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3- Girlfriend

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Taylor meets someone new, and it changes everything.

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“This is Taylor.” Brendon introduced me to the teacher and class, “She’s bad around open flames. Are we working with the burner today?”

I blushed against my will. Damn pale skin. It was horribly obvious when I was embarrassed. “Luckily enough we won’t be working around any open flames today.” The teacher chuckled, “I’m Mr. Reid. It’s nice to meet you Taylor. How about you partner up with Brendon for today’s activities? He can catch you up quickly enough.”

“Sure.” I smiled and glanced around the room of moody teenagers.

Brendon laughed, “I embarrassed you, didn’t I?”

“Just a little bit, but I’m pretty easy to embarrass.” I admitted.

“I’ll have fun with that.” Brendon teased, “So Mr. Reid is big on television and he’s been playing Mythbusters for the last few weeks… Ta da! You’re all caught up.”


“Seriously.” Brendon sat down and I took the seat beside him. “It’s a pretty easy class actually and Mr. Reid is an awesome teacher.”

I loved Mythbusters. Suddenly Chemistry didn’t seem like my least favorite class. Well… it wouldn’t be until an open flame became necessary. Then I was sure that things would… Well, go up in flames.

I listened as Brendon easily interacted with nearby classmates. I stayed silent as I attempted to gain something close to comfort in my chair. Mr. Reid turned on the television and then went to his desk. He appeared to be grading papers. Sometimes I wondered what it would be like to be a teacher. Would it be worth it? Would it be easy? They seemed to grade a lot of papers. Grading papers didn’t seem so bad. Then again having stupid students and their parents upset with grades you gave didn’t seem so great.

It was a career I wasn’t likely to end up in. I wasn’t very good at teaching anyway. I tended to miss giving middle information. I could clearly tell someone the input and then the output, but I would expect them to have it handled from there. Then again, I guess that’s what college was for- to better prepare you for a career, like teaching.

Okay, so I was bored. My mind was wandering… Ow!

“What?” I hissed, as the pencil fell to the ground having hit its mark. Me.

Brendon laughed, “Did I actually hit you? Sorry. I was just aiming where I thought you’d be… you know, since you’ve been ignoring me.” He wasn’t really even attempting to whisper. The teacher didn’t seem to care.

“Have I been?” Oops. “I’m sorry Brendon. What’s up?” I kind of bothered whispering, but only because it was what I was used to… and I wasn’t generally upfront with my disrespect towards teachers. I was more passive aggressive in any attempts.

“Did you drive here?”


“That sounds disastrous.” Brendon chuckled.

“Well, the death count remains at zero so I think I did pretty well.” I joked.

“You’re funny.” Brendon laughed again, “Want to get pizza for lunch?”

“It’s off campus, right?”

“Yep, don’t worry. We won’t be breaking those big bad rules.”

I rolled my eyes, “Funny boy. Sure. I’m sure I could find it.”

“I’m blind but I still know where shit is.” Brendon replied, “I can give directions.”

“Er, okay.” I couldn’t help but sound unsure.

Brendon just laughed again, “Have a little trust.”

I could do that.


My the end of class my ass had gone numb and I was more than happy for lunch to come, but I wasn’t looking forward to it going. Classes here were so boring. My old school had been ahead, so it was like I was stuck on replay.

None of the stuff was interesting enough the first time around though.

Brendon was acting like he’d just had a large intake of sugar. He was bouncing around happily, knocking in to a few students who didn’t seem to care. Maybe they were just used to it.

“Pizza!” Brendon excitedly punched the air.

“Whoa, down boy.” I sighed, “You so could’ve just punched me in the face.”

“Have faith.” Brendon chuckled, “I didn’t punch that hard anyway.”

“It doesn’t take much to have me flat on my ass.”

Brendon just laughed, and so did I.


“You’re so picky.” Brendon tossed a mushroom in my direction, but I thankfully dodged it.

Right after the door opened. “Brendon!” The girl was flawless in one of those Hollywood ways, with every strand of her blonde hair in place and her lips puckered just perfectly. “I didn’t know you’d be here!” She let go of the guy’s hand she’d been holding as she came through the door.

“Oh hey babe, I decided to show my new friend the best place to eat lunch at.” Brendon replied, and I think he meant to gesture to me but instead he gestured to the wall. “This is Taylor.”

“Hi.” I waved.

She glanced at me with complete disinterest then looked back at Brendon, “Aren’t you going to introduce me?”

“Oh, of course!” Brendon wiped his mouth with a napkin before clearing his throat. “Taylor this is my girlfriend, Laura.”


I curiously glanced towards the guy she’d walked in with. He had slowly been approaching her from behind and I wasn’t as surprised as I should’ve been when his lips touched down upon the open skin on her neck. She leaned back against him, smiling at me.

I felt ill, but what the hell could I do?

The story of us was quickly turning in to a lifetime movie.


(I’m not entirely sure how I feel about continuing with this story. It’s slow in updating but I don’t find myself as excited about it as I am about other stories. The story line is kind of weak, and all high school drama.)
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