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7- Goodnight

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Second chances are rarely given, especially in high school.

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(Taylor’s POV)

Frank’s car drove smoothly and I enjoyed it thoroughly, as well as blasting his music. Heavy metal wasn’t really my thing, but I was finding that it was growing on me slowly. I pulled in to a self-cleaning station for cars and hopped out- figuring that I might as well repay Frank’s favor by cleaning his car out.

Fifteen minutes later, and about a thousand half-filled cups and I was done. I was a little sticky though, and had to search out an anti-bacterial wash station that still actually had the cleansing substance stocked.

I was still stunned that he was letting me borrow his car, but I didn’t really want to stick around and question him. Plus, I really hated the idea of not having a car for the time being. I didn’t want to be stuck home all Sunday, though I wasn’t so sure that I’d go anywhere- other than Frank’s, to return his car. And it gave me another reason to see him, which would be nice.

He made me feel good, and that was rare. It was something that I wanted to hold on to and explore… but I couldn’t hide the fact that it bothered me that he was ashamed of me. I understood but it still stung, and I knew soon enough that the fact that his friends didn’t like me would get to him and he’d probably bolt- leaving me friendless once again.

The idea of that happening was troubling, and what was more troubling was that I was actually investing something in this friendship. It meant something to me, and I’d already told him so much- too fast. I didn’t want to be left hurt and alone. Being lonely was enough of a pain.

My house was dark, and my parents car was gone. They were probably out on another ‘date night’. It was something they were famous for. They constantly worked for their relationship, just to tear it back down.

I honestly hated it. I hated the crying my mom did at night, and the screaming my dad did. I hated the way they looked at each other, and each time they kissed. I hated them together, but I hated the idea of them being apart even more.

As I reached for the door my cell phone sounded and with clumsy fingers I pulled it out of my pocket. It was an unknown number. “Hello?” I closed my eyes and prayed it wasn’t some prank from one of my former friends. I was far from the A list now, and word had surely spread.

“Did you make it home?” Frank asked, skipping his greeting completely.

“I’m actually sitting outside right now, about to go in.” I replied, with a yawn.

“What took so long? Are you okay? Is my car okay?”

“Your car is fine. I uh-” Oh no, would he find it rude? I hoped not. “I stopped and cleaned the inside out.”

“Brave woman.” Frank commented, with a chuckle. “Thanks, I guess.”

“Welcome.” I sighed in relief. “Gerard still over?”

“Yep. He’s making something to eat.”

“He hates me, doesn’t he?”

“Yeah.” Points for honesty.

“What did I do to him?” I couldn’t remember all of my past social crimes.

“I think it’s a series of small things.” Frank replied. “Don’t sweat it. He’ll get over it.”

“Or he’ll just hate me until graduation, and then we’ll go our separate ways.”

“Or that.” Frank agreed.

“I- I need to go inside. Um, what time do you want your car back tomorrow?”

“I’ll let you know. Are you going to bed already?”

“Probably not.”

“Well, I’ll call you later tonight and we can talk about it then if you’re still up.”

“Okay, goodnight.” I took a deep breath once my phone was back in my pocket. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to talk to Frank, it was more that I didn’t know what to say. Five seconds around the guy and I wanted to right all my wrongs, and spill my guts about everything. It wasn’t pretty.


(Frank’s POV)

“You called her?” Gerard appeared in my bedroom doorway.

“She made it home. I was just checking.”

“So, you’re saying you went all PG13 for her?” Gerard’s eyebrow rose.

“I’m tired of constantly being NC17.” I flipped him off. “What’s it to you?”

“So you like her.” It sounded a lot like an accusation coming from him.

“Maybe, I might. I haven’t gotten that far.” I wasn’t going to lie again though. “So I asked her on a date. It’s like a test run.”

“And the run ended with her driving off in your car? I’d hate to see what would happen if you guys got married, then divorced. What would she make off with then?”

“You’re being dramatic.” I rolled my eyes. “I just went on a date with her.”

“She’s the damn devil.” Gerard sounded frustrated. Well, I was frustrated too. The devil? Again, dramatic! “Are you going to go out with her again?”


“Well then you might as well fucking invite her over tomorrow.”

“What?” I was honestly confused. Why the hell would I do that?

“Invite her over. We’ll see how well she can play Mortal Kombat.”

That was a big step for Gerard.

I held up my cell phone and Gerard nodded before leaving my room.

Taylor was in.
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