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For AdnarimSmada's Poetry To Stories. Sorry if this doesn't do justice to ImJustFine's poem! A man remembers.

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He takes another swig of his...well, he lost count of how many beers he had chugged down. He drinks it down, immune to the effect this many beers would have on someone. He looks outside of his window, the morning sun greeting him. He closes his eyes, letting the fresh morning scent wash over him.

When he closes his eyes, the darkness takes him to that place. That place that will always remain in his memories.

"Daddy! That one looks like a sheep!" the girl exclaims, pointing at the cloud.

"Sweetie, they all look like sheep." he replies, a soft smile taking over his face.

"You're silly, daddy!" she giggles.

"How are you today, beautiful?" he asked, smiling. That was their special question.

"It's cold!" she pouted.

He laughed.

"It's always cold for you!" he exclaimed.

She laughed.

"You'e funny, daddy!"

He turns to her, looking at her in wonder. Her beautiful caramel eyes, her gorgeous brown hair. The hair that,currently, had a single dandelion tucked in. It was times like these he wondered how in the world he helped create such a beautiful being.

"What are you looking at, daddy?" she said, noticing him staring at her.

"My beautiful daughter." he answered, simply.

And, in that moment, it seemed as if that was the only answer she would ever need.

His eyes shot open. He didn't want to remember any more. He didn't need to remember that beautiful child.

Stop! his mind urged him. But he was already too far along to stop.

"Look at me, daddy!" she said, running through the fields of grass, headed towards a forest, arms spread wide.

She could catch the sun with her arms and her mind.

He chuckled at his daughter. She was a splitting image of her mother.

"Don't think of her." he thought "Don't think of that tragic moment when she was pronounced dead"

But he already had. He soon noticed that his daughter was gone.

"Where could she be?!" he thought.

His beautiful daughter had taken off, running towards a forest, with a smile so bright that it could light up the world or set the world on fire.

A few hours later, the police were on the scene. He waited for the police, as they searched for his daughter, when something caught his eye. In the distance, he saw a fire in the forest that his daughter was headed off in.

"No." he whispered. Tears filled his eyes.

The August rain washed over him, making his tears invisible. The rain cooled the fire down, the rain so heavy, it put most of the fire out.

About an hour later, and ambulance arrived at the scene. An officer approached him.

"We found your daughter. She's dead. The only thing that survived was a dandelion that was in her hair" the officer said, handing him the dandelion.

He took the dandelion, and stared at it. Tears trickled down his cheeks, as her heard a nearby officer.

"What baffled me was the fire. There was no signs of smoke." the officer said to another officer.

The sunlight of the afternoon covered his face, beckoning him not to remember.

Too late. he thought.

The funeral was a short one. No one had arrived except for hi and a few neighborhood people that only went to show respect.

The late August rain showered over the funeral, paying it's respects. The cemetery had hardly anyone at all.

When the funeral was over, the sun came out. He walked to the park and sat on that small hill where they would always sit, watching the clouds.

"How are you today, beautiful?" he whispered.

"It's cold,daddy!" he could hear her exclaim.

He could only hope that wherever she was now was warm enough for her.

The darkness trapped him. He stared out his window, running a wrinkled hand through his,now, gray hair. He continued to look outside of the window, and as he looked, he could see his girl, emerging from the hill they would always sit at.

"Come watch the clouds with me, daddy!" he could hear her say.

"I'm coming, baby." he whispered.

It was at that moment that he felt nothing but happiness. No pain. No misery. Just happiness. For the first time in years, he smiled.

He dropped his beer bottle as he began to close his eyes.

And for the very last time, he whispered the name of his beautiful dandelion child.

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