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Chapter Four

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Modern Day AU

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Tragedy Belies the Sacrifice

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Chapter Four: The Attack


It was the next day and Cloud was working in the shop with Snow and Squall that day since a large shipment of supplies had came in and they had to make sure it all got put away correctly before they took any time off. Cloud's cell suddenly rang about half way through and he picked it up.

"Hello?" he asked.

"Cloud!" exclaimed the voice.

"Aerith? What's wrong?" he asked.

"I was at my church this morning since it's Sunday, the place is abandoned but...there are some men here...I've started to fight them off...but please come help!" she shouted.

Cloud closed his phone and ran to his bike, Snow looked at him with concern.

"Emergency." said Cloud.

Snow nodded simply and Cloud rode off through the streets as fast as he could. He arrived at her shop and saw Garnet standing there.

"Where's Aerith's church?" he asked.

Garnet looked shocked but she pointed through the back alleyway. He rode back there and stopped once he saw the church. He ran, the place was old and the boards were falling apart in the front of it. He broke through and looked around, where was she?

"Cloud!" he heard a scream and looked up.

She was running along the rafters as men dressed in suits chased her. He ran quickly and reached her, punching both the guys hard, she grabbed a piece of ply wood and bashed one of them over the head and looked at him.

"Thanks." she said.

Cloud nodded. "No problem, you alright?" he asked.

Aerith giggled. "I am now bodyguard." she said.

Cloud nodded an affirmative nod and helped the men sit up so he could tie their hands. He waited til they woke up and looked at them.

"Why are you chasing my girlfriend?" he asked.

"We're FBI." said one of them.

"Your name?" asked Cloud.

"Reno." said the other one.

He looked at the first one. "Rude." said the other.

"So why are you chasing Aerith?" he asked.

"Confidential." said Rude.

Cloud kicked him hard and he sighed looking away while Reno spoke up. "Aerith is well...she's the daughter of someone important." he said.

Cloud looked a little surprised. "Who?" he asked.

Reno looked at Cloud. "Hey I've seen you in paperwork, you were in the military." he said.

Cloud nodded. "Yeah before I wound up in a mental hospital for a while." he said.

"Well hell we can tell you so long as you promise not to tell anyone else." said Reno.

Cloud shrugged and sighed. "Professor Gast, one of the developers of the drones we have now is her father. But she was kidnapped by her mother away from him, unfortunately we weren't sure what she knew and we were under orders to bring her in for questioning." said Reno.

Cloud looked back at Aerith and she sighed. "This is...about the curse isn't it?" she said.

Rude nodded. "You don't know much, do you?" he asked.

Aerith shook her head. "Well your father performed some experiments that got several christians, cults, etc. on his case. In fact he was hexed by them, and though we never thought anything of it until the accidents began to happen..." said Rude.

"What curse?" asked Cloud.

Aerith sighed. "My family is well...cursed." she said.

Cloud looked at her confused. "My mother told me about it before she died and well that happened because of the curse. My father's death was also because of the curse, after my mother ran away with his help from the military and the experiments that were occurring on us through a professor named Hojo. He was trying to see if the curse was real or if science could prove it wrong. In fact it also killed someone else important to me." said Aerith looking at the ground.

Cloud frowned. "So why is the FBI coming after you?" he asked.

"Because we were worried that the curse could cause some break down in the system through her. Not just that but because we were ordered to by the president of the united states Rufus. He wants to make sure she doesn't have any vital military data." said Reno.

"Well she doesn't, it seems like a wild goose chase because her name is connected to some professor or something like that who used to work for the military." said Cloud.

Aerith smiled a little and Cloud untied Reno and Rude. "Get out of here and tell the president I'm not voting for him next time he goes up for election." said Cloud.(author note: btw rufus has nothing to do with obama or the fbi or anything, it's just a plot line, not a political opinion of mine in disguise or something like that)

Reno and Rude left before Cloud looked to Aerith. "Hey I want you to come with me." he said.

She looked at him confused and he offered his hand to her, she took his hand in hers and he lead them out of the church and onto his bike, they soon arrived at his apartment but he lead them down an alleyway behind it and up several stairs to the top of a building with the entire city in view from it.

"Wow Cloud this is...amazing." said Aerith.

Cloud smiled a little. "You know, you look pretty in green." he said.

She blushed, she hadn't worn that dress around him yet, it was white with green and she had a green scarf on her head that made her look adorable. ((author note: think a modern day tactics outfit))

"Thank you Cloud." she said and sat down on the roof, he sat next to her as she looked up at the sky.

"I hope the curse doesn't go onto you somehow." she said.

Cloud shook his head. "Even if the curse is real, I'm not going anywhere." he said.

Aerith shook her head and sighed. "But why?" she asked.

Cloud looked at her. "Because I...I'm falling for you. I know it's kinda fast but I want this to work." he said.

She smiled at him and lay her head on his shoulder. "I'm here for you." said Cloud and wrapped an arm around her holding her close.

"Cloud?" she asked.

"What?" he asked her.

She looked at him with pure green eyes. "I'm falling for you too." she said.

He blushed and smirked a little as he leaned in giving her a kiss on that roof top, they kissed sweetly for a few minutes before the kiss broke and Cloud got a text. It was from Snow.

Everything alright?

He texted Snow back the gist of what had occurred that she'd been attacked in her church but that he'd fought them off and they wouldn't come around again. That got him a phone call from Snow.

"Where you two at?" he asked.

"My roof." said Cloud.

"I'm on my way." said Snow.

Soon Snow showed up and he looked over at Aerith and wrapped an arm around her hugging her. "Hey you're one of our crew now, glad you're alright." he said.

She giggled at his antics and Cloud sighed. "Who's running the shop?" he asked.

"I called Yuj, and he's got Lebreau and Maqui with him, they said they could handle it for a while." said Snow.

"Ah right, your neighbors are pretty awesome." said Cloud.

"Light's on her way when I told her it had something to do with the military." said Snow.

Cloud nodded. "She may want to hear this." he said.

Aerith sighed but Snow looked over at her and handed her a candy bar, she smiled. "What's this for/" she asked.

Snow smirked. "Figured you could use a pick me up." he said.

She smiled and ate part of the bar, Lightning arrived and Cloud began to explain what had happened to Aerith.

"It's the Sephiroth project." said Lightning.

"You mean that famous general who went rogue and caused the death of a ton of soldiers?" asked Snow.

"Exactly, Sephiroth led many soldiers into their deaths before I shot him down and killed him myself. The curse on Professor Gast's family came from that, it was said to be the thing that made Sephiroth go crazy. They still have that case open at the FBI, but they'll never solve it. There's no such thing as curses, it was probably the drugs they were experimenting with on Sephiroth and several other soldiers that caused the problems." said Lightning.

She looked to Aerith. "You're Gasts's kid so you're entitled to some money from the military, after all he was a part of us. I can help get you that since you live in the bad part of town." she said.

Aerith smiled but shook her head. "I'd rather that money go to the sick people who live around me and need food, I myself have what I need." she said.

Lightning thought for a moment. "If I get that money we can use it to help them." she said.

Aerith smiled, a giving spirit that she was, it impressed Cloud all the more. Snow got a phone call then and suddenly his eyes flashed in anger.

"What?" he asked.

Lightning looked at him confused. "What is it?" she asked.

"There's a mad man at the hospital, he somehow got past security and he has the twins, he's babbling about the future being in danger because of them they said his name is Caius." said Snow.

They ran to the motorcycles and drove there, policemen had the place surrounded and Caius was on the roof with the twins. Snow looked up there and looked desperately on.

"Don't worry baby girls your hero is on his way!" he exclaimed.

Lightning grabbed his shoulder. "If you go up there, there's no telling what he might do." said Lightning.

"What's he saying?" asked Cloud.

Aerith ran back. "I talked to the police, he claims he's from the future and that those children caused the demise of it." she said.

"What?" asked Snow.

"He's an escaped mental patient from the local mental hospital." said Seifer as he walked up.

They all looked to him. "I'm here with Laguna so he can make a speech since he's mayor and all. Anyway I have all the info on this guy since I used to work security at that mental hospital before I was let go." he said.

"So how do I get my kids back?" asked Snow.

"Well as long as they're not on the incubating systems they're getting damaged since they're so small." said Lightning.

"Right let me handle this." said Seifer.

Seifer moved in through the back, soon he was at the roof, in fact he was up there quick, he texted Snow to come up when it was safe. Snow went up and Seifer had began to talk to Caius, shown him some kindness, he seemed experienced and good at his job, he managed to get the kids away and gave them to Snow. Snow ran them inside to the place they needed to be and Seifer got Caius down to the police.

"Wait." said Aerith.

She walked over and looked at Caius. "Seifer he needs you, you're the only one who seems to be able to calm him down." she said.

"Yeah but...I got a job." he said.

Aerith shook her head and began to sweet talk the police, with Lightning's help and force, they backed down and Caius was left in Seifer's hands. Snow came out and sighed. "They're ok everyone." he said, the press of course rushed him but Laguna helped him answer the questions and soon the event of the day was over. Snow sighed and Caius went back with Seifer and Laguna, Seifer got him a room and his meds and helped him sleep before he looked back at Aerith.

"He's paranoid." said Seifer.

"Poor guy, wonder what made him that way." she said.

Cloud was standing back and Seifer sighed. "His friend Yeul died, a girl he cared for deeply, it broke his mind." he said.

Aerith looked on sadly. "Did you know her?" she asked.

"Kinda for a little while before she died." said Seifer.

"Then he needs his friend, right?" asked Aerith.

Seifer sighed. "Yeah he does, thanks." he said looking to her.

She smiled. "I'm Aerith by the way." she said.

Seifer nodded. "I'm Seifer, Squall's friend." he said.

"Well friend now." said Rinoa as she walked in with Squall.

"Hey Rinoa, long time no see." he said.

"We heard about all the commotion that happened today, how's Serah?" asked Squall looking to Snow who just walked in.

"She's alright, Lightning's talking with her now and making sure she's ok." he said.

Squall nodded and looked back to Seifer. "You think you can handle this and my dad?" he asked.

Seifer grinned. "Well this place has tons of back up security, I got this." he said.

Squall sighed and Caius fell asleep, they all made their way downstairs where Laguna came out. "Anyone hungry?" he asked.

They all nodded and Lightning came in. "Yeah me and my sister both." she said looking to Serah who was in a wheel chair.

"Alright, let's have a banquet then." said Laguna.

They all followed him and he ordered the giant meal from his staff while they all sat down, Aerith sat down next to Serah.

"Hi I'm Aerith." she said.

"I'm Serah, Snow's wife." she said.

Snow smirked. "My baby is the prettiest and most amazing girl in the whole world." he said.

Aerith giggled and Serah blushed. "I was released today, so we should be able to hang out more." said Serah.

Aerith smiled. "I'd love that." she said hanging onto Cloud's arm.

Cloud smirked. "So Serah what do you think?" he asked.

She smiled. "You two make a good couple." she said.

Cloud looked to Aerith. "Serah's a little more soft spoken then her sister but she can speak up every once and a while." he said.

"Yeah Lightning's just intense at times." said Serah.

"Ah Claire means well." said Snow leaning back with his hands behind his head.

"Claire?" they all asked.

Snow paled. "Uh well that's her real name but she doesn't like to be called it." he said.

Lightning looked annoyed and punched Snow's shoulder. "You owe me now." she said.

Snow grinned sheepishly. "Aw Light you know I didn't mean it." he said.

She sighed in annoyance and soon the meal was there, they all ate up and Seifer even seemed to be getting along with Rinoa again, of course Squall and him were still awkward but they seemed ok. After dinner they all headed home, Cloud dropped Aerith off after she kissed him good night and he went back with Squall and Rinoa. Serah went home finally with Snow and Lightning, he held her close as they slept while Lightning went and slept on the couch. Of course Snow was worried over Serah but she seemed ok. Seifer of course made sure Caius was ok and then made sure the place was secure before wishing his boss goodnight before he went to bed himself. It had been a long day, but stranger ones were sure to come their way.


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