Come on in!" he greets me with his Pakistan accent. 
"I really need your help!" I sit down rather jittery.
"okay, carry on."
"it's about Edith.."
"oh.." he shakes his head, "what happened now?" 
"Edith and I broke up." I finally say with tears in my eyes.
"oh I'm so sorry Harry.."
"I broke up with her but it's her fault! She cheated on me!" 
He gasps, "well, are you sure?"
"yes! She told me herself!" I can't seem to stay still in my seat. I keep rubbing my sweaty palms on my jeans and keep shifting weight.
"we went to a Thanksgiving party and uhh.. Towards the end, she ran out crying and I was asking her friend what was wrong. She said I should hear it from her and her mom told me the same. And so..the next day, she told me she needed to tell me something very important. She told me about her past love. In short, she said they broke up years ago and now they see each other again because they have mutual friends and she realized she still loved him! And vice versa. And a month ago, they had sex behind my back Khali! She cheated!!"
"oh this is really serious, what are you gonna do?"
"I dont know, what do you think I should do?"
"well.. Did she seem sincere?"
"uhh.. I mean.. Yes! She kept repeating sorry and she said she loved me but I didn't care at the moment. I just kicked her out."
"you did what?!"
"I kicked her out. Is that bad?" I chew my nails.
"yes! You're not suppose to do that to a lady. Now who knows if she'll take you back!"
"I'm not taking her back!" I yell.
"are you sure? Is that really what you want?"
"well.. No. I really do like her.. But I can't stand what she did to me.."
"but didn't you do the same?"
"what are you talking about?" I question confusedly.
"remember about a year and a half ago.. With Hailey.."
Then it hits me. I do remember exactly. I also cheated
My relationship with Hailey was a lot different from Edith's but the same, because I lusted over both. But I do love Edith for her own self. 
But you see.. I was a ladies man. I loved to date different kinds of women all the time. When I met Hailey, I thought she was gorgeous. Her beautiful hazel eyes, her amazing curves, her breasts. Oh I remember I loved her breasts. They were perfect..
Anyway, and since I'm such a "hottie" according to Shanelle, I was able to hit a date with Hailey.
I loved that relationship. We were really sexually active. And I'd have to admit, I did like her too.. And a lot. But I'm pretty sure she liked me more than I liked her.
But then after being with her 6 months, I started to get bored.. 
I went into a nightclub one day with a few friends and that's the first time I cheated on her. It was a wild night I really enjoyed that I did again and again.. And again.
But not with strippers, with different women. Dancers, cooks, librarians, teachers, you name it. She never found out. And I thought I was living the life.
Then the most beautiful women crossed over my life. Emily Casablancas. Guest choreographer at our company. She came from a Salsa company. Wow, she was very beautiful and lustful. She had a big ass that you just want to smack.
Her breasts were small but round, her smile was beautiful with that desiring red lips. I couldn't control myself. 
I remember her exact same words. She was a very flirtatious women by the way.
"I can see right through your tights." she said with her Spanish accent and placed her hand on my boner. I sighed and she kissed me. I--of course--didn't reject her because she was perfect.

Problems came in between Hailey and I. She confronted me saying she saw the whole scene. I was shocked at first but didn't care if she broke up with me or not. 
But when I finally heard those words, I felt a pain in my heart. 
I couldn't think straight either. Then I realized I missed her so I tried to get back with her but I thought I was wasting my time. But when she took me back, I was surprised. I felt I didn't deserve her so I broke up with her after a while. I then realized I needed to change because she was really hurt. I ended up being hurt too because I hurt someone special to me that really liked me. I played with her feelings..
"so do you remember?" Khali repeats. 
"yes.." I nod.
"so what does that make you realize.."
"that I should apologize to Hailey and give Edith a chance because they gave me a chance." Khali smiles and sits back on his couch like a king. 
"good." he says and inhales deeply. 
"you're great man." I say and hug him.
"come on, you know me." he laughs. 
"thanks." I smile.
Now I've got other things to do. Hopefully they work.
I run back to the studio and log in in my computer. 
"come on come on.." I repeat.
"aha! Gotcha!" I chant and run back out.
I drive over to 42nd street and Oliver to where Hailey lives. I park outside her home and run to the door. 
I knock on the door hard till she opens. She looks at me confusedly with blush cheeks. 
"Harry.. What are you doing here?"
"uh.. Can I come in?"
"sure.." she hesitates and lets me in. I sit on the couch feeling jittery again and she brings me a cup of water.
"is there something wrong?" she sits across from me.
"okay uhh.. I dont know how to start. I want to tell you that I'm sorry... For what happened between us.."
"Harry.." she sakes her head.
"no listen!" I grab her wrists, "I left without a word. And I know you might have thought I didn't like you anymore but I did.. At that time.. But I left because I felt guilty. I felt I didn't deserve you. And I never did.. You took me back, after all I did. And I want to thank you for that because you helped me realize somethings and for that reason.. I've changed."
"what's your point?" she says desperately.
"that I'm sorry... I really am. And.. I've just been cheated on and because of you.. I realize Edith is sorry. Because I know I was sorry.. I was sincere, just like she was.."
"wait what?"
"yes Edith cheated on me. I can't explain right now. It's too long but.. Please forgive me. I beg you.."
"but Harry.. This happened a long time ago. I completely got over it. I.. I forgot!"
"but just please.. Think about it.." I hug her. She softly places her hands on my back.
"fine.. I forgive you. And I mean it." she repeats with a groggy voice. And in that second hearing those words, I feel a weight lift off my chest and I feel like my debt has been paid.


Frank's POV
Emma and I chill at home watching TV when we get a knock on our door.
"go get it babe." I tell her.
"ugh, lazy-ass." she says and gets off my lap.
I drink my cup of milk and pet Arthus who came to sit next to me. I hear her talk in a low voice with someone outside before she comes back in.
"Gerard is looking for you." she whispers. I look at her and beyond her where I see Gerard standing in front of the door.
"get out." I say getting up.
"dude, I said I was sorry!" he pleads.
"I don't want to hear it." I walk over to him and push him outside the door.
"what the fuck?!" he pushes me back. 
"Frank, calm down." Emma says, "can't you just sit and talk with him? He's been saying he's sorry for the past 24 hours!!" 
"I don't care! He ruined it for me!" 
"Frank come on, he's your best friend." she says in a calm manner and kisses my cheek. 
"please Frank.. I really need to talk to you.." 
"fine.." I give up and walk over to the couch. Arthus gets off the couch and now sits next to Gerard. Gerard sits across from me petting the dog.
"okay look, I'm really sorry. I regret everything! I promise I'll try and drink less."
"sorry won't cut it." I say stubbornly. 
"what can I do Frank?"
"I dont know.. But.. Fine, I forgive you but you know.. You really have to tell Edith sorry. You hurt her feelings badly."
"I know and that's what I came to talk to you about too. I did tell her sorry but I don't think I can forgive myself."
"well, I understand Gee. Sometimes we say things we shouldn't."
"and do sinful things we shouldn't."
"never mind that, anyway.. I dont know.. I feel bad.."
"it's okay Gee.." I smile sweetly.
"but.. Okay fine. I guess I'm fine.." 
"alright so.. How are you? Are you and Vicky okay? I know she was really pissed off at you." I chuckle.
"yeah I know. We're fine. We had a talk the following morning."
"that's good but dude, I dont know if you remember but, She was raging with anger." I laugh.
"I know.." he giggles.
"that was pretty fucked up what you did. Even Ms. Lynn was mad."
"are you serious?! Fuck.. I really fucked up."
"it's okay. She knows you were drunk. You know how she is, she's really chill about things."
"yeah, okay well I guess I'll be heading out. That's all I wanted to say. It's really late too."
"alright man."
"bye. Have a goodnight Emma." he says as he steps out. He closes the door and Emma walks over to me.
"how are you feeling?" she says stroking my hair as she sits on the arm of the couch.
"stressed. I'm really worried for Edith. I haven't heard of her since she left that Thanksgiving night."
"I tried calling but she doesn't pick up her phone."
"I know.. It's always the stupid voice machine answering. God it's annoying." 
She laughs and walks over to the room. I follow her trail and sit on the bed kicking off my shoes.
"Emma?" I call nervously.
"yeah?" she comes around the bed and lays down.
"do you love me?" I ask her nonchalantly.
"of course baby, why would you ask?"
"I dont know.." I crawl in bed next to her turning the night lamp off.
"when will we ever.. You know.." I giggle like a little boy who's talking to his crush. I tickle her tummy and she giggles like a girl fangirling.
"hmm... I dont know how to answers that.." she responds. 
"but I just want you to know that I love you and if there's any insecurities, I don't care okay?"
"okay Frankie. And um.. There's something I've been wanting to tell you.. Now that you brought up."
"what is it?" I ask getting worried. 
"I dont know how to explain but all I'll say is that I'll tell you soon. I'm just not ready."
"it's okay MJ, tell me when you want to okay?"
"sure will. I love you Frank."
"I love you to Emma." she kisses my lips and goes to sleep in my arms. 
What is it that she has to tell me?
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