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Don't Want To Be A Pain

by DanFrancisco 5 reviews

If I reviewed your story or if I've auditioned for your story! - I know I've reviewed some things...?

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I hate to be a pain and I don't want you to think badly of me. This is the world's shittest excuse ever, but it's a true excuse so I need your help.

If I've reviewed one of your fics, I need you to tell me which one because I want to go back and carry on reading it.

The same goes for if I auditioned for you, can you let me know please - regardless of whether I got a part or not - I auditioned because I liked the sound of the plot.

If you know me, or have read the first chapter thing that I posted, then you'll know I suffered a head injury last year and sometimes, my brain's still a little fuzzy. Things like this I can forget easily, so I wanted to add them all to my alerts (which I just realised I could do!)

Sorry to be awkward, just sometimes I need a hand with stuff :) I promise it won't cause problems with anything else though, and I am really sorry about this! Forgive me?!
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