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Return From The Ashes You Fall

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When you die, you simply cease to exist, right? Wrong. When you die, you become a part of The Black Parade. This is the tale of the rise & fall of The Black Parade, and the girl that set everything...

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Hey, guys! I'm finally back with a new story for you all! Sorry if I'm a bit rusty, haven't written all that much in a while. Hopefully this story is original - it's based around a dream I had recently :)

Take heed - THIS CHAPTER MAY BE TRIGGERING or upsetting or just generally shit - I'm sorry if it is any of the above. This is mainly a filler chapter that I wrote when I was feeling really down a few days ago, so yay xD I hope you enjoy it c:


When you die, you simply cease to exist, right? Wrong. When you die, you become a part of The Black Parade. This is the tale of the rise & fall of The Black Parade, and the girl that set everything in motion.

She signed off the tear-stained letter with a flourish -- her full name, a full stop and an 'xo'.

Folding the crumpled scrap of paper clumsily in her now-shaking hands, she rose unsteadily to her numb feet. She couldn't even feel her toes anymore - not that she really cared anyway. If all went to plan, she wouldn't be feeling anything soon.

Slowly, she walked up to her fireplace and placed the crudely written and folded letter on the mantlepiece. Somebody was sure to find it soon.

'But not soon enough.' She thought to herself. 'Not soon enough.'

Shaking slightly, she stumbled clumsily into her kitchen, grabbing a nearby glass and filling it hastily with tap water. She stared unseeingly through the glass as the cool liquid from the faucet spilled over its cracked and worn rim, seeping cooly over her shaking, unsteady hand and spiraling down into the drain in tiny little rivulets.

She shut the water off after what could have been a minute to an entire millenia with a jolt, swinging her clumsy limbs unsteadily in the general direction of the staircase, glass in hand.

Once she reached the stairs, she sloped up them numbly, sloshing cool water onto the stained carpet without a care. Her feet hit the landing, and she started towards her bedroom, her door already ajar and waiting for her, inviting her in.

She took the invitation and stumbled drowsily inside.

She grabbed the two little boxes of perscription pills off of her vanity as she passed it by and put the glass down on her bedside table. She then collapsed onto her bed in an uncerimonious heap, crossing her legs and running a shaky hand through her dirty, unwashed hair - a nervous tick she could never seem to shake off, no matter how hard she tried to stop.

She dropped one of the little boxes into her lap, holding the remaining box in both hands as she read the text on the front of the box with a look of disinterest etched upon her pale features.


She flipped the box over carefully with shaking, nimble fingertips, prying open the side flap steadily as another piece of text caught her eye.


She allowed herself to snort once at the bittersweet irony before pushing the thought to the back of her mind, her little joke a thing of the past as she tipped the contents of the pill box into a readily outstretched palm. She popped the little white pills out of their platsic casings onto her bed one at a time, repeating the process with the other box until all of the little pills were sat in a jumbled pile on her bed, staring up at her expectantly - just waiting to be taken.

She simply looked down at the pills for a long while, admiring them in some sick, twisted way before scooping a few into one hand. She grappled for her water with her other - knocking the pills back first, then guzzling them down with a gulp of water. She repeated the tecnique until all of the pills were gone, spluttering a little in her haste. There was a mere sliver of water left in her chapped, worn-out glass. It was basically empty anyway. With that thought still floating around in her mind, she let the glass slip numbly from her grasp, too out of it  to even hear the musical clink and smash as the glass shattered into a million tiny shards on her bedroom floor. 

She simply blinked once, twice, three times before laying back on her soft down pillows, shutting her eyes for what she thought would be the last time. She was finally leaving her cruel,  cruel world behind as she embraced the darkness that consumed her with a smile, subconciously letting go of the ledge she was pecariously tottering on before spiralling down into nothingness.

And then, everything faded to black.
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