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Last Stand

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Death walks with you every day when your on the battlefield, and after a while, you don't mind his presence. In fact, you very almost apreicate the company... A soldier's last thoughts as they lay ...

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Now, in my mind this is femmeslash. In my mind, the Corproal who's thoughts we are viewing, is female. I don't actually state anywhere her gender though. I do state the Sargent's and she is she. So if femmeslash offends you, then feel free to see this as het. Otherwise, please, she's a woman.

This is what I get for too much Monstrous Regiment fanfiction and discovering DeathCab for Cutie...


So this is the famous last stand, is it? It feels funny to say this now, of course, while you die quickly on the blood stained ground beside me. We've had a few last stands and they've never actually been the last, but this time it looks like it might be. Oh well. We're soldiers. We've known this was coming for a long time. You walk with death everyday on the battlefield and after a while is presence isn't quite so bad- it becomes almost comforting. That's what you told me once, remember? A stick my body out from behind the rock, and squeeze off a round. I pull back a few seconds later, but it's too late. The bullet's gone through my stomach. It hurts, no surprise there. I wonder if it hurt this much for you... I'd ask you myself, but I don't think you can speak at the moment. I don't think I can either if it comes right down to it. In the mud, in the rain, in the middle of a war, my hand seeks out yours, finds it and squeezes. You squeeze back. Heh, nice to see you haven't died yet. I couldn't stand to have you die before me.

"There..." You mutter, voice broken and hoarse. "There won't be... be a tunnel of blinding light now, will there? Because that... would be just too cliché." You start coughing and I know that there's blood in your mouth, in your lungs. We're both dying.

"I dunno," I choke out in reply. "I don't give a damn either. I won't care if it just goes dark and nothing else happens. Just as long as you don't let go..." I lace our fingers together, and you tighten your grip. You chuckle.

"Hnn, ha, don't worry. There's... no way I'll ever... let you go..." And your grip loosens. But you don't let go.

"Good," I whisper to myself, because you're already gone. "But damn, girl, did you have to leave me here? Well, don't worry. I'll follow you into the dark, like I always do."

I can hear the rest of our little lads sliding down the muddy slope towards me. The gunfire's stopped, but it won't for long. Oh well. They'd better take our boots, the damned idiots. I'll kill if they pass up the opportunity.

"Hang on, sarge. I'm coming..."

And the world goes dark.


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