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3- Grounded

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The plane lands.

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-Sweet dreams that won‘t come true.-


(Ryan’s POV)

Juliet jerked awake suddenly, and I laughed. “You have a great waking up face.” I informed her, squinting my eyes and sticking my tongue out. “It’s something like that… but more idiotic looking.” She’d be awful to wake up to every morning.

Juliet yawned, “Give me a chance to wake up before you start… well, being you.”

I rolled my eyes, “Sure. Are you awake yet? Cause you seriously have some stinky breath.”

So at that point in time Juliet kind of stopped talking to me.


“Come on. I’m sorry for whatever I did. Just talk to me already. I’m dying of boredom.” I complained, taking her IPOD away from her. The earbuds jerked out of her ears and I stuck one in my own ear. “Really? The Ready Set? You’re such a girl!”

“Now that we’ve settled on my gender… Can I have my head phones back?” Juliet held her hand out but I didn’t give her anything.

“Nope.” I calmly replied. “I hate this song. Do you seriously think this is how things happen? Love like woe? It’s like vomit at a really loud volume.”

Juliet rolled her eyes and looked away from me so I did what I had to do in order to get her attention. I started throwing my hands in the air as I turned the volume up on her IPOD. “But I think you’re a pretty sweet blah blah, tell me darling- can I get a blowjob? Girls got a love like woeee. Cause you’re bringing me in and you’re not putting out. Now I’m stuck up in suspense.” I improvised with the lyrics as I spazzed out in my seat. It was called… /airplane dancing/.

“I feel like it don’t make sense cause you aren’t putting out, and I’m stuck up in suspense cause you’re bringing me in… and doing er, nothing.” I sang loudly, oblivious to the rude stares. “Girls got a love like woe. I feel like it don’t make sen-” Juliet’s hand clamped down over my mouth, cutting me off.

Was that… chocolate, on her hand?


I pulled away just as Juliet jerked her IPOD away from me. “Don’t you ever get sick of hearing your own voice?”

“Nope.” I really didn’t.

I spotted the kit kat bar in front of her and quickly grabbed it, breaking off a piece. “Surprisingly it actually tastes better on your hand.” I commented, in disgust. The candy bar was all melted… and chocolatey. “You should eat less chocolate.” I patted her stomach.

“So help me God-” She began but I cut her off, staring up at the ceiling of the airplane, as she was.

“Are we praying? Cause I have a few requests.”

“That’s not how it works.” Juliet answered, rolling her eyes.

“I know.” I frowned. “They need a wishing well installed in here.”

“What could you possibly need?” Juliet snapped.

“It’s not what I need but what I /want/.”

“What would that be?” Juliet humored me.

“I would like to be having sex right now.” I answered. “So, my wish would be for hot girls to be imported on to this damn plane.”

Juliet rolled her eyes again.

“Be careful. If you keep doing that then they could get stuck like that.” I poked her cheek.

“What was that for?” She rubbed her cheek where I’d poked.

“It felt like the thing to do.” I replied.

“Can you… go back to sleep?”

“I’m not tired.”

“Well, you’re really annoying.”

“Am not.”

“Are- No, I’m not going to do this.” Juliet sighed and leaned her head back. I copied her, watching her from the corner of my eye.

“Will you rub my shoulders?”

“Will you be nice?” Juliet shot back.

“Er, no promises.” I shrugged as I sat up again, “But I can try.”

Juliet nodded, “Turn your back to me then.”

I did as she asked, jumping in surprise as her soft warm hands slid underneath my shirt. Her hands gently moved up my back to my shoulders, which she firmly took hold of.

“Do you have a headache?” Juliet asked, in a sweet soft voice.

“No, why?”

“I love shoulder rubs when I have a headache, so I figured that’s why you asked.” Juliet gently but firmly massaged my shoulders. I freely moaned as she worked out a knot right underneath my neck.

“That feels good.” I informed her, arching against her touch.

“I used to give my dad shoulder rubs after work.” Juliet commented, as she continued working the knot out. “Whenever he had a really stressful day it would help, or so he said. I wasn’t sure if he was just trying to make me feel better about him not being happy… or if it really helped.”

“I bet it really helped. I mean, it does feel really good.” I responded. “I used to buy my mom tampons but that was about as far as my love went. I don’t give backrubs.”

“Were you close with your parents?” Juliet asked.

“Well… yeah, and no.” I didn’t talk about them often.

“What does that mean?” Juliet inquired.

“My dad was a heavy drinker.”

“Like you?” Don’t soften the blow or anything. I had to admire the girl's honesty though.

“He drank more, and it was less social. He drank at home, alone. He shut my mother out completely, and basically pretended he didn’t have a son. My mom took care of him, but it took it’s toll. She got sick… and well, he got worse.”

“Are they… are they dead?” Juliet stumbled upon the question.

“My mom is.” I replied, flatly. “My dad is still the same old drunk he’s always been.”

“Do you see him often?”

“I haven’t in a few years. Now enough about my daddy issues, what about yours?”


“The issues, or your dad?”

“Both.” Her tone had changed. It was guarded.

I wasn’t much for reading between the lines though. “So what’d daddy do? Was he a closet drunk, with a perverted m-”

Juliet’s nails dug in to the skin on my shoulder and I shut up immediately, gritting my teeth.

“Don’t talk about my dad like that.” Juliet whispered, with too much pain for me to be far from target. That was unfortunate. “Yours might’ve been a drunk, but I had a good dad.”

Well, I blew my shoulder rub.



Landing was a mess.

Juliet’s nails dug in to my hand, and I bled. She spilled water all over my lap, and actually cursed. It was cute, in a really psychotic way.

“We can get off the plane now.” I tried to break her out of her fear induced trance.

Juliet blinked for a few moments. “Shit. We landed?”

Again with the bad words.

“We did.” I laughed. “There aren’t many people left. Come on, we missed the crowd.” I pulled her up by her hand. She grabbed her bag and followed me down the narrow aisle.

As soon as Juliet’s feet touched the ground a giant smile broke out over her face and I couldn’t help but smile in return. “Feel better?” I asked, just as someone shouted my name.

I turned just in time to catch Brendon, as he violently crashed in to me. Juliet’s hand was basically yanked from mine. “SURPRISE!” Brendon shouted in my ear, causing me to temporarily lose hearing.

I turned again, something painfully rude on the tip of my tongue but… Juliet was gone.

Instead I found myself face to face with Jon.
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