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Happy Nothingween!

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Frank doesn't care about his birthday. He just wants to celebrate Halloween. But what happens when he wakes up, and it doesn't exist?

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Frank's P.O.V

My alarm clock started beeping loudly. Today’s Halloween. Finally.

‘Everyone! Wake up!’ I shouted excitedly. We were on the tour bus. We’re playing another gig tonight. Gerard opened the curtains from the bunk next to me.

‘What’s wrong with you? I thought you thought birthdays were boring.’ He said.

‘Yes, of course they are, apart from the cake and presents, but it’s Halloween too. Do we have to go through this conversation every year?’ I asked throwing a pillow at him.

‘Frank, are you high?’ Mikey asked.

‘Huh?’ I breathed out.

‘What the fuck is a Halloween?’ Bob asked.

‘You guys are fucking with me aren’t you?’ I asked. I began giggling. ‘Well, where’s the candy?’ I asked.

‘Why would we have candy? You do know I’m trying to lose weight right?’ Bob asked angrily.

‘Calm down dude. He’s probably just over excited because he finally wants a birthday celebration this year.’ Ray said.

‘No, I want a Halloween party. You said we’d have a massive one this year.’ I said getting really worried.

‘Okay, seriously, are you having a mental breakdown? What’s Halloween?’ Gerard asked. I screamed and grabbed my phone. I knew who to call. My girlfriend of course. I dialled the number, and after a few rings, someone picked up the phone.

‘Who is this?’ A man with a funny accent asked.

‘Who are you? And what are you doing on my girlfriends phone?’ I asked angrily.

’How dare you! You call this number again and I kill you. Understand? I kill you like a chicken!’ He shouted before hanging up. I ran back into the main room.

‘Guys, what’s going on? Where’s Penina?’ I asked.

‘Who? Okay dude, I think you need some help. Maybe we should cancel the show today.’ Mikey answered.

‘What’s going on around here?’ I asked.

‘What’s going on around your brain? Seriously. You sound crazy.’ Ray told me.

‘What happened to Halloween? What happened to the world?’ I asked. Halloween is really gone. I looked in my suitcase. My Halloween costume was gone. All the candy was gone. No one was dressed up.

‘Okay, I think you need to calm down. We’re cancelling tonight’s show.’ Bob said.

‘No. It’s Halloween. I want my Halloween party. I want Penina. What the hell happened to her?’ I asked.

‘Okay, what’s a Penina? Stop making things up.’ Gerard said.

‘Penina’s a person. The most beautiful girl ever.’ I argued. No one was listening to me. They thought I was going crazy. We still had to go to this stupid hotel though to rest for the night.

‘Listen, we’re going to go to the restaurant and get some food. Go and freshen up and we’ll see you in there.’ Bob told me. I sighed and went to the room. I turned on the tap, and splashed some water on my face. How could Halloween just cease to exist? I held back my tears and made my way to the restaurant. I opened the door, and the room was full of people in weird costumes and spooky music was playing. It wasn’t set out like a restaurant.

‘Surprise you dumbass!’ Everyone exclaimed. I’ve never been happier in my life. I sighed and smiled. Everyone began cheering. I was even more ecstatic when I saw Penina running towards me.

‘Happy birthday, and happy Halloween sweetheart.’ She said before giving me a quick kiss on the lips.

‘I’m so glad you exist. The guys were asking what a Penina was. I was so scared.’ I told her.

‘They said what?’ She asked angrily.

‘It’s okay Penina. Calm down. You’re alive and so is Halloween and this is the best thing that happened to me. But why did you guys pretend Halloween didn’t exist?’ I asked.

‘Well, it started out with your costume…’ She started.

‘Wait, what was wrong with my costume?’ I asked. She looked as if I was stupid.

‘You were going to be a ninja panty liner with tampon nun chucks covered in blood. What was right with it?’ I asked. I giggled. I then examined her properly. She was dressed up as Rose from Doctor Who. I smiled.

‘Where’s my costume?’ I asked.

‘Follow me.’ She said. She took my hand and guided me to a special room. There was the 10th Doctor’s costume hanging there. I got dressed as quick as I could, and Penina helped me with my hair. ‘Happy 31st birthday Frankie.’ She said. I smiled and gave her a slower kiss than usual.

‘Happy Halloween Penina.’ I told her. She smiled and we went out to the hall. We began dancing to the music. ‘By the way, who took that phone call earlier when I tried to talk to you?’ I asked.

‘What do you mean?’ She asked innocently. I tilted my head slightly in annoyance, then I began tickling her. She giggled. ‘Okay, okay! It was Donald.’ She answered. My eyebrows knitted in confusion, then I realised.

‘Donald Way? Seriously?’ I asked. She giggled and nodded her head.

‘Yeah. He was helping setting this up and he does a really good foreign accent.’ She told me. Of course there’s one song that comes on at every party. Reach by S Club 7. We began to reach for the stars together.

‘We don’t need to do this you know? We’ve got the TARDIS.’ I told her. She slapped me playfully. I giggled. We continued dancing for ages.

‘So, Doctor, how’s your Ieroween so far?’ Penina asked me. I smiled at her.

‘It’s fantastic. All because I’ve got my Rose. Although, she’s a bit of an idiot sometimes, I do love her.’ I said. She smiled. She then looked behind my shoulder and gasped.

‘Bob and Jen are making out.’ She told me. I turned around, and saw that was true. Bob and one of Penina’s friends, Jen, were kissing in the corner of the room.

‘Whoa. I knew it! I knew they’d end up together if we gave them some time alone.’ I told her. Penina and I began laughing and talking. This was the best birthday and Halloween I’ve ever had, and I owe it all to having no Halloween at all.

Hey guys! I hope you liked this one-shot that I made for Frank's birthday. Can you believe that my baby's 31?!? Oh god. I love him! He turned into a tree last year, and now he's still a tree but a bit older! Jesus Christ! I want him so bad right now. I want to just kiss him and give him an awesome party like this one. By the way, at MSI, one of the support bands were called Taking Hayley. They were really good, so I think you should give them a listen. Okay, even though he won't see this, happy birthday Frank! Have an awesome day even though you're in the hurricane. Rate and review guys! XD xx
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