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Proving It

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Peterick fic collaboration with Mikeyunicornrawr. Patrick's POV: Mikeyunicornrawr. Pete's POV: Me.

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Patrick's POV

My heart stops as I look up at him, praying to whatever there is that he didn’t say what I’m pretty damn sure I heard. No! Josh couldn’t have told anyone! Not in that short amount of time. I glance over to Pete, who’s eyes are filled with panic. I guess he’s already going to prove me right. Of course he’s panicking. If anyone finds out that he’s even a little nice to me? It’s over for Pete.

Drew chuckles, “What, was that supposed to be a secret, Patty?” He shoves my shoulders lightly, causing me to almost fall back.”

“Wh-What?” I look up to him fearfully.

“That you’re a fag.” he pushes me against the wall, “Josh told me all about it, and now? The whole school knows.”

I look down in defeat, “Oh.”

Drew laughs, “You’re not even gonna deny it?”

I shrug a shoulder lazily, wishing he’d punch me and get it over with.

“And you.” Drew glances over at Pete, “Bet you’re a fag too, huh? That’s why you’re trying to help this little freak.” he punches me in the stomach, causing me to double over in pain, “You can’t help him.” he shoves me to the floor before stepping towards Pete, “You can’t even help yourself.”

I look up to him nearing Pete and get a sudden feeling of fear for him. I don’t want him to get punched like me. So maybe he isn’t quite on my side, and maybe he’s a lying douchebag. But I can’t just lie here on the disgusting bathroom floor and watch this happen. He picks Pete up by the front of his shirt. I push myself up on my hands and knees before grabbing Drew’s ankles and pulling them towards me. He falls on his face with a yell. Pete’s eyes widen as he slowly stands up.

“Run!” I stand up and run out the bathroom door.

Pete follows me, still obviously in shock.

Pete's POV

We keep running until we reach an empty classroom. I close the door and lean against it as Patrick lowers himself to the floor. I look down at him and he glances back up at me.

"You okay, man?" I ask worriedly.

"N-No I'm not. I haven't had a day worse than this in ages. I've been injured more times than I can r-remember, I've been h-humiliated, and I've been outed!" He curls up angrily, hugging his knees.

"I'm sorry..." I say, biting my lip.

"You fucking better be! It's your fault!"

"Whoa, how's it my fault?"

"You show up, take what's mine, walk all over me, and you w-won't go away. I can't get rid of you. Josh was perfectly fine poking me with pencils before you showed up. But no, now that he's got a new audience he decides to step it up. H-How's it feel to be the little lapdog of the bully? You say you're not his friend yet you don't do a fucking thing to stop him. So either you're a bully or you're sp-spineless, which is it?"

I open my mouth to speak but can't. Instead, I slide down the door and sit next to him, elbows on my knees. He looks at me and motions for me to say something, do something, respond in any other way than just staring at him. I can't. So instead, he keeps talking.

"He o-outed me. He outed me, and you sit there with a stupid look on your face. Are you seriously gonna sit there and pretend nothing happened? Or are you just trying to think of a more original word to call me than fag?"

I cringe and curl my fingers into fists. "Don't use that word. Ever."

"Wh-Why not? It's what I am. Nothing but a sicko who likes other guys. It's all I ever have been and it sure as hell would be a lot easier to be straight."

"I hate that word. I hate people who think being gay is wrong. And what I hate more than anything is when gay people believe homophobic jerks. It's not wrong. It's not sick."

"Who are you to say that? You don't know what it's like!"

"Yes I do, Patrick." I stand and start pacing back and forth angrily. "Yes I do."

Patrick's POV

“H-How the hell do you- can you even fu-fucking imagine it’s like?” I glare at him, “I-I’ve managed t-to keep this hidden for th-three fucking years and you, you just fucking-” I scream angrily and pull my hair.

Pete jumps, startled, before putting his hands on my shoulder, “Patrick, I didn’t mean for any of this to happen, okay? And.... you wanna know how I know?” he bites his lip.

I nod, glancing at his hands then back up to him.

“Because I... I-I’m..” he sighs and looks down, removing his hands from my shoulders, “Because Patrick, I’m gay.”

My eyes widen, “No you aren’t.. and, are you stupid? You can’t just jokingly say you’re gay, people will use that against you-”

He shakes his head, “The only person here is you, and.. I know you won’t use it against me.” he looks up to me, “And I’m not just saying it to convince you I’m on your side, you have a huge conspiracy problem, by the way. I’m just.. I’m not your enemy.”

I shrug a shoulder, “We’re like...way late for class and, really I don’t feel like walking into a classroom full of people calling me a fag, so... I’m going to skip and get murdered by my mother, if I”m lucky.”

He raises an eyebrow, “That doesn’t sound lucky.”

I shrug and start walking, Pete on my heels.

“No, what do you mean?” he walks with me outside.

“What? You thought I was joking about wanting to commit suicide?” I mumble and walk towards the road.

“I.. you were serious?” he frowns, “Hey um, I have a car...”

“Oh yeah? Well I have three year old shoes as my transportation, enjoy the car.” I keep walking.

Pete rolls his eyes, “That was me offering you a ride.”

I look back to him, and ask the only thing on my mind, “Why?”

Pete's POV

"Why? Seriously?" I groan and stop right in front of him, nearly forcing him to run into me. "Alright, Patrick. You're gonna have to stop hating me sooner or later. I'm offering you a ride because you've had the shittiest day and I'm not making it any easier. Because I'm not as big a jerk as you obviously think I am. Many of the things that happened this morning were mistakes that I got caught up in. So get in the car."

I unlock the door and climb in, looking at him expectantly. He sighs and opens the passenger door, plopping into the seat beside me.

"Why are you being... I-I'm not sure if this is nice..."

"Patrick. Please stop questioning my motives. Seriously."

"But why?! And why lie about being gay?" Patrick taps the door in agitation.

I have to grip the steering wheel to keep from screaming.

"I'M SORRY! I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry that I got sat in your seat. I'm sorry I laughed. I'm sorry I didn't pick up your pencil, I'm sorry I lied and said it was you I was calling an ass instead of the horrible teacher, I'm sorry I followed Josh anywhere, I'm sorry I stood there doing nothing while he hurt you, and I'm sorry you don't believe I'm gay!"

Patrick's jaw drops.

"What?" I growl bitterly.

"You... you didn't call me an ass?"

"Really? That's all you got out of that?"

"Well... that's what made me think you were lying about being a good guy this whole time. I thought yo myself 'why would he be so against Josh if he thinks I'm an ass?'"

"No. That teacher was an ass for the way he treated you. And I couldn't help it. You think me kicking Josh was just a joke? I hated seeing how you've been treated today."

"So wait... you're actually gay?"

I nod slowly, glad he finally caught on to the truth. His eyes widen as he realizes I'm serious.

"Prove it."

I stare at him, blinking heavily. "What do you mean 'prove it?'"

Patrick’s POV

I look down and shrug a shoulder, “I dunno, got an ex or previous boyfriend’s number that can vouch for you?”

Pete rolls his eyes, “My ex is currently in school, and Ryan won’t be looking at his phone until he’s on the way home. He’s too focused on being a good student so that would take forever.” Pete glances at his phone for the time, “Which is in about three hours... got any faster ideas?”

“Dude, if you’re not gay-”

“Oh hell there’s only one god dam way I can prove this to you...” he looks around, “But I’m not doing it here. We’ll both be killed.”

I raise an eyebrow, “What do you mean?”

“You’ll see.” he starts the car and pulls out of the parking lot, “Where do you live?”

“In a house.” I look up to him.

He rolls his eyes, “Stop being bitter. I’m trying to be helpful.”

I sigh, “Down the road a few miles, and I’ll tell you where to turn. My mom won’t be home until six tonight, so I’m safe to come home early for now, at least.”

He nods and drives, “So wait, Josh knew you were gay?”

I bite my lip and nod, “Yeah... long story short, we were friends in middle school, I told him and he didn’t judge me at all. He actually-nevermind. The point is, he swore not to tell. And when our friendship fell apart I was sure everyone would know. But until now, he hadn’t told a soul...” I point to a street sign, “Turn left there.”

He turns and nods, “He actually what?”

“He.... I can’t tell you, okay? He’d kill me.” I look down.

“No... Patrick if you have dirt on him... that’s fucking amazing! He needs a taste of his own medicine.”

“Turn right..” I sigh, “He asked me how I knew I was gay. He..He old me he wasn’t sure he liked girls.”

Pete’s eyes widen, “What?”

“There’s... there’s more.” I bite my lip and point to my drive way, “I live there.”

Pete pulls into the driveway and parks, before turning to me in his seat, “More? What?!”

I chew on my lip nervously, “He... He kissed me. He wanted to see, if he’d feel something... come to think of it... He left really suddenly and... that was the last time we’d ever hung out together...”

Pete’s eyes widen more, “Holy shit the bully is gay.”

“We don’t know that...”

“Patrick, it explains everything!” Why he wants you out of the school, why he treats you so terribly... he felt something and he’s terrified someone will know. He’s terrified you’ll tell them!”

“Who’d feel something from kissing me?” I roll my eyes.

“Speaking of which...” Pete mumbles before looking to me, “You want proof? Fine.” he leans close and presses his lips against mine.

I gasp before kissing back softly. Wait. No. What the fuck. Stop kissing him. No...don’t stop. Keep kissing him.

Pete's POV

I pull away, breathing heavily. Patrick is staring at me, eyes wide and cheeks red. I press a finger to my lip, slightly surprised. There were two things that I didn't expect. I didn't expect him to be such a good kisser and I sure as hell didn't expect to like it. Sure, I like kissing, but this felt like more. I must be imagining it. I'm sure I am.

"A-And now it's awkward," Patrick murmurs, causing me to laugh nervously.

"A bit, yeah. But did that prove it? That I'm really gay?" I look into his eyes and he nods.

"Y-Yeah, um y-you really... yeah, that proved it." He's still nodding, his head looks like it's about to fall off. I chuckle and put my hand on his head, stopping the nods.

"So... Josh is gay?"

"I... g-guess. You're right, it does explain things. But... wow."

"I know, he's nowhere near my gaydar. I'm surprised. But he is. I know he is."

Patrick gasps. "Maybe that's why he dragged you around all day! He likes you."

"Bull," I snort loudly.

"Look at you, you're not exactly... well, me. You're pretty..."

"I'm pretty what?" I ask, raising an eyebrow. He nods. "I'm pretty?" He nods again, blushing.

"So yeah, he probably wants to drool over you but can't have you because he's hiding it."

"That's disgusting, I need a rabies shot. That pig. No, you know what? We need to use this info. He can't rule the school anymore. He needs to be stopped. And we can be the ones to stop him." I grin and bounce slightly in my seat. Patrick laughs quietly and I try to sit still.

"How exactly do you expect to do that?" Patrick asks in serious tone.

"I'll tell you inside. Do you mind if we go in? I don't really want to impose or anything, but I don't exactly wanna just sit here with my car idling this whole time," I explain. Patrick nods quickly and gets out of the car. I turn off my car and follow him inside. We walk into the living room. He goes to sit on the couch and I sit in the armchair. He stares at me expectantly, twiddling his fingers.

"He seems to like me," I start. "I think we both know he thinks I'm... as you said, 'pretty.'" Patrick blushes. "Anyway, why don't we exploit that?"

"Exploit it? How?" Patrick asks.

"How about I come onto him. In private. He'll call me a fag and push me away, but he'll think about it. It'll sit there in his brain, eating away at him. Then we'll lay a trap for him in public. He'll fall all over me and I'll reject him. In front of all his friends. He'll be broken."

Patrick's eyes widen. "I'm... I'm not sure... isn't that a bit mean? I mean... can't we put a rat in his locker or something?"

"No, Patrick. Even though he's gay, it doesn't mean that he's not a homophobic asshole who needs to stop. He outed you, so why can't you out him? He needs to be okay with who he is. This is as good for him as it is for you. I know it's harsh. And if you don't like it, fine. We can plan something else. But I think this is for the best. This is gonna get dangerous. And the bullying from the rest of the school is just gonna get worse and worse until you get seriously hurt. I'm worried, okay? Really and truly worried. This needs to stop. Drastic times call for drastic measures."

Patrick continues to stare at me, mouth open in surprise.

"Patrick... what do you think?"
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