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Tramps Like Us
Written by ImJustFine

On sleepiness and silence in the still is how she flies
beer-bottle companion of forgotten dreams
and lukewarm poison fumes
together they set course to search for the sea

It was silent, the room had been empty.
Except for two people; a father who had been drunken for weeks on end, and a young forgotten daughter.

The girl stood from the milk crate she sat upon, walking past the unconscious being, past the empty bottles which scattered the floor, past the broken and forgotten dreams; that had died along with her innocence.

Pushing out through the screen door, she walked. Wind blowing vigorously blowing the ratty, lifeless gold locks off her shoulders as she made her way to the cliff by the sea.

Bless you dandelion child
smile up at the sky
rise up through the dirt and grime
to see the clouds roll by

"Hey dandelion!" Her mother called out, causing a chubby toddler to run towards her mother's call.

"MOMMY!" The girl squealed, blond hair pulled into 2 little pigtails.

"You want to go for a walk?" The mother smiled as the girl shook her head with an excitement growing.
"Well get dressed!" Smiling as her daughter skipped away to pull on clothes, the woman heard a screen door slam shut.

"Where are you two going?" A man asked, approaching his wife

"I'm taking Kali for a walk in the forest." Her husband gave her a pleading look.

"Can't you go by the ocean or somewhere else? In this heat something is bound to get caught on fire." Rolling her eyes the woman picked up the toddler who came bounding out.

"Daddy, don't be silly! Nothing will be on fire because it's hot out." The girl giggled, causing her father to grin

"I guess not dandelion." The man smiled at his young daughter, placing a soft kiss against her small forehead, before giving his wife a peck before the two left on their adventure.

"Mommy look! Marshmallows." The little girl pointed up at the clouds which where floating by.

"Those are clouds honey." Her mom explained, smiling at what her daughter called clouds.

The roof never once stopped her arms from reaching for the sun
she fled into the sunset with a cry
the forest was on fire and
she'd never before seen a flame that caused no smoke

After 2 hours rolled around, the husband began getting worried.
"Where are they?" He whispered, looking out the window only to see a large billow of black smoke rising from the forest his wife and daughter were exploring.

"Fuck." He yelled, running outside and into his truck, making his way to the path leading to the diverse environment.

"DADDY!" He looked, watching as his young girl came running out, tears streaking her small reddened face, arms up as she ran.

"What happened?" The man asked, picking up the young girl.


The two were on their way back to the main path when an orange glow started taking over the area.
"Run, okay honey? Run back to the house as fast as you can." Her mom put her down, as the two started running from the flames.

"MOMMY I'M SCARED!" The girl cried as the treetops continued to collapse, making her feel like a puppy being smothered by young children who all wanted to hold it.
Looking over the girl realized her mother wasn't beside her anymore.

"Mom?" The girl stopped, turning to find her mother stuck under a tree which was slowly being engulfed in orange.
"MOMMY?!" The girl cried, realizing her mother wasn't breathing or moving.

Crying the girl turned back and ran, arms raised high as if she were trying to grab the sun.

Bless you dandelion child
smile up at the sky
rise up through the dirt and grime
to see the clouds roll by

"God bless both of you." An elderly woman sent her condolences to the grieving family.

"Thank you." The young girl mumbled, tears once more filling her eyes.

"Come on dandelion." Her father pulled her towards their seats, breath wreaking of alcohol.

Soon enough it was over, everyone had left, leaving a sobbing child and drunken father.

Looking up towards the sky, she saw no white little clouds, rather than blurry grey smudges covering the once beautiful blue sky.

But summer cooled all over with the august rain
her dreams would have to find another way
they're searching for another warmer place 
to comfortably accommodate their stay 

Summer's had passed, all cooling down welcoming autumn. The once happy little girl, had lost her positivity. Her brilliant smile faded and the brightness in her eyes replaced with never ending sadness.
Her dreams in life had been tossed aside when her father had quit working, causing the duo to take desperate measures.

Her father's drunken friends had used her, abused her, stolen her innocence at a young age.
None of which caring.

Now she lay in the basement, pain stricken, wearing nothing but her skin.
"Your not yourself anymore baby doll." The man leaned over, obviously drunk placed a sloppy kiss against refusing lips.

She closed her eyes, thinking of happier, warmer thoughts. "She's in a better place" they would all tell her.

I'm going to be with you someday mom, someday soon

The beauty in a messed-up child
smile up at the sky
rise up through the dirt and grime
to see the clouds roll by

Even how interesting of a tale she had been carrying, the light in her bright eyes, a smile that was unbreakable, everything; she was beautiful, no matter what past she had, nor how messed up she was.
One last time she sat on her rock, dwelling in a clearing, hidden away in the forest.
She tilted her head up smiling, as for once she saw not ceiling, nor people. 
But rather clouds, drifting by, white contrasting against the pale blue sky.

The girl rose from her haunting past, and joined the clouds, reunited with peace.
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